9 Best Snowboard Screwdrivers and Multi-tools 2024

Multi-tools and screwdrivers are small versatile tools designed to fit inside pockets, suspend from the waist, or be kept in easy-access places. The multi-tool, specifically, comes with several tools within one gadget including screwdrivers, tweezers, can openers, mini saws, pliers, knives, and more, for many different functions. Different multi-tools have different sets of tools and the best snowboard tool for you will be one with the combination that you require. They are an excellent addition to a snowboarder’s toolset although, sadly, not many people remember to invest in them until their bindings start to become lost while on the trail.

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Burton Zip Tool 4.5
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Snowboard Bindings Tools  4.7
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Burton EST Toolkit 4.1

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Snowboard screwdrivers, on the other hand, have numerous uses and are available in varying sizes and shapes. To get the best snowboard multi-tool or screwdriver, it is good to first identify your needs and features in these handy tools which match these needs.


Factors for suitable snowboard screwdrivers

Here are factors that will influence your choice on the most suitable snowboard screwdrivers and multi-tools for your applications.



For these tools, size corresponds to portability, and ultimately, functionality. A big tool may get the job done but not when you leave it home because of how bulky it is. Ideally, get a tool that is small enough to be carried around and stored in your locker and still be used without a compromise of functionality.  



Depending on the tasks you want to use them for, check that the multi-tool you select has the right combination of tools. Once you get the right combination, the rest of the tools in the set become extras that you may or may not use. Secondly, do not limit your combination to the tools you need on the ground only. For instance, during your après ski, you may go camping or order for drinks with your peers and tools like a can opener will come in handy.



When looking for a multi-tool, consider one that has not only functional tools but also offers a good guarantee on their functionalities. This is one major reason why people stick to market tried and tested brands such as Gerber, Leatherman, SOG, Leatherman, and Victorinox.



For any purchase, the cost factor is usually top on the list. All in all, be sure to get a functional tool that will give you a run on your bucks.



Above all, you want something that resonates with your style and preference, which you will be proud to have.


Installing snowboard bindings

Anything can happen while you are out in the snow; a miscalculated landing, crashes, collisions, and other mishaps. These can be avoided by installing your bindings the right way. The following tips will help you pick the right bindings and set them properly in a way that minimizes accidents and damage as much as is possible.


Get the right bindings for your specific stance

Snowboard bindings are designed with discs and bolts that mount on the board in 2 popular patterns, the 4×4, and the 2×4.  However, of importance is to first know your stance, establish your width and binding angles. Secondly, measure your boot fit and compatibility.   


Aligning board and bindings

Make sure all the slots of the mounting discs are aligned to channels on the board using the right multi tool for snowboard bindings to adjust them to fit on the snowboard.


Horizontal adjustment

Set the stance width by moving the binds up or down the snowboard. If you are lucky to have a pre-marked board, placement or replacement will be easy enough. Adjustment settings will not work for everyone. Beginners should consider aligning their feet outside their shoulders to ease their turns. Making turns using the hips lowers the center of gravity, which could be disastrous for someone without experience.


Set the angles

The angle distance depends on activity and level of skill. If zipping around poles or obstacles, you need to set your angles on the front side of the board. Freestyle enthusiasts, on the other hand, need to keep their toes pointed away from each other.


Tightening the screws

Tighten your screws with a screwdriver or an alternatively available tool to where you feel confident and comfortable before heading out to the snow.


Best snowboard screwdrivers and multi-tools 2024

Having combed through some of the best, the following snowboard screwdrivers and multi-tools made it to our top 9 and for all the right reasons. You may notice that some are the older versions, others new, and some improvements. One feature that stood out in all these tools is their ability to work on most snowboards.


1. Dakine Torque Driver

If you are looking for a tool that gets a job well done, this torque driver is the best option. You can drive screws on your snowboard using #2 and #3 Philips, #3 Posidrive, a small hex, and the flathead bits. The Dakine torque driver is the perfect tool for snow bindings as it comes with a small hex head suitable for tightening the baseplate of your board securely. This set also includes a wrench that comes in handy when tightening the grip of bolts and nuts.


2. Dakine Unisex Snowboarding Fidget Tool

Dakine’s Unisex Fidget Tool is a necessary kit for snowboarders. It comprises of four functional tools that you can use to adjust and fasten parts of your board. It is incredibly compact and designed to fit inside your pocket. The tool houses #2 Philips, #3 Posidrive, ¼-inch flat head, and 3/32-inch hex. It is small enough to help tighten loose screws so that later in the day you use a full-size tool to finish working on your snowboard. It comes with a key ring so you can suspend it safely from your belt for easy reach.


3. Burton Zip Tool

The Burton Zip Tool comes in a compact package. Even though it is tiny, it has everything that you need including #2 and #3 Philips’ heads, a flat head, a 10 mm wrench, Goggle squeegee, and a 4 mm Allen key. The best part about owning the Burton Zip tool is that you will hardly notice that you have something inside your pocket thanks to the fact that it is very light in weight and impressively pocket-sized. Coming from Burton’s model, the Zip tool is quite durable with all the tools securely attached. For this reason, you will not be worrying about losing any of the precious accessories in the snow. Whether you are working on the hill or the snow, you will have all the tools intact, to work with.


4. Snowboard Bindings Tools

The Snowboard Bindings and Ratchet screwdriver is definitely a go-to tool for snowboard bindings. With accessories such as a multi-tool compass, 4 screws bits, eye, 8, 9, 10, 12 hex, ratchet screwdriver, and lace hook, this toolset is compact, lightweight, easy to operate, and durable. Taking out the accessories attached to the snowboard tool is as simple as flipping them out using your finger. The tool is compact, but its shape may not sit well in your pocket so consider alternative storage. On the other hand, though, this shape offers an advantage when applying torque as you set the bindings in place. Skiweb’s tools and screwdriver set is an excellent tool that you can use without ever worrying about losing some of its components.


5. Burton Nutrition Bullet Tool

Burton Nutrition is an easy-to-use, compact, and lightweight tool. It features a folding handle along with pockets that house #2 and #3 Philips bits which have become standard components in most combinations, 4 mm Allen key, a flathead as well as a 10 mm mini binding wrench. All the tool’s accessories stay secure within the tool when not in use, thanks to the quality build of this tool. The greatest advantage for any snowboarder stuck on snow, is the fact that this tool can be handled well with gloves on.


6. Dakine Stance Driver

If you are looking for a handy tool to use during your boarding ventures, the Dakine Stance Driver makes a great option. This tool works perfectly well with a nice torque action and a variety of bits to choose from. This driver will help you fasten your board’s bindings on the go. This 6-piece ratchet driver comes with the #2 and #3 Phillips bits, #2 and #3 Posidrive bits, ¼-inch flat head, and the 3/32 Hex. It also has a retracting measuring tape for moments when you need to take quick accurate measurements in a simple way. This is agreeably a great tool for snowboard bindings since it comes with more bits than others. You can never go wrong with the Dakine Stance Driver on your skis, snowboards, surfboard, or any other boards you’ll be taking out with you.


7. Bakoda Zackly Driver

Bakoda’s Zackly Driver is a good choice for your boards when out in the snow. It is light, compact, and convenient to carry around in your pocket. It houses a ratchet with three placements, the forward, reverse, and lockout placements. It also comes with a V6 flathead bit, Philips #2 and #3 bits, 10mm and 8mm magnetic wrenches, a bottle opener, and a tape measure.

It is simple in design, easy to set up with the exact bit that you need. The bit settles in it without being visible.  


8. Stage Torque Driver

This Torque Driver by Stage is a compact little toolset that fits well inside your pocket without feeling bulky or heavy. It is a handy tool whose function goes along to help you make quick tweaks to your snowboard bindings while out in the mountain. It houses the ratcheting driver, the 8mm and 10mm wrench, ¼-inch flat head, 3/32-inch hex bit, #2 and #3 Philips bits, and #3 Posidrive. A must-have tool for snowboard bindings, Stage torque driver is a durable piece that will let you focus on your game rather than worry about a few setbacks that can be easily fixed.


9. Burton EST Toolkit

Burton EST toolkit is a pocket-friendly yet powerful for mounting and making adjustments to your snowboard bindings. It offers maximum screw tightening power in a seemingly more compact packaging compared to others in the same category. Among the accessories this toolkit boasts of, are a bottle opener, a #2 and #3 Philips screwdriver, and a key chain loop. This kit may not have the amount of torque delivered by others yet it stands out as a simplistic but very handy tool to have with you during your trip.



If you frequent the trails, it is a good idea to have with you the best snowboard tools for your specific activity. These small tools can be a great savior when the bolts and nuts of your board become loose and you need a quick fix. With the right tool, you will always be on top of any game. Remember, if you are always on the trail, you will always need to tighten loose bolts or nuts somewhere along the way.

As you figure out what tool will work best for you, bear in mind that unattached accessories get lost easily especially when working on thick snow. This is why your ideal multi-tool should have all its components securely attached to it.  Bottom line is, we all love uninterrupted and safe riding sessions. As you head out, be sure to have the best snowboard multi-tool for your needs and one that will last through several snowboard adjustments.

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