4 Best Snowmobile Handlebars 2024

Best Snowmobile Handlebars

After acquainting yourself with your snowmobile, you may want to consider customizing it to meet very specific needs. One of the things you may consider moving in your machine is the handlebar. Raising your snowmobile bars will help you stand up comfortably on your machine while riding in order to gain full control. This way, you will be in a better position to maneuver turns, hillside rides, and other moves better and more easily in deep powder rather than putting in much energy and straining your arms and back.

  Price Name Our score
RSI Racing Chromoly Handlebar 4.2
Polaris New OEM Snowmobile Pro-Taper 7″ Handlebar 4.9
Stonemen Motorcycle 28mm Fat Bars 1 1/8 Oversize Handlebar 4.4
Polaris Genuine OEM 5″ Low Rise Pro Taper Handlebar 4.7

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What you need to think about before raising your bars?


Riding style

If you prefer backcountry riding, you will need to get handlebars designed for this riding style. Usually, they are tougher and taller with a strap at the middle. Be sure to find out about the best handlebar riser for your riding style from your snowmobile dealer.


The handlebar width and rise

The width of the handlebar is the distance from one tip to the other and the rise refers to the distance that it will lift to from its original position. Higher handlebars let you stand in an upright position on your snowmobile. All in all, you need to make sure you get a comfortable width and rise for your intended position. It is important to note that you will need cables extensions to raise your bar beyond your brake line.


The handlebar pullback angle

This refers to the distance from the end of your handlebar to its center.


Adjustable handlebars

Some handlebars can be adjusted in height and width to accommodate a range of riding styles and terrains. They also come in handy for different riders who share one snowmobile. These risers are compatible with different handlebar sizes, mostly the ⅞-inch and the 11/8-inch bars and can be adjusted on the go.  


Best Snowmobile Handlebars 2024

Here are 4 snowmobile handlebars you should consider if you intend to modify your snowmobile handlebars to suit your needs.


1. RSI Racing Chromoly Handlebar

The ⅞-inch RSI Racing handlebar is a very tough handlebar made of 4130 Chromoly steel which is a steel alloy known to be stronger and more durable than steel itself. It is compatible with snowmobile handlebar clamps of size ⅞ inches and accepts stocks or RSI hooks. This handlebar comes in a flat design that will leave enough space for your controls after installation and deliver the much-needed comfort with snowmobile specific bends. At either end of this handlebar are guidelines to help you narrow your handlebar accurately to your preferred width. This handlebar’s end rise measures 4 inches, the width 31.5 inches, and has a pullback angle of 10°.


2. Polaris OEM Snowmobile Pro-Taper 7″ Handlebar

This durable aluminum handlebar comes with a higher 7-inch rise making them a good option for backcountry snowmobiling where a higher rise is needed. The Polaris Pro Taper handlebar is designed with heated grips to keep your hands warm in the cold winter conditions. It is tough, durable, and allows the user to customize it an inch narrower.


3. Stonemen Motorcycle 28mm Fat Bars 1 1/8 Oversize Handlebar

If you need a universal handlebar, the Stonemen motorcycle handlebar kit will be your best choice. This kit comes with 1 pair of handlebar riser, a 1⅛-inch bar, a pair of MX grip, and a handlebar pad for easy comfortable handling. This kit, apart from being attractive, also features quality durable anodized aluminum construction. This handlebar is compatible with all motorcycles with the standard bar clamp measuring 22mm, accepts stocks, and can be used with oversized handlebars.


4. Polaris Genuine OEM 5″ Low Rise Pro Taper Handlebar

The Polaris 5-inch Pro Taper low rise snowmobile handlebar makes a good option for tolerable backcountry trails. They can be used with sidehill straps and hooks if you desire better handling, but you will have to purchase these separately. They are also outfitted with heated grips to keep you warm throughout your ride. This handlebar gives you the option of narrowing it by 1 inch.



While it is possible to get the best snowmobile, getting one that meets your specific tastes and needs is a bit out of question. This is why people customize their sleds. While one would typically consider modifying features like power, handlebar modification makes a significant difference to your riding. Handlebar modification is important primarily for control purposes. If you can be in full control of your machine, you will be more comfortable to ride your machine with much ease in rough terrain, steep slopes, and deep powder. However, please note that you need snowmobile handlebars modification only if you intend to ride while standing up on your snowmobile.

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