6 Best Snowmobile Bar Risers 2024

Best Snowmobile Bar Risers 2019

Snowmobile bar risers are one of the options you have for moving your sled. They are necessary performance and comfort additions that will certainly change the way you ride on powder. Snowmobiles are commonly designed with lower handlebars which are best for groomed runs but not powder rides. Unlike groomed rides, powder rides require one to stand up on their machine while riding. Without raising the handlebars, you will often find yourself bending forward while standing to achieve that maxed performance. This can be quite frustrating and uncomfortable with your knees hitting the handles as you ride.

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Rox Speed FX Pivot Handlebar 2″ Riser 7/8″ 4.9
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PowerMadd 45400 Universal Pivoting Riser 4.7
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PowerMadd 45430 PowerRiser 475 – 2″ Tall X 4.75″ Wide, 7/8″ bars  4.6
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PowerMadd 45528 Pivot Style Riser Block for Polaris 4.3
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Rox Speed FX Elite Height-Adjustable Snowmobile Handlebar Risers 4.1
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Nachman Spi Angled Handle Bar Riser 3″  4.4

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Raising the handlebars of your snowmobile allows you to ride your snowmobile while standing up straight in order to gain better control, more comfort, eliminate fatigue in your back and hands, as well as make riding uphill or on deep powder a little easier.


Choosing the best snowmobile bar risers

Before heading out to choose handlebar risers, you need to make the following important considerations.


Which type of steering stem do you have on your machine?

There are two types of snowmobile posts. The Flat Top post and the T-Style post. For the latter, you only need to replace your pivot riser block with a higher one and you are good to go. The Flat Top post, on the other hand, can be changed in three different ways. This includes using a universal pivoting riser, a straight riser block, or a combination of a pivot riser block and a pivot adaptor.


How tall are you?

6 ft tall riders definitely need bar risers more than shorter riders because of their height. Test your snowmobile to see how comfortable you are while sitting or standing then determine how much you will increase the height of the handlebars to achieve optimal comfort and positioning.


How high do you need to raise your bars?

To determine the rise that you will be comfortable riding, take off the top pad covering the handlebars. This will expose your handlebar with its clamps. Lose the clamps and then while standing, measure your most comfortable additional weight. Be sure to check if the brake and throttle cables will fit the additional height. If not, order extension cables along with the risers. Sleds will generally use up to 3-inch risers without the need for extension cables.


Where will you be riding?

Groomed trails hardly ever need bar risers. On the other hand, the mountains and deep powder certainly need bar risers because you will mostly be standing while riding on, and as mentioned earlier, you do not want to hunch over. This can be very tiresome.


Installing handlebar risers on your snowmobile

Before installation, you will need to determine the height increase that you need as we have already seen above.

  • Once you have figured out this bit and determined whether or not you will need extension cables and a pivot adaptor, you are as good as done with your decision as it will be easier for you to select the right riser.
  • After the purchase, take off the top padding on your handlebars just the way you did when taking measurements. Loose both the top and bottom bolts on the bars.
  • First bolt in the pivot adaptor, then put your riser block. In case you need to add throttle and brake extension cables, fit them in at this point.
  • Now attach your bars to your preferred position and tighten your bolts.
  • Put back the cover on top of your bars and start your sled to check whether your fittings work as desired.


Best Snowmobile Bar Risers 2024

Our review today features 6 of the best snowmobile bar risers. Check them out to see what makes them tick.


1. Rox Speed FX Pivot Handlebar 2″ Riser 7/8″

If you are looking for a bar riser that will work with most machines, this is it. This 2-inch handlebar riser by Rox Speed FX is great for bikes, ATVs, and motorcycles, literally any machine with ⅞-inch stems. If you are to use them on your snowmobile, however, make sure that yours has steering stems with a flat plate.

Looking at their construction and functionality, the black 1R-P2SS bar risers are made with anodized aluminum material making them quite sturdy. Secondly, they are pretty flexible with both forward and backward rotation points, allowing the user to select any comfortable pivot point. If you want to mod your bike a bit before considering to buy another, these risers will help you use your bike a little longer.

Finally, be sure to check that your brake line and cable are long enough to accommodate the risers before installing them.


2. PowerMadd 45400 Universal Pivoting Riser

The 45400 universal riser by PowerMadd is an excellent option for snowmobiles with a flat steering stem particularly those with narrow bars since it measures 3.5 inches wide. This riser uses the revolutionary dual pivot system to raise your bars 3 inches up. With it, you may not need pivoting risers. However, if you need to raise your bars to 6 inches, you can purchase 1, 2, or 3-inch PowerMadd pivoting riser blocks. Also, purchase a throttle cable extension and extended brake lines for proper installation.

The dual pivoting system allows you to position your bars forward or backward as you please. It also lets you rotate your bars up or down in order to get the most convenient position for your bars.


3. PowerMadd 45430 PowerRiser 475 – 2″ Tall X 4.75″ Wide, 7/8″ bars

The PowerMadd 45430 is a bit wider than 45400 model, measuring 4.75 inches in width. This aluminum riser comes in a one-piece design which makes it an option for those considering a strength. It also features a dual pivot point system that offers you remarkable flexibility when positioning your bars. This is because you can set it forward or backward and set your bars up or down.

This riser is designed with two widths. The 3.25-inch width works for snowmobiles while the wider 4.75-inch width works well with dirt bikes and ATVs. This makes it quite a universal piece and a worthwhile investment if you are considering versatile functionality. Use this bar riser with ⅞-inch bar clamps. The second model can handle the larger 1-⅛-inch bars. Consider purchasing a universal bar clamp for proper installation on your ATV although you will first need to check that the clamp you intend to purchase works with the ATV brand that you have.


4. PowerMadd 45528 Pivot Style Riser Block for Polaris

This 4-inch riser block by PowerMadd is specifically designed for Polaris ATVs with the pivot style handlebar assembly. This riser block lets you set your bars forward and backward to a position that is most convenient. With a pivot style riser mechanism, this handlebar riser block will allow you to raise your handlebars to the height and position of your choice.

This riser block is built solidly and works with stock bolts and clamps which is a more effective and convenient option to stock pivot style risers. This makes it a great option for sleds that lack a stock pivot style riser. It works by transforming your flat steering stem into a T-style stem after which you will simply increase your handlebars to the height you desire. No need for a pivot adaptor.


5. Rox Speed FX Elite Height-Adjustable Snowmobile Handlebar Risers

For those endowed with heights as tall as 6 ft, it makes sense to invest in the Elite height-adjustable bar risers. The 1R-HA46SE bar risers are designed for tall snowmobile riders who care for some comfort and control on the trail. They feature an adapter that works with ⅞-inch bars or the oversized 1⅛-inch taper bars. The oversize aluminum taper bars will lock safely together with your risers to give you a better gripping experience.

Quite remarkably, this is one of the few risers that allow you to adjust your handlebars to a convenient height between 4 and 6 inches while on the go. You can also opt for a higher adjustment height of between 6 and 8.25 inches left or right to any T-stem width. This makes them a versatile choice which can be used in a wide range of snowmobile models.

For tool-less adjustment of your bars, the Rox 44-8449 wrenches ever kit is included in its package. These risers are also a great option for fitting a single sled used by many riders. Each rider gets their specific fit in an instant.


6. Nachman Spi Angled Handle Bar Riser 3″

The Nachman Spi angled handlebar risers has been designed specifically for Arctic Cat, Polaris, Ski-Doo, and Yamaha snowmobiles. This riser will lift your bars up 3 inches. Depending on the model that you have, the installation process slightly differs from model to model. Refer to the instruction manual for detailed instructions.



There is a wide variety of bar risers from riser blocks to pivoting bar risers. It is important to first check the specifications of your handlebars to find out which riser will be the best for it. In addition, check that the brake line cable and the throttle cable are enough to accommodate the rise, otherwise you will need to get extension cables along with the riser. Some risers are universal and can work well with snowmobiles, ATVs, and motorcycles. Others have been designed with specific models in mind. Overall, your comfort, security, and handling matter. Therefore get something that will meet your specific needs.

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