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10 Best Snowmobile Jackets (Men’s & Women’s) 2024

Best Snowmobile Jackets

A snowmobile jacket is an important gear for protecting your body upper during your winter outdoor expeditions. While there are myriad jackets that can be used for the outdoor, it is of the essence to get one that is specifically designed for snowmobiling. The last thing you want on the trail is a nagging chill that will ruin your thrill even before it begins.

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Castle X Platform G5 Snowmobile Jacket (Men’s) 4.2
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Mossi, 90-305BG-15, Impulse Snowmobile Jacket (Men’s) 4.6
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Arctix Performance Tundra Jacket with Added Visibility (Men’s) 4.2
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Castle X Bolt G4 Snowmobile Jacket (Men’s) 4.7
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Mossi, 90-310-15, Impulse Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s) 4.2
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Klim Allure Parka Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s) 4.6
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Castle X Vapor Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s) 4.0
Polaris 3 in 1 Throttle Insulated Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s) 4.2
Castle X Powder Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s) 4.5
Klim Waverly Ski Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s) 4.3

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As a general rule, your uppers need to be dry, warm, breathing and well-insulated throughout your outdoor activities. Sometimes it gets a little tricky landing a jacket that will keep you warm in the cold and dry amidst the high energy activities you will be involved in. This is because moisture and sweat are two great enemies of comfort just as much as the biting cold is. For this reason, most people prefer layering thanks to the flexibility it provides. Here is how a typical comfortable layering system should be like:



There are three common types of insulation; down, synthetic, and synthetic fleece insulation. Depending on how cold it is and whether your body type runs cold or hot, you should get the right insulation. Down is quite warm and is excellent at retaining body heat, keeping you warm and is also lightweight. It also has great breathability. The only con with it is that once it gets wet you lose all these disadvantages. Synthetic insulation, on the other hand, is a bit heavier but will still keep you warm and dry even when wet.

In essence, you should be able to take off the insulation if it gets too hot or wear it when it’s freezing cold. Again, it is possible to have a warm lightweight insulation layer. Finally, if you feel that you will run in the cold even with the layering you have on, you can still pack an additional fleece or down insulation layer in your backpack for that extra protection when the need arises.



The base layer is the layer that sits next to your skin. Because your skin tends to sweat a lot, a base layer should first and foremost be moisture-wicking to prevent your jacket from getting wet. A wet base transfers the wetness to your skin so that you end up feeling cold. Also, the lighter the better. You already have other layers on, having a heavy base layer only adds to the bulk and this can be quite uncomfortable.


Weatherproof outer shell

An ideal outer shell is designed with a material that effectively keeps wind, cold and other weather elements at bay. An example is the tightly woven synthetic material like Gore-Tex that’s great at dissipating water vapor and keeping moisture out. Confirm whether your jacket is water-resistant or waterproof depending on the weather condition. Other materials include nylon, polyester, or microfiber.



The liner is the layer that sits next to your skin and should have the following qualities.



Because it is normal to sweat during activities, such liners will help absorb sweat to keep your body dry.


Reflective surfaces

This helps prevent heat loss by reflecting heat back into your body.



Seals around the neck, cuffs, and waist need to be tight enough to keep out weather elements. Again how tight they are will indicate how well your jacket fits.



If you intend to engage in high-adrenaline activities, you will need a highly breathable jacket. Otherwise, you are at risk of developing hypothermia when moisture and sweat get trapped within the jacket.


Additional features

Check out for other necessary additional features including a hood (removable or fixed), closure systems (cuffs and zippers) and pockets.
Our review below looks at 8 of the best performance snowmobile jackets for both men and women and why they stand out among other snowmobile jacket brands.


Can a ski jacket be used instead of a snowmobile jacket?

While they are both designed for cold winter conditions, a ski jacket is different from a snowmobile jacket. First things first, skiing is a rather aggressive winter sport compared to snowmobiling which involves movement more than action hence exposing your body to weather elements. Skiing does expose you, only, your body produces so much heat in the process that you will hardly feel the effect of the weather elements.

Because of this, snowmobile jackets will be different from ski jackets in the following ways:

  • Ski jackets will be highly breathable to absorb the moisture produced by the body. Snowmobile jackets, on the other hand, will be made of thicker, tightly woven material to reduce the penetration of wind and cold into the body.
  • Skiing jackets are a little less resistant to abrasion and wear and tear compared to snowmobile jackets. This is due to the different weather and riding conditions these jackets will be worn in. Snowmobile jackets come with a tough outer shell possibly HyVent or Cordura nylon which can withstand harsh weather elements. Although not as resistant, ski jackets are lighter, versatile, and a lot easier to travel with.


Best Snowmobile Jackets


1. Castle X Platform G5 Snowmobile Jacket (Men’s)

This snowmobile jacket men’s model by Castle X features a classic design and amazing detail that sets it apart from other ordinary snowmobile jackets. It features high-strength water-resistant polyester and nylon combi for its shell along with a quilted 200 g Fixed Castle’s very own cold-shield body insulation and giving it undeniable performance outdoors. However, since its shell is rated water-resistant, you may want to consider waterproofing options if you’ll be out in a downpour. However, in wet conditions, the DWR coating will keep you dry thanks to its excellent moisture repellent properties.

Secondly, an insulated collar and cuffs both lined with fleece will sure trap warmth within. Its cuffs are adjustable and use Velcro closure which is a minor but worthwhile detail. On its interior is the reflective 3M™ Scotchlite™ material that works by reflecting body heat back into your body to keep you warm. To add to its strength, are the double-stitched seams and with a drop back design, this jacket is set to transform your snowmobiling experience.

Finally, at just 2.8 lb, it is a real lightweight and additional features like the internal zippered chest pocket and the Tether D-Ring to hang quick-access documents like tickets.


2. Mossi, 90-305BG-15, Impulse Snowmobile Jacket (Men’s)

Mossi’s 90-305BG-15 Impulse snowmobile jacket is stylish and functional at its best. With an outer shell that’s treated to stunning graphics and the Mossi logo at the front and sides along with durable polyester construction, this jacket will not only accent your style but also give you years of useful service.

This multi-layered snowmobile jacket comes with ICE FORCE insulation and REISSA PowerSkin membrane making it a good option if you are looking for something waterproof, windproof, highly breathable. Additionally, it comes with a mandarin design collar with neoprene lining, a zipper panel with storm shield and Velcro closure to enhance its protection from weather elements.

Its reflective piping is functional for visibility. It is also made with wide panel wrist adjusters with Velcro closures and a drawcord on the inside at the waist area. Two exterior zippered pockets on either side allow you to store the small quick-access items.


3. Arctix Performance Tundra Jacket with Added Visibility (Men’s)

If you are looking for a jacket that will withstand wet conditions including downpours and still keep you warm and ventilated, the Men’s Performance Tundra Jacket by Arctix makes a perfect option. In addition to the normal performance detail, this one goes the extra mile to address safety concerns. A webbing integrated into the front pockets enhances visibility at night for safety.

The Tundra stands tall beating any weather challenge. With a high-strength weather-resistant outer shell integrated with a highly moisture-wicking layer on the inside, uncomfortable sweat and cold chills will be a thing of the past. The snowmobile jackets FXR are the only other brand with this level of toughness in their jackets. Its insulation, on the other hand, is lightweight and features microfiber that traps heat actively throughout your activity to keep you warm. Beyond the moisture-wicking layer is a 120 g Thermatech insulation to keep you warm.

An important strength detail is the sealed seams designed with 600D nylon reinforcement on critical areas like the knees and seats to prevent early wear and tear. Also, you’ll appreciate the heavy-duty zippers on this jacket along with several secured pockets on the inside and others with snap closures at the front, adjustable waist and cuffs for that perfect fit, and a removable hood.


4. Castle X Bolt G4 Snowmobile Jacket (Men’s)

The Bolt G4 is another Castle X jacket with the tough DWR polyester/nylon outer shell and double-stitched seams for toughness and durability. It comes with a fixed 200 g body 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation layer on the inside for guaranteed warmth. However, this may limit its versatility to cold conditions as it doesn’t allow you to detach its insulation. Its collar and adjustable cuffs are also lined with fleece for insulation purposes.

Bolt 4G also features Ven-Tex® 1.0 coating on its shell which enhances the softness of the shell from the inside and creates protection from wind and water on the outside as well as enhancing its breathability. And with all critical seams sealed, you can be sure that you are double protected.

This snowmobile jacket features zippered core vents incorporated with snow blocker mesh for maximum ventilation. A 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective is a great safety feature that will make you visible in poor light conditions. Other important additions include the Lycra® constructed internal hand gaiters; hand, internal and cap pockets all zippered; internal powder skirt and tether D-Ring for suspending quick-access items.

This jacket is a great performer out in the cold with every cold protection detail observed to the core and this makes it a worthwhile addition to your snowmobile gear.


5. Mossi, 90-310-15, Impulse Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s)

With more or less the same technical features as Mossi’s 90-305BG-15 for men, Mossi 90-310-15 is also large and has been designed specifically for women.

It features a multilayered comfortable and protective construction consisting of a durable polyester shell, the warm ICE FORCE insulation, and the weatherproof REISSA membrane. It also features a comfortable mandarin design collar lined with the hard-wearing water-resistant neoprene fabric.

The reflective piping is a well thought out protective feature that helps make you visible in front of a source of light. Like other Mossi jackets in this series, this jacket comes with wide panel wrists adjustable with velcro closure and a pull cord adjustment around the waist area. The main zipper closure at the front of the jacket is outfitted with storm shield closure with Velcro adjustment for extra protection. Finally, just like the others, it has two exterior pockets with zippers for storing easy-access items.


6. Klim Allure Parka Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s)

The Allure Parka for women by Klim is a great solution for extreme weather. It is rated waterproof meaning that it can safely withstand heavy downpour without you feeling its effect. Take this with you if you are a serious enthusiast intending to indulge in an all-year-round snow thrill.

It features the top-quality Gore-Tex outer shell that’s lined with 200 g 3M™ Thinsulate™ insulation for maximum warmth and the 3M™ Scotchlite™ reflective for better visibility. In between is an attractive polyester taffeta quilted liner that offers you exceptional moisture-wicking and breathability properties.

It is adjustable with a side zipper hem adjustment and Velcro adjustable cuffs because women just love it fitting. With hand gaiters and YKK® zippers, this piece truly makes a statement when you are out and about. With 4-color options and an alluring pattern, you can tell at a glance that its design is not just about women but also about what they adore. This includes the zipper pull tabs and snaps designed just for the snow woman.

A great addition to this package is a snow-skirt that keeps your lowers warm and prevents cold from penetrating the jacket in freezing conditions. It also features a collar lined with 300 g fleece for the same purpose. It comes with numerous pockets; 1 inside zippered, two hand pockets lined with tricot and detailed with key retainer clips as well as the left forearm pocket for convenience. Quite uniquely, you’ll find the Hypalon MP3 port useful if you love music and the kill switch D-Ring if you have items you need to access fast.

In general, this jacket comes with very thoughtful detailing for the stylish ardent snow woman yet every detail counts in its purpose.


7. Castle X Vapor Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s)

The Castle X Vapor snowmobile jacket for women is warm, comfortable, and durable. Made of durable materials and double stitched seams, this jacket will last. This jacket is made of a blend of durable polyester and nylon shell, Ven-Tex 2.0 lamination system that’s weatherproof, and DWR coating. Together with zoned 3M Thinsulate insulation of 150 g for the body, 100 grams for the sleeves, and an additional removable 60 g insulation, this jacket is not only very comfortable but also quite versatile.

What’s more, sealed critical seams, an insulated collar that’s lined with fleece, adjustable cuffs that are lined with fleece and integrated with Velcro closure, and a shock cord adjustable hem are other impressive features that enhance the warmth and comfort of this snowmobile jacket. Its package includes an internal powder skirt to protect the area around your thighs in extreme weather conditions.

For safety, the jacket is lined on the outside with 3M Scotchlite reflective material for visibility purposes. A Tether D-ring and zippered pockets are excellent storage solutions while the internal gaiters will keep out harsh weather elements.


8. Polaris 3 in 1 Throttle Insulated Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s)

The women’s Throttle jacket by Polaris has been designed with such strength and warmth that it is almost indispensable. Featuring the innovative zonal 3M Thinsulate insulation with a mapping of different weights of the material to your body’s heat zones, 180 g insulation on the main parts of your body ad 100 g around the sleeves and collar areas. This mapping helps regulate temperatures to normal wherever you are.

The other two layers in this 3-in-1 are the 330 D polyester shell with a 3 M Scotchlite reflective tape for visibility and the detachable zipped liner for added warmth. This jacket comes with vents at the back along with. Other impressive features include a neck and waist that adjust using a drawcord, durable YKK 2-way adjustable zippers, stretchy wrist gaiters all designed to protect your uppers from snow and other weather elements. In addition, this jacket comes with numerous pockets at the hand and chest not just for utility but to enhance the jacket’s ventilation.


9. Castle X Powder Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s)

If you are the aggressive type who loves it out in the wet and cool environment, the Powder snowmobile Jacket by Castle X is for you. It features a soft shell made of polyester with a DWR treatment and a zonal 3 M Thinsulate insulation on the inside. Its insulation comes with 200 g for the main body and a little less weight at 150 g on the sleeve. Its shell is also windproof and highly breathable making it a well-balanced protector. To enhance its ventilation, this jacket is designed with 2-way core vents meshed in between to keep snow away.

With all its critical seams completely sealed and with all its openings including the hem, gaiters, and cuffs designed with a fastening mechanism, this jacket is definitely worth having for its excellent warmth and protection properties. The detachable hood and fleece-lined collar are great warmth additions which will certainly keep you toasty throughout while the pockets will help you store small items within easy reach. For safety, look out for the 3 M reflective Scotchlite material on its outer surface.


10. Klim Waverly Ski Snowmobile Jacket (Women’s)

The Klim Waverly model for women is a brightly colored piece that will charm you. Aside from that, the bright color enhances visibility. This snowmobile jacket is made of pure Ripstop Pertex Microlight nylon with nylon taffeta liner and 100 g 3M Thinsulate insulation making it a strong, warm, lightweight, and a great weatherproof snowmobile jacket. With YKK zipper closures, two zippered pockets, and a cozy chin guard, there is a lot to be admired from this jacket.

An advantage that Klim’s Waverly has over others is that it is highly versatile. It comes with a removable hood that is lined with fur to keep the neck area warm. It also offers a flexible fit around arms with stretch panels that will give you room for natural mobility but still fit perfectly.



Snowmobile jackets reviewed in this article stand out as top performers when it comes to snowmobiling. Ultimately, your comfort, warmth, and dryness count a great deal. This is why it is better to take your time and get the best there is for your needs.

As you think about which jacket to select, you also need to think about what you will wear underneath. The best snowmobile jacket will protect your upper from all-weather elements, be breathable, and still have some resistance to abrasion. Pick something whose weight you can handle without feeling all bulked out. The base layer, on the other hand, should have a good moisture-wicking ability so that you are not drenched in sweat. Having these two also helps you dress appropriately for the ski condition you expect to encounter.

Secondly, be sure that what you have got is a snowmobile and not a ski jacket. While snowmobile jackets are built to be thick so as to protect you from the effects of weather, ski jackets will be a little more breathable because skiing is generally more vigorous than snowmobiling. We will not completely rule out the fact that you could come across some jackets designed for both sports.

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