5 Best Snowmobile and ATV Tow Straps 2024

Planning to shred some powder? Much as the experience is exhilarating, you never know when your snowmobile will get stuck in deep powder for one reason or the other. To be honest, tow trucks are hardly available when we need the most and if they are, it may take them quite some time to come to our rescue.

This is why a snowmobile tow strap comes in handy. Just like you would carry a spare tire for your vehicle when heading out, a snowmobile puller will help you to tow your ATV or snowmobile out of powder into safety, especially when the snow situation up in the mountain is not very accommodating. A tow strap connects your snowmobile or ATV to another recovery one, which will tow it to safety.

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Secondly, with a tow strap, you do not have to depend on tow truck services entirely, which could be expensive. This will not only save your time, but it will also save you the cost significantly.


What should you bear in mind when choosing a tow strap for your snowmobile or ATV?

While the most important features of a tow strap should revolve around safety, there are more features you may consider checking out. The first step, however, is to know the weight of your snowmobile or ATV.


The weight capacity of the tow strap

The weight capacity of a strap refers to the amount of force needed to stretch it to a breaking point. Usually measured in pounds, the weight capacity of your tow strap should typically be more than the weight of your snowmobile or ATV. Also, bear in mind that cold and wet weather conditions affect some materials and most often, your snowmobile will get stuck in such situations. Get a strap made of weather-resistant material which will withstand wet conditions.


Material construction

A popular material used in making tow straps is nylon. This is because of their high-strength and elasticity. Other suitable materials include Dacron which also comes with remarkable strength and elasticity.



More stitches in a strap only weaken it thereby reducing its potential strength. Check that the stitches of the strap you select are on the loop, joining the webbing attached to the metal hook. To reduce the effect of stitches on the strap, they should be sewn on protective padding and not directly on the strap.


Length and width of the strap

Greater width straps tend to have more strength and reduced elasticity. Length, on the other hand, affects the distribution of pressure and will largely be determined by the weight rating of your snowmobile. Ensure that you get a good balance of strength, elasticity, and length when choosing a tow strap.


Attachment mechanism

Most straps use metal hooks or loops to attach the strap to your snowmobile or ATV. Just like the straps, connectors are also constantly exposed to wear and tear particularly due to tension. This is why you need a strong attachment mechanism in addition to strong padding made of durable materials like neoprene, which have high resistance to abrasion.


Ease of installation and use

For a more secure grip, you need a strong light portable ATV tow strap. Ideally, you need straps with ample room on the loops to enable them to be attached on equipment, tied around trees, boulders, and such like objects during towing. You should be able to attach D-ring shackles to your loops with ease.


Storage capacity

Some ATV tow straps are compact and can fit in well within the snowmobile toolbox making it easy to move without worrying about your travel arrangements. Does the strap you have selected come with a bag for easy storage when not in use or a storage straps that you can use to secure it when folded?



Consider a bright colored tow strap to enhance visibility especially during the night or in extreme weather when visibility is poor. Colors like yellow, orange and bright green make good options.


Some handy tips when using a tow strap

  • Before using a tow strap, check it to be sure that it is not damaged the straps should not have loose threads or stitches, holes, or cuts. The metal hooks and the other hardware, both on the stuck and rescuing vehicle, should not be dented, rusted, cracked, broken, or damaged in any way. This is for your safety since the kind of weight involved during hauling can cause grave injury if the tow strap fails.
  • Avoid using a strap that has been exposed to sunlight or UV light for long.
  • Always attach the recovery strap to the rear end of the rescuing vehicle where it is safer in case the strap breaks.
  • Always have a visible ‘on tow’ safety sign on the snow vehicle being rescued.
  • If using a hitch, tie your strap around rather than inside it, to be on the safe side. In addition, don’t tie your strap around sharp objects because they can damage it.
  • It is not recommended to tie a knot when attaching a strap to a rescue vehicle since it can easily come off. Instead, pass the strap through the loop at the end of the strap before hooking the strap to the vehicle that is stuck.
  • Never attach the tow strap to the bumper, suspension, axle, trailer hitch ball which could easily break off causing accidents and damaging the vehicle. Ensure that the strap is attached to the main body of the vehicle.
  • Before you begin to tow, clear the path off objects like rocks. In addition, onlookers should stand at a safer distance (at least 1.5 times the strap length) away from both vehicles. Ensure that no one stands at the front, behind, or in between the vehicles.
  • If after 3 attempts, the rescuing vehicle cannot successfully pull the stuck vehicle out to safety, consider applying using an alternative method. For instance, introducing a tow winch.
  • Finally, tow the stuck vehicle smoothly without jerking the brakes or using high speed.
  • After successfully towing the stuck vehicle to safety, check the tow strap for damage. This way, it will be safe using it the next time it will be needed.
  • It is not enough to check for damage. Clean your tow strap before storing it. Mud, sand, and other debris stuck on the strap over a period of time tend to weaken the fabric, making it unsafe for use.


Best Snowmobile and ATV Tow Straps 2024

Our review features 5 snowmobile and ATV tow straps that you need to look at when making your selection. They come with all the features that you would desire in a strap including strength, durability, and ease of use. Here is what makes them tick.


1. Klim Tow Tiedown Accessories

A perfect tow strap when you need to tow a stuck snowmobile, ATV, or motorcycle to safety, this tow strap is made of pure premium nylon. This, along with the durable accessories that come with it makes it a strong, durable, and dependable option.  It comes with a soft loop at its end that has incredible resistance to abrasion. In addition, it also features dual lock safety clips functional for securing the hook firmly during towing.


2. Extreme Max Snowmobile and ATV Tow Strap

Extreme Max 5001.5028 strap is a perfect choice for towing and rescuing snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) that are stuck in the snow. This 10-inch heavy-duty strap is compact and easy to use and store. It comes with a 5-inch spindle strap giving you 15 inches of strapping to tow your stuck snowmobile.

The 5001.5028 strap is all nylon, with excellent weather resistance properties. With corrosion-proof hooks to withstand snow, downpour, and other winter weather elements.


3. Mozzbi Tow Strap Alloy Latch Hooks

This Mozzbi tow strap is a great option for heavy duty towing. Rated 10,000 lb, this polyester strap is solid and will certainly save you the stress often associated with breakdowns. Its functions are not limited to towing vehicles, ATVs, and snowmobiles, this strap will easily haul heavy tree logs, debris, cargo vans, pickup trucks, boats, and many others.

It features double-stitched webbing and high-strength polyester construction for enhanced strength. With alloy steel hooks that have been outfitted with a safety latch, this 157-inch tow strap designed with 2 inches of width comes with a high breaking point, which makes it ideal for extreme conditions.

This strap also comes with protective sleeves at its ends to slow down wear and tear. Finally, this tow strap is neon green in color allowing you to use it in poor visibility conditions without worrying. If you are looking for a versatile towing strap, the Mozzbi tow strap it is.


4. Arctic Cat New Snobunje Slicktape Snowmobile Puller

The Snobunje Slicktape by Arctic Cat is a 2500 lb rated strap that can be used along with Snobunje Rattler, Snobunje Cobra, and other towing tools to connect to and haul a stuck snowmobile. It features a loop at its end which hooks to the back of the sled during hauling. This tow strap is made from a high-strength material to deliver super strength and durability.

The Snobunje Slicktape Arctic Cat Snowmobile Puller is light in weight and measures 240 inches in length and comes with a tensile strength rating of 2500 lb.  In addition, it is compact enough to fit in your palm, allowing you to conveniently carry it with you wherever you go. Its package includes a small nylon bag used to store it when not in use.


5. Spi 3 Hook Tow Strap

Nachman’s Spi Tow Strap comes with a strength rating of 2000 lb. This tow strap has been made to withstand medium duty towing tasks. It is made with three hooks in one end allowing it to hook firmly onto a stuck snowmobile. An advantage is that these hooks are universal and can fit most snowmobiles, ATVs, and other snow machines. Secondly, these hooks can be attached both at the front and rear of your snowmobile making this tow strap pretty versatile. With a protective coating, this strap will withstand any kind of weather condition without wearing out easily or rusting. This makes it very durable and definitely worth your bucks. However, you need to confirm the size before purchase to make sure that you have ordered the right product.



Driving in the snow should be a good experience for anyone. However, when the unexpected happens, the hassle of getting out of trouble can be really frustrating without the right equipment. Worse, you may find yourself in a situation where assistance is not readily available or where the weather condition demands that you quickly be rescued to safety. Tow straps come in handy during such emergency situations.

For this reason, tow straps need to be durable, of a good length to give the user a safe pulling distance, and the right weight capability. In other instances, a versatile tow strap with hooks on both ends will come in handy. Such a strap will not only hook to a snow vehicle, but can also be hooked to a tree, stump, boulder, or other heavy objects in the process of rescuing a vehicle that is stuck. Secondly, your mind about the surface of your snowmobile or ATV. A good strap made of soft material or coated to make its surface smooth will prevent your machine from scratching when being hauled. Finally, you may need to work with a combination of a tow strap and other equipment like winches. Here, consider getting a strap that can work with such equipment.

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