6 Best Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets (Mitts) 2024

Best Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets (Mitts)

Snowmobile bar mitts, also known as muffs or gauntlets, are an almost indispensable part of a rider’s gear. More like the mittens that you will wear in your hands, handlebar mitts are worn by the handlebars of your bike, literally! Well, that sounded a bit funny but that is what they are made to do. Stay on the handles of your bike to keep this area, together with your hands, warm particularly if you are fond of riding in extreme weather over an extended period of time.

These mitts are designed to let you access the controls of your machine without removing them. In addition, you can wear an extra thin layer of gloves inside them in very extreme weather conditions or when you want your fingers to be a little more flexible and dextrous.

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Kimpex Snowmobile Muffs with Window 370291 4.5
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PowerMadd 34258 Handguard Gauntlet 4.3
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Polaris Snowmobile Universal Formed Handlebar Gauntlets  4.8
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Bar Mitts Snowmobile/ATV/Dirt Bike Mitts 4.4
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Classic Accessories Realtree XTRA Camo ATV Handlebar Mitt 4.9
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Spi Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets Handlebar Mitts  4.0

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Here is what you need to bear in mind when purchasing snowmobile handlebar gauntlets.

Material construction

The material your mitts are made of should be water, wind, and precipitation resistant since keeping you warm and dry are their major function. They also need to have an additional protective fleece lining for insulation purposes especially if they are designed with the clear window that lets you see the controls of your machines. Most mitts are made of neoprene, nylon, or rubber materials.



Depending on whether you will be using it on an ATV, motorcycle, or snowmobile, the size of your mitts needs to be large enough to cover the handlebars but snug enough not to let in elements of weather. Some riders prefer mitts that extend up to their arms for even better protection. Keep in mind that overly tight mitts may make it difficult for you to operate your controls because your hands need some level of liberty to do this.



Overly thick gauntlets may be warm but most riders have found them a little too bulky for their liking. This affects how well they handle their bikes. To keep them warm, some gauntlets are not as thick but will have little pockets on the inside for keeping heat packs which as you ride will warm your hands. On the other hand, others will have removable inserts that can be removed when not needed.


Connection to your handlebar

Without being held firmly to the handlebars, mitts can keep shifting. This is why they need a mechanism to keep them in place from the inside. While some gauntlets will come with straps that can be tightened around the bars with velcro closures, others come with an adjustable buckle attachment on the inside.


Sleeve protection

Some mitts come attached with a removable cuff with an opening for the arms. This ensures that your entire arm is fully protected from all weather.


Ease of installation and removal

Most gauntlets feature a hook and loop fastener that easily installs and fastens on the handlebars of the snowmobile.


Easy access to controls

Some mitts, like the Kimpex Snowmobile muffs and many others, feature a clear plastic window on top of your controls, which allows you to see through. You need to be sure that this window is insulated so that it will not absorb coldness and transfer it to your hands.


Best Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets (Mitts) 2024

Below, we have featured 6 of the best snowmobile handlebar gauntlets that have continued to grow in popularity among top riders. Check out what makes them tick.


1. Kimpex Snowmobile Muffs with Window 370291

These snowmobile handlebar muffs by Kimpex are definitely an option to consider if you are thinking quality. They are made of a tough 600D blend of nylon and polyester and have been coated with PU to give them a waterproof and water resistance ability. Their design features clear plastic windows to enhance the visibility of the controls of your snowmobile. This plastic material will not let your hands freeze because it is highly resistant to cold. For this reason, just having the muffs without your gloves on will still keep your hands warm enough through the ride while eliminating the unnecessary layers of material that affect the comfort and precision with which your grip the handles of your snowmobile. They come with an adjustable attachment on the inside so you can use them with a range of snowmobiles.

Some noteworthy extras in these muffs include the reflective band on its outside that makes you visible and ultimately safe as well as the attachment strap to help you install them easily on machines with stiff handguards.


2. PowerMadd 34258 Handguard Gauntlet

The 34258 gauntlet by PowerMadd comes with the ‘stay-open’ design to give you easy access to your machine’s control. A good thing is that you can use them for your bike, ATV, or snowmobile as long as you have PowerMadd Star Series or Trail Star handguards. For extreme weather conditions, put on a thin layer of gloves to keep warm. Otherwise, these gauntlet along with the handguard are enough to protect your hands. These gauntlets are outfitted with a hook-and-loop strap, are easy to install or remove, and will give your hands much liberty to move and handle the controls of your machine. A small con is that it could let in a little cold breeze especially for aggressive high-speed biking or snowmobiling but if you are a leisurely rider, these will work great.


3. Polaris Snowmobile Universal Formed Handlebar Gauntlets

Something that makes these gauntlets stand out is the fact that they are universal. They come in handy for all Polaris machines riders and passengers handlebars. These gauntlets feature a tough durable exterior material insulated with the wind and water resistant polyfoam. They install rather easily. Simply slide them over the handlebars, adjust the straps and lock them securely with the velcro fasteners integrated on their inside. This pair is branded beautifully with the Polaris logo so you can flaunt your favorite brand out in the snow. They also come with an insert that you can remove when you do not need that much warmth or when you need to aerate it dry after use.


4. Bar Mitts Snowmobile/ATV/Dirt Bike Mitts

For those in need of very warm mitts to protect them from extreme weather, these Bar Mitts make a great option. They are pretty versatile because you can use them on ATVs, Bikes, or snowmobiles. Built with a blend consisting of 90% rubber and 10% nylon, they are incredibly firm and snuggly while still water/ windproof and will keep your hands warm and dry. They have also been outfitted with a cinch with velcro closure on the inside to help attach it firm on your bike’s handlebar. However, some have found these a little bit bulky and unnecessary. These shouldn’t be a dealbreaker considering the level of warmth that these mitts offer and how well they have been made.

They are rather easy to install and remove and can be used with a thin layer of gloves for better handling of your machine. Gloves tend to give the rider a tactile feel which is what they need to handle the brakes, shift, and grip the handlebars with precision. For people who prefer loose-fitting mitts, these ones may feel a little too tight for your hands to handle the lever and throttle of a bike but very much fit to use on a snowmobile. All the same, it comes down to personal preference.


5. Classic Accessories Realtree XTRA Camo ATV Handlebar Mitt

These handlebar mitts are built to work well on ATVs. They feature the tough ProtekX3  fabric known for its great water and abrasion resistance properties along with an exterior warm fleece coating to keep harsh weather elements from reaching your hands. Inside each mitt is a pocket to keep your heat pack in the event of very extreme unforgiving weather conditions. You will, however, need to purchase the heat packs separately as they are not included in this package.

These ATV mitts have been designed to attach to your handlebars quick and easy thanks to the rip-and-grip fasteners with velcro closures. They also feature a clear window that helps you see through to the controls of your machine. But you may have to choose between seeing your controls and keeping warm as the window bit of these mitts may feel a little cold in extreme weather because of their plastic materials. Overall, these mitts are worth your bucks.


6. Spi Snowmobile Handlebar Gauntlets Handlebar Mitts

These snowmobile handlebar gauntlets by Spi are apparently one of the toughest and most durable thanks to the flexible 200D nylon taffeta with a foam bonded lining used in making them. This material brings with it an excellent waterproof ability and superior insulation from all weather elements. The rubber actually deflects cold from the hands of the rider leaving them warm and dry. This material also helps to give it a good fit on the handlebars but the elastic band around gives it a firmer hold while still locking out wind and cold. The hook and loop seam is an incredible additional feature which facilitates easy installation and cleaning of your gauntlets. The Spi gauntlets are designed with a clear window to let the rider see the controls of their machine.



Snowmobile handlebar mitts are a matter of choice and preference. To make the most of your purchase, it is important to get a pair that fits well and are not bulky because your comfort matters a lot. Secondly, they need to have fasteners so that once installed, they are held securely onto the handlebars as you ride. Extra features like the clear windows, cuffs, and design will also factor in during your selection. All in all, there is no one-size-fits-all. Get gauntlets that meet your specific needs.

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