9 Best Snowboard Bags with Wheels 2024

Best Snowboard Bags with Wheels

You are set on traveling to a new or your favorite snowboard or ski destination and you begin wondering about the right bag that will get your precious equipment to your destination in good condition. You may have noticed that traveling with a snowboard is not every body’s cup of tea and air travel can be troublesome when you don’t have the right snowboard bag.

It is recommended that you go for the modern snowboard bags with wheels, as they are spacious enough and have plenty of compartments to help you organize your stuff including your boots, bindings and other snowboarding gear. The wheels and handles are great assets whose value you will get to appreciate when you effortlessly lug them around the airport.

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Demon Phantom Fully Padded Travel Snowboard Bag with Wheels 4.3
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Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag 4.7
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Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag 4.6
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Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag 4.8
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Thule RoundTrip Double Snowboard Roller Bag 4.5
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EQ Sport Fully Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels 4.1
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Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels  4.4
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Winterial Double Ski Bag with Wheels 4.9
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Demon United 2020 New Phantom Flight Snowboard Travel Bag 4.5

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What should you consider when selecting a snowboard bag?


One of the most import features of a bag is its durability. Durability is pegged on the material a bag is made of. It is advisable to go for a bag made of tough yet light material. The most common materials are nylon and polyester particularly those rated 600D to represent their strength. These two are strong, light and easy to maintain.



The size of the bag is obviously an important consideration because snowboards come in different sizes. A bag that will have the snowboard sticking out on one end is clearly not the right size.



Padding is the soft textile or foam lining the inside of the bag that cushions your gear from dents, damage and any other form of an impact as you travel. Shoulder straps too come with padding to ease the strain you would otherwise experience carrying the load on your shoulder.



Many of the wheeled bags have a number of extra pockets for keeping gears and outwears. A bag with pockets enables you to keep goggles, waxing kits, gloves and other personal effects in an organized manner.

Many of the wheeled bags have a number of extra pockets for keeping gears and outwears. A bag with pockets enables you to keep goggles, waxing kits, gloves and other personal effects in an organized manner.


Interior and gear straps

Having a bag with interior gear straps can be very beneficial especially when planning to carry more than one snowboard. Nylon straps are known to offer a firm grip so your boards will not keep shifting and colliding with each other inside the bag.


Exterior compression straps

These are optional but great additions that allow you to further secure the items you have in your bag. Most double snowboard bags will also include a padded strap that makes it easy to carry them over snow or stairs.

These are optional but great additions that allow you to further secure the items you have in your bag. Most double snowboard bags will also include a padded strap that makes it easy to carry them over snow or stairs.



Quality bags go with strong heavy duty zippers if they are to last long.



Given the damp snowy conditions, a waterproof bag is almost inevitable.



Large wheels are the best for snowy terrains. Some bags actually come designed with inline skate wheels while others will use other large wheels to make sure you roll them through the snow without any trouble.


Best Snowboard Bags with Wheels 2024

Our review features top snowboard bags designed with wheels and some tips to help you select the best bags that you will enjoy traveling with.


1. Demon Phantom Fully Padded Travel Snowboard Bag with Wheels

Here is a well-designed bag that you’ll use for flights and carry to the mountain without any worry. With a roomy compartment enough for two boards along with boots, bindings, helmet, and other gear, this bag is certainly what you need when traveling with some company.

This bag comes with a super durable 600D polyester construction and a strengthened base to keep your treasured stuff safe from air travel handling and any other unbefitting treatment it may be exposed to. The strong carry handles together with its heavy-duty urethane wheels delivers a firm grip and the much-needed stability when pulling it around.

Other important features in this bag include the inside tarpaulin liner for enhanced gear protection, ID pouch specifically for your ID, curb guard to keep the bag from damage, and the strong full-length zipper that is two-way for easy access to your gear.

Finally, a removable handle strap comes in handy just when you need it, otherwise, it also finds its way into the bag. This bag fits 170 cm-long boards.


2. Burton Wheelie Board Case Snowboard Bag

The Burton Wheelie Board Case is among the best snowboard bags as it has been designed to make traveling to the slopes relatively easy for hikers. It is made of 600D 100% polyester material on its exterior for utmost durability. Its board compartment is fully padded on the interior so be sure your boards will be safe wherever you go. Again the multiple boards’ compartment is strategically placed at the bottom of the bag where they are safest to provide easy access to any of the boards without going through the other items.

Everything tough, from the IXION™ Wheel System which uses light, easy-replace wide ski-wheels for an easy roll, contoured pull zippers with locks approved by TSA, and the removable cushioned shoulder strap makes this bag one to consider for any kind of travel.

If you love the style, the stylish camo pattern doesn’t only turn heads, it is also easy to spot from a distance particularly if you are in terminals with many other bags.

Other important features include the two straps that hold your belongings in place and an exterior pocket to place quick access items. Finally and quite uniquely, it comes with removable boots and bindings bags to let you organize your stuff in the most convenient way.


3. Burton Wheelie Gig Snowboard Bag

This too is another of Burton’s popular bags that has stood the test of time and for the right reasons. It is the perfect snowboard bags for air travel as it can withstand knocks and droppings without damaging your boards inside.
Again its revolutionary IXION Skate Wheel System with the wide smooth-rolling wheels makes is a great companion for long travel needing a lot of pull and haul. If you are traveling in a group, no need for extra bags as this one carries up to 8 boards alongside boots, bindings and other items which we found to be quite remarkable. Again, don’t be mistaken, the reinforced wheels are quite tough and with good handling will last you some time.

Along with an amazing full padding and a contoured TSA-approved lockable Zipper be sure all items are safe from damage and unauthorized access.

The exterior of the wheelie Gig is made of 600D polyester to endure the roughest of bag’s moments and still come out strong. It also comes with a padded handle and an additional removable shoulder strap to make it easier to carry either on the shoulder or sideways.


4. Dakine Low Roller Snowboard Bag

The Low Roller is quite uniquely designed with carrying handles on either side and another in the middle so you decide how you will want to carry it around. If not, you may prefer pulling it around provided you are on a friendly most preferably paved ground thanks to its strong wide urethane wheels.

Aside from moving it around, this bag comes with an ample compartment only it can manage one board. However, you get the assurance of full protection from the fully padded board compartment. Secondly, your boots have a dedicated pocket on the exterior for easy access assuming this is the very first gear you will reach out for once you arrive at your destination.

With a full-length two-way zipper and the Ripstop nylon construction, this bag is known for its strength and durability. Ripstop nylon features unique reinforcement and weaving making it withstand the normal rip and tear.


5. Thule RoundTrip Double Snowboard Roller Bag

The Roundtrip Double Snowboard Roller Bag by Thule is truly classic for those who love the class. With amazing security detail, this bag takes care of all your concern. To start with, the extra thick Tarpaulin paddings on its ends take care of your board’s tail while the padded separators on the inside will cushion the remaining part of your board.

The inside also consists of a sleeve pocket in case you need to carry ski poles or anything of this nature and a long meshed pocket for other items like gloves and outwear. It is zipped to keep your items separate and organized at all times.

This roller bag is designed with two straps on its exterior along with loops that will help you attach the boot bag also included in the package.

It comes with two handles on each end and one right at the front in addition to a removable shoulder strap which we felt gives you the liberty to carry this bag any way you like. Unfortunately, the handles may not be very comfortable as they are not padded. With tough wheels and strong lockable zip on all pockets, this is just the bag to go for. It is designed to carry two snowboards, each 170 cm.


6. EQ Sport Fully Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels

This snowboard bag by EQ Sport is padded fully because your snowboard needs full protection. It is durable, convenient to use, and best of all spacious, measuring 62 x 13 x 6 (L x W x D) inches on the interior, enough to hold two boards (one with mounted bindings), a pair of boots, helmet, and your snowboard clothing so that you will have all your gear zipped up inside one bag. This bag features webbing straps on the inside which you use to secure your boards throughout your travel and 2-way full-length YKK zippers. A waterproof boot-bag is also included in the package.

This bag, made of 600D high-density polyester oxford fabric with a waterproof lining to keep all your items safe and dry no matter your activity. It is also a good bag for air travel and comes attached with all-terrain smooth-rolling wheels made of tough urethane for easy movement.


7. Athletico Conquest Padded Snowboard Bag with Wheels

The Athletico Conquest snowboard bag isn’t just stunning with its rich black color and the flashy Athletico branding, it is also quite functional. Featuring an all-round 10 mm thick foam padding, compartmentalized interiors, and EZ glide double zippers, you will get to organize all your gear quite well and keep them safe. It is outfitted with internal straps to secure your snowboard and plenty of pockets including small storage pockets, an extra-large exterior pocket, and a wet interior pocket for your wet clothes to help you organize all your gear.

This bag fits snowboards of up to 175 cm in length. It is made of 600 D water-resistant polyester with a thermal waterproof lining, this bag is strong, durable, and will keep all your gear safe and dry in wet weather conditions.

Other admirable features in this bag include the EZ Glide heavy-duty wheels surrounded by tarpaulin bottom to keep your bag from wear and tear especially when being wheeled on rugged terrain, handles padded with neoprene for comfort, and a detaching shoulder strap.


8. Winterial Double Ski Bag with Wheels

This bag by Winterial is made specifically for your skis. It fits two sets of skis together with your skiing gear. This bag, measuring a generous 72.5 x 17 x 6 (Lx W x D) inches exterior dimensions, is organized into one large compartment for your skis, 3 water-resistant pockets for smaller items as well as 2 exterior pockets for quick access items. It also comes with a removable divider for the main compartment to help you organize your gear. To secure your stuff, this bag comes with several straps including 4 interior pole straps, 2 exterior compression straps, and 4 internal ski straps.

The Winterial ski bag comes with 360° thick foam padding on the inside not just for protecting your skis and skiing gear but also to make the bag strong and durable. It is fitted with wheels making the bag easy to move around with. With two padded strap handles and a padded removable shoulder strap to offer you carrying flexibility.


9. Demon United New Phantom Flight Snowboard Travel Bag

Demon United’s New Phantom Flight snowboard bag is a good option if you are considering a bag that will give you flexibility when carrying. Coming with a tow handle, padded dual carry handles, and a removable shoulder strap, you can carry it any way you like.

Made of thick 1680D, the roomy 65 x 14 x 8 (Lx W x D)-inch bag will carry snowboard gear for two including two snowboards with their bindings, two sets of boots along with other clothing. It is fully lined with thick foam padding and waterproof fabric to protect your gear from dents, scratches, and other forms of damage. It comes with an exterior pocket for keeping easy-access items. The Demon United Phantom Flight snowboard bag is fitted with 3.5 inches rugged rubberized wheels with high-speed bearings making it suited for a smooth tow on all types of terrains.



Depending on your needs, any of these bags can be a good choice. The wheeled snowboard gear bags are generally padded to protect your board and other gears from damages while traveling. Most of them are large enough to carry two or more pairs of boards and their wheels make them easy to travel with.

It is advisable that you get the right size that can be used for air travel without the need to pay more for extra weight and a durable one at that. You can tell the quality of a bag by the quality of the lined up interior compartments.

Bottom line, make an informed choice from the best snowboard bags for your needs to make sure that you don’t struggle traveling with your snowboard gear. At the same time, just as you enjoy snowboarding, you should also enjoy carrying your snowboard gear around.

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