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10 Best Snowmobile Boots (Men’s & Women’s) 2024

Best Snowmobile Boots

If you are an ardent lover of the outdoors, the wrong choice of snowmobiling boots is enough to ruin your experience and keep you off snow thrill. These boots, like any other outdoor gear, are vital for protection and comfort.

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Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot 4.3
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Northside Men’s Alberta II Combination Cold Weather Boot 4.7
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Climate X Men’s Ysc5 Snow Boot 4.2
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Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot 4.5
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Baffin Men’s Selkirk Snow Boot 4.4
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Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot 4.7
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Klim Adrenaline GTX Men’s Snocross Snowmobile Boot 4.6
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FXR X Cross Lace
Women’s Boot
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Baffin Women’s Snogoose Winter Boot 4.1
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Baffin Women’s Iceland Snow Boot 4.2
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Baffin Women’s Chloe Insulated Boot 4.8

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Snowmobile boots, unlike winter boots, are designed to protect your feet in the snow and other wet and muddy conditions. They generally come with thick lining on the inside and arch support to give your feet protection from strain and the biting cold. The other difference is that these boots are best suited for the sled.

Most importantly, ensure that you get the right boots for your gender when shopping although you’ll come across many brands with unisex boots. Other general features that you need to consider include:

  • Insulation. This factor is what sets snowmobile and winter boots apart from ordinary boots. Two types of insulation stand out; neoprene and synthetic insulation. While the former is common on high-end boots for its top quality and ability to retain insulation properties over time, the latter will pack out with time and is a great choice if you need a soft feel on your feet. Still, check out for the specific insulating material used.
  • Waterproofness. These boots also need water-resistant material to complement the inside construction, for instance, Gore-Tex which you’ll mostly find in the best snowmobile boots, rubber, or leather.
  • Breathability. An important factor if you will be sledding in wet conditions. You need boots with liners that, aside from insulation, give you maximum breathability. For instance, while nylon is great at insulation, it is not the best as far as breathability is concerned. Thinsulate, on the other hand, is good for both warmth and breathability.
  • Lacing. Lacing determines how well the boots will fit on your feet and the ease with which you will operate your boots. More lacing eyelets despite the comfort that they offer mean more involvement in tying up and untying these units.
  • Cuff and closure. This feature is as good for functionality as it is for aesthetics. Some boots will be designed with a drawstring on the boot collar to keep off the snow. Others have Velcro closure midfoot to ensure a snug fit.
  • Ease of use. Can you operate your boots with ease with your gloves on? Because gloves are essential, it’s important that you consider how well you will tie and unite them among other things with your gloves on.
  • Height. It’s not just your feet that need covering, your legs too. While you will have protective pants on, snowmobile boots come as extra protection not only from the biting cold but also from harm.
  • Flexibility. A rubber outsole makes boots more flexible and enhances traction. Again, they need to remain flexible at varying temperatures.


Best Snowmobile Boots (Men’s & Women’s) 2024


1. Kamik Men’s Greenbay 4 Cold-Weather Boot

Kamik’s Men’s Greenbay 4 cold-weather boot is a real game-changer thanks to its ability to withstand the harshest winter condition so there’s no holding in even in extremes of -40 °F. The lightweight 600D nylon material used in its construction complements its insulation with its super waterproofing properties. On the inside, however, is a removable 8mm felt lining with great moisture-absorbent properties to keep your feet dry and breathing while still enhancing the 4 Cold’s flexibility.

The rubber HE outsole comes as a strong yet very flexible option if you are looking for comfort, less rigidity on your feet and great traction on the ground. Another impressive feature is the bungee drawcord on the 12-inch shaft and a drawstring at the top line to tighten the 20-inch boot opening and keep your feet off the snow. Secondly, it comes with a hook-and-loop strap attached midfoot for extra ankle support, especially during long trails.
Finally, this pair is the easy-to-clean, easy-to-maintain type so there is no worrying about their maintenance and durability and that they come in three color options gives you the liberty to make your preferred selection.

If you are in for a holiday treat in the harshest condition, this is definitely a worthwhile choice. Unfortunately, if you are a wide-footed individual you may have to consider other options as it tends to narrow at the arch.


2. Northside Men’s Alberta II Combination Cold Weather Boot

For the user considering simplicity, lightweight, and great waterproofing properties, Men’s Alberta II by Northside is certainly a go-to option. This all-synthetic pair comes with a 200 g Thinsulate removable liner great for keeping your feet warm and maximizing airflow hence they happen to be great breathers.

With a 13-inch shaft and a synthetic waterproof TPR outsole, this pair offers great protection and traction on snow and since its sole measures 1.25 inches, you can rest assured that they will not sink in the snow. Again, they are rated -40 °F so they will hold up quite well at extreme temperatures. They pack out fast meaning you will need little time breaking in. In addition, their flexibility was quite amazing.

Another plus for the Alberta II Combination is that they are lightweight thanks to their synthetic construction and are easy to clean and maintain. They are versatile too thanks to their removable liner. Other important features include toe-guards for extra protection against impact and easy to draw laces.

On the downside, however, you may want to consider taking one size up so you won’t have challenges with sizing. Secondly, the patterned outsoles tend to pick up snow, ice and other particles on the trail which sooner becomes an extra load on your feet.


3. Climate X Men’s Ysc5 Snow Boot

Men’s Ysc5 by Climate X makes a great choice for those looking for all-round sturdy boots for their outdoor winter activities. A striking feature in this pair is the removable Thermolite liner with excellent insulation. That it is removable, adds to its flexibility and easy-clean advantage.

Secondly, its waterproof rubber outsole is a feature worth giving some thought because you’ll not only need great traction on a snowy trail but also prevent water from soaking into your boots. Along with a nylon upper, your feet will keep dry all through your activity. Ycs5 comes with an all-synthetic construction making it lightweight and waterproof.

It also comes with an 11-inch shaft from the arch which is more or less the same as others in its league. Its quick-pull draw lace is a plus especially if you have to operate it with your gloves on. The Velcro closure located midfoot will give your ankles great support on rugged terrain and protect your feet from impact-related injuries.

With six color options, there is definitely something for every man. However, you may want to physically fit the boots before purchase or order ½ a size up to get the right fit.


4. Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boot

The Wolf Snow is one impressive pair with obvious attention to detail in its design and manufacture. This model in the Baffin Drift Series is one of the best men’s snowmobile boots considering that it has been designed for tough trails on thick snow yet with a lightweight at about 4.18 lb (1.9 kg) for both boots.

Quite uniquely, this model comes with a 7-layered removable liner with Thermaplush™ giving it the ability to withstand a temperature rating of -40 °F. It is also integrated with moldable EVA foam midsoles to keep your feet warm and breathing throughout thanks to its open cell system. For insulation, the B-Tek™ 4-channel hollow fiber plays an important role of locking in the air to retain heat. Finally, the Hydromax™ moisture management system consists of the moisture-absorbing polyester material to enhance warmth while still taking care of moisture levels in your boots.

Apart from the convenient midsole technology, this pair is designed with the quality Polar™ Rubber outsole that will yield great traction on the trail and the much-needed arch support allowing you to stay outdoors as long as you wish. It also comes with a 900D upper to protect your feet from harsh weather.

Other features include two buckles at the top and midfoot to give you a precise fit along with a snow collar with a drawstring to lock out snow from getting into your foot. Overall, these boots are outstanding performers and will certainly exceed your expectation on snow.


5. Baffin Men’s Selkirk Snow Boot

Baffin Men’s Selkirk Snow Boot has a rugged funky look that certainly stands out among other boots. They are tall to your knees and quite sturdy with an ergonomic design that takes care of the comfort and safety of your feet on snow and on rugged terrain. It is made of a synthetic outer sole to keep water from being absorbed into the boots, keeping your feet dry and warm throughout your adventure. In addition, the synthetic sole gives you good traction on snowy or slippery terrain so you can trudge along with confidence.

The inner sole is impressively engineered with an 8-layered material including the Thermaplush fiber with remarkable moisture-wicking properties and comfortable Polymech foam to keep your feet dry and is molded together with the base of the boots. The uppers are all insulated with waterproof nylon to offer you a quality, comfortable, and long-lasting pair.

These Snow Boots are designed with high adjustability with features like the adjustable ankle strap outfitted with a hook and loop closure to give your legs a great comfortable fit as well as a drawstring opening and an adjustable calf strap. With a shaft that measures 13 inches from the arch, a 1.25-inch platform, and a 1.25-inch heel you are set to maneuver your way through the snow-capped mountain without having your toes squeezed.


6. Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot

Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boots are simply stylish. Their upper is designed with premium textured 1000D waterproof nylon fabric coupled with an embroidered logo at the sides making it quite appealing to the eye. This knee-high pair has been designed to enable you to venture into deep snow with confidence. They are also pretty durable thanks to their well-reinforced rubber soles which come with both flexibility and traction advantages.

Canuck cold weather boots come with a removable 8 mm Zylex liner designed innovatively with the ability to adjust the warmth and ultimately the comfort of your boots to your preference. The waterproof outer sole featuring a rubber shell at the foot keeps you warm and dry by eliminating dampness.

It also features a drawstring at its collar, D-string laces with toggle closer at the ankle allowing you to adjust them accordingly to fit your feet.


7. Klim Adrenaline GTX Men’s Snocross Snowmobile Boot

Designed for high-adrenaline riding, the GTX Men’s Snocross boots are designed to offer maximum comfort, maximum protection, and maximum traction giving the user the best in quality. This pair is outfitted with the premium Gore-Tex breathable membrane and the revolutionary 3M Thinsulate insulation and there is no way water and the biting cold will reach your feet regardless of how extreme the weather might be. Secondly, a Polyurethane midsole cushions your feet comfortably in addition to offering a great fit all the while without any instances of packing out. The removable liner with great moisture-wicking properties is functional for keeping your feet dry while the premium rubber outsole is agreeably tough and durable with impressive grip properties.

An ankle cut-out integrated into these Snocross boots design is a plus if you are keen on enhancing your forward flex and the Eva cushioned incorporated at the top and tips of your toes does quite well in protecting them. While these boots lack a drawstring at the collar, the elongated tongue under the shoelace and the thick warm interior takes care of this. The lacing system features anchored lace loops with quality non-slip laces that have excellent moisture resistance properties to allow you to adjust them fast and easy for a custom fit.


8. FXR X Cross Lace Women’s Boot

Here is a classic snowmobile pair for the ladies and frankly it is one of those FRX snowmobile boots that cuts across thanks to its outstanding features and obviously, a charming design. With a stiffness rated 5, it comes in as a flexible option for the ladies; not too rigid and not too soft.

At a glance, you can tell that the manufacturer paid great attention to detail as far as warmth is concerned. A BTO thermostatic removable insole together with rubber inserts in areas prone to abrasion are amazing comfort features. Secondly, its fur lining albeit fixed is an additional comfort feature although you will have to be a little patient during cleaning and give it ample time to dry completely. The upper of this boot is designed with 600G synthetic insulation giving it the ability to withstand a temperature rating of -40° F.

It also features FXR’s very own outsole with great traction on the trail and quite uniquely a toe kick to help you clear off snow and ice in a breeze. For a snug fit, this pair comes with the secure lace closure that pulls up fast and easy in a web-like pattern along with an ankle closure system for support and protection.

If you are looking for chic and comfortable boots with great functionality, the X Cross Lace Boots by FXR makes a good option.


9. Baffin Women’s Snogoose Winter Boot

The multi-layered insole is one of the most outstanding features in Baffin Snowmobile Boot models and the Snogoose Winter boot for women is certainly no exception. The insole, like the Men’s Wolf, details a 7-layered removable liner consisting of the moldable Eva Foam for insulation, Thermaplush™ for warmth and moisture management and an aluminum membrane that reflects heat back into the boots. On the outside is a rubber outsole strong enough to keep you going for a while on thick snow at extreme temperatures without snow and ice clogs.

The boot is generally lightweight at only 2 lbs and has been designed in such a way that it fits your feet snugly to maximize comfort and warmth. Along with arch support, long trails on thick snow will be nothing to worry about.

Its rip-stop nylon upper is not only tough and durable but also a water repellent and a great insulator with a -40 °F rating. With a 12.5-inch long shaft and a 14-inch snow collar with a drawstring, it comes as slightly larger than its counterparts.

These boots are great; lovable and definitely tough and warm.


10. Baffin Women’s Iceland Snow Boot

like its counterparts in the Drift Series, the Iceland Women’s Snow Boots by Baffin is another revolutionary pair that employs the same molding technology in its removable insole to maximize warmth, insulation, feet protection and breathability. It is rated -40 °F to yield great performance in the harshest of snow and winter weather conditions.

The multi-layered removable midsole consists of Thermoplush lining, an open-cell Polymech foam for breathability and cushioning, an aluminum membrane to reflect body heat back into the feet, 4-channeled B-Tek hollow fiber to provide insulation and thermal resistance, moisture-wicking Hydromax II lining, along with an integrated arch support on the inside to protect your feet on long trails.

The hybrid 900D nylon and leather upper is perhaps an outstanding feature of the Iceland boots enhancing its strength and durability. This high strength nylon also comes with exceptional water and stain-proof properties.

Recycled rubber has proven to be the best waterproof and traction material in snowmobile boots and here too it has been used to enhance performance. An interesting addition is the reflective piping to take care of those low light moments.

Overall, at 13 inches shaft height and 1.3lbs weight per boot, these boots are lightweight and also easy to operate thanks to the single-pull lacing technology. However, consider getting a size up for a perfect fit. Finally, the faux-fur snow collar will grasp your attention and certainly offer you excellent protection.


11. Baffin Women’s Chloe Insulated Boot

Somewhat different from the others in the Drift Series by Baffin is Chloe’s Women’s Boot construction. While most others come with a synthetic upper, this high-end boot comes with premium leather upper. However, the multi-layered midsole is more or less the same as the Iceland and Snogoose snow boots both by Baffin and this is obviously the mark of quality that sets apart Baffin thoughtfully designed boots from the rest.

This pair also comes with Faux-fur snow collar on the 13-inch boot opening, 10-inch shaft, and a drawstring snow collar closure. On the unique end, it features a D-string Lacing System, lightweight rubber outsole to provide excellent traction.

Taking style a notch higher, it features an eye-catching Baffin logo on its tongue not to mention that it stands out for its ability to be worn together with thick stockings. Let’s just say that apart from sizing issues, which isn’t really a deal-breaker, Baffin apparently has some of the best women’s snowmobile boots in its Drift Series.



Boots are not just boots when it comes to aggressive winter sports. regular boots may be just okay if you are a once-in-a-while rider. But the avid rider will have to take a step further to look beyond regular boots. They need a balance between a good fit, comfort, traction, excellent protection from harsh weather elements and from impact, as well as uncompromised mobility. They want a dedicated pair that will hold up in the rough backcountry terrain and not succumb to wear and tear too soon. Check out the temperature, waterproof, and water resistance ratings in the boots you intend to buy, and most importantly be there to physically try them out.

The brand certainly speaks volumes. While we have done more of Baffin Drift Series boots which we felt were among the best rated in most snowmobile boots reviews, others like Klim, Polaris, FXR, HMK, and Castle also have quality features worth your consideration.

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