7 Best Snowmobile Goggles 2024

Best Snowmobile Goggles

Goggles are not just for the aesthetics. They are functional for protecting your eyes from glaring light and poor visibility as well as protect your face from the biting cold along with a befitting helmet. The best snowmobile goggles are designed to give you a wide field of view alongside other important features that we will discuss below.

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KLIM Viper Snow Goggles Fade Black Clear Lens 4.6
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509 Sinister X5 Snowmobile Goggles 4.4
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509 X5 Sinister Black Ops Polarized Goggles 4.6
Ewin G11 Goggles 4.7
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AKT Snowmobile Goggles/Mask 4.5
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Jogoo Snowmobile Goggles 4.8
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Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles with Clear Lens 4.9

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What makes a pair of goggles worth your consideration?


The frame holds the lenses and other parts in place. Some quality features in a frame include:

  • What is it made of? Most frames are made of polyurethane material thanks to its durability and flexibility advantages.
  • Fit. The size of a frame often goes hand in hand with the size of your head as well as the size of the helmet you wear. They usually come in three sizes; small, medium and large.
  • Design. Apart from the aesthetics, some frames are designed with OTG (over the glass) capability so you can wear your goggles with your prescription glasses on. Others are designed just for the face.
  • Foam padding. The padding is the foam layer between the frame and your face. Usually, it comes in two or three layers and its function is to keep your face warm and comfortable and wick off sweat particles before they get to your face. Depending on the weather condition you will be operating in, choose the right number of foam layers and foam density in a pair of goggles and consider how well they mold around your face.



  • Single or double lens. A double lens is more advantageous as it addresses fogging better by creating a thermal barrier.
  • Spherical or cylindrical. spherical lenses curve all around your face to give your goggles a good grip and wider field of view compared to cylindrical lenses that only curve horizontally and not vertically.
  • Tinted or clear. Tint represents the color of the lens whose choice is determined by in different light situations. Remember that tint varies by the way they filter light. Colors like blue and yellow will offer great visibility in low light situations while darker shades will perform better in bright light as they reduce light intensity.
  • Polarized. Polarized lenses reduce the effect of glare hence enhancing the clarity of your lenses.
  • Photo chrome. This feature makes lenses quite versatile as they will adjust with the changing light condition. The only con is that this adjustment is not instant but a process that takes a bit of time.
  • UV protection. To avoid your retina damaging especially in high altitude areas where UV intensity increases, UV protection is more of a necessity than a luxury.
  • Fogging. Most goggles will come with an antifogging coating but in general, spherical lenses, because of the larger volume between them and your face will naturally take care of fogging thanks to a good airflow.
  • Interchangeable lenses. If you are limited to a specific weather condition, you may well go with a single pair of lenses otherwise some goggles are designed in such a way that you can change their lenses. In this case, you will need to buy extra pairs of lenses that will suit different needs.


Best Snowmobile Goggles 2024

Here are some top goggles that have made a great impression in the space thanks to their innovative features and quality offerings.

1. KLIM Viper Snow Goggles Fade Black Clear Lens

Klim is an upheld brand in the world of winter sport for their outstanding quality gear and the Viper Snow Goggles just go to confirm this. It comes with incredible features that the winter sports person needs, along with unique comfort and some fancy features too.

With a wide enough field of view, quality construction and GeminEYE formula anti-fogging treatment, this unit offers a twofold protection from condensation on both the inside and the outside. It is also one of those goggles with the best peripheral vision thanks to the moisture-wicking medically approved Foam3 system which will not allow any single drop of moisture in between the face and the goggle lens. It includes stage 2 antimicrobial face foam that attaches well enough to the goggle’s frame and stops cold wind from penetrating to your skin.

Fogging is further prevented by the Airchamber mechanism that ensures condensation is kept at its minimum and a high airflow to maximize ventilation. On the other hand, it is designed with dual pane lens; a scratch-resistant polycarbonate outer and a UV400 protected inner to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.


2. 509 Sinister X5 Snowmobile Goggles

Most of the best snowmobile goggles have a specific feature that makes their strongest selling point and the Sinister X5 by 509 boasts of an excellent field of view and breathing space to ease how you use this pair. The yellow low light lenses are great at reducing light intensity, especially on a snowy day.

Its frame is designed using the innovative Phantom Technology that hides away the frame from your field of view letting you have a completely unobstructed view. The Phantom frames enclose a pair of tough and durable dual polycarbonate lenses layered with an anti-scratch coat to give them a lasting life as well as minimize condensation thanks to the outriggers that seal the outer edge of the goggles to your skin.

The Sinister X5 offers a great fit thanks to its useful outriggers that will easily adjust the strap letting it fit with your helmet. These goggles come with a nose mask if you intend to keep warm and ease your breathing when in motion.


3. 509 X5 Sinister Black Ops Polarized Goggles

This is yet another classic sinister version of the 509 goggles for those who love style and functionality. The black OPS frames designed with the Phantom technology give you a stylish look while the polarized smoke lenses with an 80% tint take care of your eyes in bright sunlight. In addition, the large rubber nose mask takes care of your nose in the biting cold.

These dual lenses, like others in the same category, feature the tough polycarbonate material to prevent it from scratching on the outside and fogging on the inside so that you will always have a clear view. Holding the lenses and the frame together is the three-layered foam lined with soft fleece whose function is to absorb all moisture produced in the area between the lens and your face.

Like the others in the 509 Sinister Series, the Black OPS Polarized Goggles come with a 2-inch strap made of silicone and a cleaning fabric which doubles up as storage for your extra lens.

A pro for these goggles is that they fit perfectly with the 509 helmets. One downturn and certainly not a deal breaker is that they may not make the perfect option if you intend to do your sport in the dark nights.


4. Ewin G11 Goggles

The G11 Goggles are designed with the spectacle wearers in mind. Beyond this, they have a great selling point when it comes to the anti-fog and anti-scratch coating layer on their dual lens along with full UV protection. Again this is one of the goggles designed with spherical lenses which curve around your face to provide an excellent peripheral vision.

It is one of the few pairs that are compatible with most helmets and comes with a unisex design. With three-layered soft foam along the edges of the frame makes it easy on your skin and highly breathable while still stopping the biting cold from penetrating into your face.

Finally, toughness and durability are features that cannot be overlooked in the Ewin G11 goggles. The frame is made of tough TPU material, known to stand the test of time if well taken care of. Coming in five different color options, there is just something for everyone and the adjustable strap will help give your helmet a great fit.


5. AKT Snowmobile Goggles/Mask

Quite a functional and versatile pair of goggles the Adult Goggles is. This is certainly the go-to option when you are looking for a jack of all trades; be it snowmobiling, street biking, skiing and much more. This is in addition to its multicolored lenses will get you noticed while on the trail.

Quite impressively, AKT the manufacturer has gone a step ahead to design lenses that are not only scratchproof but also wind and dust proof. And with a PC and Composite Carbon frame construction, you can expect that this pair is also free from the usual wear and tear.

Its package includes an adjustable strap to offer you that perfect helmet grip. Other impressive features include a wide unobstructed field of view thanks to its curved design, soft foam padding on the frame for comfort and 100% UV protection and a removable nose guard.


6. Jogoo Snowmobile Goggles

For those who love pomp and show along with some degree of flexibility, the Jogoo ski Goggles will do you justice. A unisex pair that can fit for virtually all winter sports, these goggles couple the benefits of replaceable dual spherical lenses to suit different conditions with over the glass properties for those who wear glasses making it a versatile piece. In addition to this, it also comes with UV400 protection and anti-fogging capability to meet your every day changing needs.

Its construction includes a detachable three-layer foam padding that attaches to the goggles using a magnet to maximize comfort while still making the cleaning and maintenance process a breeze. In addition, TPU constructed frame means you’ll have your goggles for a long time before they are finally written off. Finally, an adjustable strap means you can further fasten your helmet to give it the right fit and different color options means that there is something for everyone.

A con with this pair, however, is that the lenses do not come with a scratchproof layer so extra caution must be taken to keep them in check.


7. Oakley O-Frame MX Goggles with Clear Lens

In the snowmobile goggles space, Oakley has a name and rightly so. When it comes to the O-Frame MX Goggles, three features stand out: its O frame design which lets you wear it with your glasses comfortably, Lexan screen treated with F2 anti-fog system and a removable nose guard which is just about the most important features a user will look out for. The lenses are also made to withstand scratch so you will have a clear view at all times and its strap, lined with silicone, will give your helmet a great fit.

Quite impressively these goggles are made for most conditions, snow, wind, dirt, and water so they will be useful for your motorcycling, biking, skiing, snowboarding, and other activities. They are constructed with a three-layered face foam on the frame which delivers utmost comfort and dryness on your face as well as the effective F2 lens system that ensures no fogging or scratching on your lenses

Overall, this goggle’s design attaches to it every advantage that you need on the trail.



It is not enough to get yourself a best seller with plenty of great reviews attached to it. While the best goggles will keep you healthy, comfortable, and safe while out in the cold, the best is really relative. Good snowmobile goggles for you would be ones that fit well into your helmet and offer you the required protection against ultraviolet (at least UV400 protection) and the glaring sun rays. This way, you will comfortably see where you are going. In addition, they need to have an excellent anti-fog mechanism and be tough enough to protect your eyes in the event that you crash.

Truth is, snowmobile goggles are today as necessary as other snow gear thanks to the realization that the eyes are equally important and should be protected just like all other parts of your body.

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