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Snowmobiles are worthy and costly investments. They keep you fit and entertained through winter. Sometimes, they need hauling to your chosen destination, other times they need to be parked somewhere as you take a short break, still sometimes they need to be stored away safely until summer is over and it’s time to use them again. Proper care and maintenance of a snowmobile are not just about regular repair and maintenance, it is also about protecting them when not in use.

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Polaris Axys™ Switchback® Snowmobile Canvas Cover  4.6
Polaris New OEM Snowmobile Black Canvas Trailering Cover 4.9
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Classic Accessories SledGear Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover 4.5
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Budge Sportsman Trailerable Snowmobile Cover 4.3
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SBU Trailerable Snowmobile Snow Machine Sled Cover 4.3
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Budge Sportsman Waterproof Snowmobile Cover  4.6
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Black Ice Rage Powersports Standard Snowmobile Storage Cover  4.2
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North East Harbor Waterproof Trailerable Snowmobile Cover 4.1
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Summates Snowmobile Cover 4.1

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This is where a snowmobile cover comes in. Snowmobile covers protect your snowmobile from:

  • Wind
  • Snow and ice
  • sleet
  • Rain
  • Dust
  • UV rays
  • Mold


Here are some factors you need to bear in mind when selecting a snowmobile cover:


Trailering, storage, or both. If you are looking for a cover for trailering more than storage, you need a rugged cover with UV protection, hooks, straps, and an elastic cinch cord to give it a secure fit onto your snowmobile. This way, the rugged terrain, and wind will not strip the cover off as you trailer your snowmobile. Secondly, a protective non-scratch hood, a reflective marking for safety, and a zippered opening for easy access to the gas tank will be good additions to the cover. Storage covers, on the other hand, will have the same features. However, they are a little lighter and may lack the reflective marking.


Material construction

Ideally, snowmobile covers should be waterproof. One of the most popular materials used in making snowmobile covers. This is because it is waterproof, durable, and highly breathable. These properties will protect your snowmobile not only from dirt, sleet, and other weather elements but also from the growth of mold and mildew. Others are made of canvas. Some covers come with PU backing and others UV resistance to enhance their protection.



Getting the right size cover for your snowmobile is crucial if you have to give it maximum protection. Covers usually come with the size recommendations of the snowmobiles that they will fit. Check the size of your snowmobile in terms of length, width, and height. Also, consider if it has the new-model handle design as this may affect how well the cover fits your snowmobile.


Extra features

Other important extra features include, as mentioned earlier, a safety marking, an elasticized hem, straps with plastic non-corrosive buckles, and a built-in storage bag.


Best Snowmobile Covers 2024

In our review today, we have carefully selected 9 of the best snowmobile covers that you should look out for when out shopping for a snowmobile cover. Check out what makes them tick.


1. Polaris Axys™ Switchback® Snowmobile Canvas Cover

This black cover looks stunning with the white Polaris logo printed on the side. It is tough. It is durable. Made of the versatile 10 oz Army Duck canvas, Axys™ Switchback® cover will keep your snowmobile well protected for years to come. This cover has been custom designed to fit the axys line of snowmobiles specifically, the 137 Switchback.

It wraps perfectly around your snowmobile right from the tip of its tail, the spindles, the arms, to the windshield to protect your snowmobile when parked, stored, or when being hauled. This cover has been designed with a zippered opening at the fuel cap for easy handling without having to take off the whole cover. It comes with UV protection and waterproof treatments along with reinforcements around the handlebar and other areas that are bound to wear out easily. The bottom part of this cover is elastic and has been fitted with a drawcord to secure the cover well onto your sled.


2. Polaris New OEM Snowmobile Black Canvas Trailering Cover

The New OEM snowmobile trailering cover is another tough Army Duck Canvas cover measuring 15 x 6 x 12 inches to fit the Assault RMK 800, Pro RMK 600 800 and SKS 800 Polaris models. A great in-season and off-season storage cover, the OEM canvas cover is UV stabilized to protect your snowmobile from the damaging UV rays especially when storing it away for summer.

It features impressive convenient features like a zippered opening just above the gas lid and an adjustable cinch straps to fasten it at the base. This cover comes with loops for safe and convenient storage on loops.


3. Classic Accessories SledGear Deluxe Snowmobile Travel Cover

If you are looking for something non-specific that will fit your snowmobile just as good as the custom made ones, the Deluxe SledGear Travel Cover by Classic Accessories presents a good option. Made of heavy-duty ProtekX Extreme fabric with PU backing and UV protection, this snowmobile cover will keep your machine well protected from dust, abrasion, and weather elements.

It comes in three sizes, medium, large, and extra large you won’t miss a size that fits your snowmobile. It is designed with an effective trailering system with adequate straps, tensioning panels, and a stretching cord at its hem to secure the cover on your snowmobile. Additional features include access opening to the gas lid, hood liners, and bright reflector markings for visibility.


4. Budge Sportsman Trailerable Snowmobile Cover

The Sportsman snowmobile cover is made of heavy-duty polyester fabric which gives it an excellent waterproofing and breathability properties. It has been designed specifically for snowmobiles with 115 x 51 x 48 inches in length, width, and height respectively and provides effective protection from weather elements like snow, wind, dust, and rain.

It comes with an elasticized hem alongside adequate straps with buckle closures to secure the cover onto your machine firmly during trailering. Its package includes a storage bag for keeping the cover when not being used.


5. SBU Trailerable Snowmobile Snow Machine Sled Cover

SBU’s trailer able snowmobile cover is made of 600D woven polyester making it strong, watertight, and durable. With an elasticized hem and built-in straps, this cover offers a firm protective hold on your snowmobile. It also comes with heavy-duty trailering hooks, a fuel tank opening, and a hood liner to keep your snowmobile from abrasion.

This is a good storage and travel cover if you are looking for something that will handle both functions. A reflective safety marking at its rear enhances visibility while an integrated storage bag will help you keep your cover safely when not in use. Quite impressively, this cover has been designed with air vents to keep your cover dry on the inside at all times. With UV protection, your snowmobile will be well protected in all aspects.


6. Budge Sportsman Waterproof Snowmobile Cover

The Budge Sportsman cover has been designed for snowmobiles measuring 130 x 51 x 48 inches in length, width, and height respectively. It features a heavy duty polyester construction with good UV protection, abrasion resistance since it is smooth, and high breathability properties to prevent the growth of mold. In addition, it will keep your snowmobile from dirt, dust, debris, snow, sun, wind, and other weather elements. It has been designed with an elastic hem allowing it to fit securely on your machine along with a storage bag for keeping it when not in use.


7. Black Ice Rage Powersports Standard Snowmobile Storage Cover

When storing your snowmobile, you want it to remain as good as new. Secondly, you want to get a cover that will protect it without the effects of UV and mildew. The Rage Powersports Standard Snowmobile cover is a good option if you are looking for a summertime cover for your snowmobile. It is waterproof, lightweight, breathable, and strong not just for storage but also trailering use.

Made of 300D, this cover is easy to slip on and off snowmobiles of 110 to 115 inches in length. Plus it comes with 6 hooked tie-down straps with buckle adjustment closures, elastic cinch cord on its hem, and an inbuilt storage bag. In case you need a stronger cover, the deluxe model features a higher-grade fabric. However, consider another option if your snowmobile is the newer models designed with handlebar extension hooks.


8. North East Harbor Waterproof Trailerable Snowmobile Cover

This water repellent cover is a good option for those looking for a storage cover for their Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, and Yamaha snowmobiles. It could also be used as a cover but best for short distances in gentler weather.

Made of 600D polyester fabric, this black cover by North East Harbor is highly breathable, waterproof, and will fit snowmobiles whose length range between 126 inches and 138 inches. It comes with an elasticized hem and tie-down straps with buckle closures to secure it well onto your machine. A storage bag is included in its package.


9. Summates Snowmobile Cover

Summates Snowmobile cover comes in two sizes with the small size fit for snowmobiles measuring 100 inches to 115 inches in length and the large size for snowmobiles measuring 131 inches to 145 inches in length. This durable cover features an elastic cinch cord for a perfect secure fit along with a non-scratch hood liner to protect your snowmobile from abrasion.



The core function of a snowmobile cover is to protect your snowmobile from weather elements when hauling it or when not in use. There are too many covers out there and getting the right one may sound like a tall order. In addition to checking out snowmobile cover reviews and features like this, it is good to seek expert advice. Bear in mind that the most important factors to consider are the size of your snowmobile and the durability of the cover. Other features like UV protection, breathability, and an elastic drawstring at the hem. This is to ensure that the cover fits snug. Only then will you benefit from its function.

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