6 Best Snowboard Boots 2019

Best Snowboard Boots

Snowboarding is an interesting yet challenging activity to undertake. However, it will only be challenging as you start after you have got the hang of you will find that it is a fulfilling venture to engage in. Two main factors come into play at the first thought of snowboarding: good training and the right snowboard equipment and gear. Among other things, you certainly need the best snowboard boots to keep you safe and comfortable as well as help you craft your style and this should be your first consideration before you decide to buy other gear.

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DC Phase Men’s Snowboard Boots 4.7
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Burton Ruler Men’s Snowboard Boots 4.6
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Burton Moto Men’s Snowboard Boots 4.5
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DC Scout Men’s Snowboard Boots 4.8
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Thirtytwo STW BOA Boots 4.5
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DC Karma Women’s Snowboard Boots 4.4

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Here are some things you will need to consider when selecting befitting boots for snowboarding:

Riding Style

The free-rider is inclined to deep snow and rugged backcountry rides, therefore, the stiffer rated snowboard boots make a great option for them. Light weight boots will go well with the freestyle rider accustomed to park-riding. The all-mountain rider who needs to change terrain every other will well be suited with medium-soft or medium-stiff flexed boots.


Lacing System

There are three main types:

  • BOA lacing,
  • Speed lacing,
  • Traditional lacing.

Mostly, different models and brands will go for a specific lacing system, therefore based on your preference you need to select what works best for you. Best snowboard boots brands use all three of them.



As far as comfort is concerned, the lining is an important aspect. Liners offer absorption from impact and insulation. The most common liner used is the EVA memory foam perhaps with different top liners. Liners need to be moldable for a custom fit.



Features that determine a good fit include the boot size and heel hold. Too high a heel lift causes strain and sore heels while too tight boots will cause cramping of the feet and injured toes.


Flex rating

Your riding style will inform the boot flex that you will select. However, most beginners and intermediates will opt for a soft-medium flex while the free and all-mountain riders will go for medium-stiff flex.


Best Snowboard Boots

Each snowboard boots review is thoroughly prepared for your use. Find out what we say here and what actual buyers say on Amazon.


1. DC Phase Men’s Snowboard Boots

The latest upgrade for the DC Men’s Phase snowboarding boots certainly brings along some significant added value. The older version stood out for its innovative balance between flexibility and firmness although a few users found it not to be as rigid as they would have expected but overly comfortable on the feet.

Another reason starters will love it, is its impressive UniLite outsole that is light, low profile and rubbery making it very comfortable and optimally protective.

An important advantage for the snug fitting boots is that they actually support your feet and in the process keep them from spraining or cramping while snowboarding. The DC Men’s Phase boots come with removable insoles making it easy for them to dry well and faster when cleaned. Its lining is made of a layer of EVA memory foam and another layer of fleece with good heat regulation properties which is a great contributor to its good fit as well as comfort.

It’s traditional lacing design which allows for a quick and hassle-free lacing and unlacing process. Apart from this, it overlays quite well on the upper part of the boot to close up the shell well and offer an easy adjustment to fit different feet.

Overall this is a lightweight, well fitting and quite flexible boots if you are looking for an easy and comfortable snowboarding experience. Also in line with the weight, the DC Men’s Phase Snowboard Boots represents one of the few brands with an equal distribution of its weight. On the other hand, if rigidity matters to you more than flexibility, this might not be the right choice for you.


2. Burton Ruler Men’s Snowboard Boots

Burton Ruler comes with four colorways including black/multi, militant, denim, and black all impressively designed for the aesthetics. On top of its appealing design, this model comes with remarkable comfort and performance features ideal for just any kind of terrain and this certainly places it ahead of the pack.

Depending on the color option you will opt for, the black and militant Burton Rulers boast of a DynoGrip outsole with rubber toe and hill reinforcements for utmost protection and comfort. In general, the Ruler makes use of two types of cushioning. The sleeping bag reflective foil known for its light evenly distributed weight and its ability to reflect heat into the feet for a warm and dry feeling. Secondly, the B3 gel on its heel is intended to minimize vibration and cushion your feet from the risk of impact.

The liner is Burton’s own Imprint™ 2 Liner mouldable with heat generated by the little hot pockets and carefully made of power panels, hot pockets, and a Velcro liner closure. For insulation, 3M™ Thinsulate™ made of warm synthetic materials has been used. On other boot liners, you will find man fur which is equally soft, warm and comfortable to the feet.

With a Speed Zone™ Lacing System for quick and simple lacing, you will most certainly enjoy lacing and unlacing the tough natural fiber laces. Again, you are more in control of customizing the upper and lower boot zones by loosening or tightening the lace as you wish.

On the con, even with the Shrinkage™ Footprint Reduction Technology intended to be one of the Ruler’s major selling point, some users still found that they had to go for a size higher for utmost comfort.

On the whole, if you are looking for something sturdier than flex for an occasional 5-30 days snowboarding then you are definitely onto something with the 104391. This pair of boots cuts across. Both beginners and veterans will only be glad about an experience of a kind. In fact, beginners attest to being confident of trying out more challenging terrains.


3. Burton Moto Men’s Snowboard Boots

The Moto Snowboard Men’s boots by Burton are designed with rigidity and a feeling of safeness in mind to complement the expert’s snow gear yet still also has the flex that will appeal to the beginner who intends to try out the rugged terrain.

The Moto Snowboard Boot is designed with an Imprint™ 1 inner Liner that comes attached with its lacing along with an inner lace lock. Also to offer great comfort is the EVA heat-moldable footbed which has the advantage of being molded using heat to custom fit your feet. Thanks to their lightweight you will not feel any effect associated with weighty boots nor wait for your feet to get accustomed to the boots. With a simple pull, the lace from the top and you are good to go.

Speaking of lacing, the Moto Snowboard Boots uses the Speed ZoneTM Lacing system known for its strength. It also puts you more in charge by letting you be in control of customizing and balancing the upper and lower zone of the boots conveniently within a short while. Perhaps a con with the lacing system is that some feel it would have been better on the outside than in the inner liner otherwise the lacing is tough enough to last you as long as the boots will last.

On the exterior, the Dynolite Outsole features absolute cushioning thanks to it lightweight and impact absorbent material. The Sleeping Bag Reflective Foil incorporated in it is designed to reflect heat back into your feet to offer more warmth.

Overall, we thought these boots were an upgrade from Burton Moto for the beginners who intend to plunge into the rough mountain terrains. They also make a good choice for the big-footed individuals looking for a snug comfortable fit or those looking for a good balance on rigidity and flex on their feet.


4. DC Scout Men’s Snowboard Boots

At a glance, the Scout Snowboard Boot by DC looks classically designed for the all-mountain and park cruiser intending to spend significant time snowboarding.

Perhaps the most outstanding feature in the Scouts is its BOA H3 lacing system with a coiler on the upper zone of the boot. Simply twist the coiler to tighten or loosen your boots.

Some comfort features to look out for include its red inner liner made of several layers of soft EVA memory foam along with a heat regulating fleece lining on its top to deliver utmost warmth and comfort. To offer the firm support you need while indulging, the foam comes completely moldable in order to customize it to your feet.

On the outside is a Unilite sole that is light enough for any snowboarder on the rugged terrains of most snow mountains. Their overall weight is just 2.2 lbs (1 kg) thanks to the light outsole. These boots are rated 6 in terms of flex which places them right at a central balance of flexibility and rigidity.

Perhaps the only con and this will depend on specific user opinion is the size factor which seems to be an issue in most boots forcing people to purchase a size higher and the BOA lacing system that doesn’t seem to work quite well for all. There have been a few claims of it becoming loose after a while.
We thought that these boots make a worthwhile investment for the entry level all-mountain snowboarder owing to its comfort features and its convenient lacing system. It has also managed to strike a good balance between flexibility and rigidity for those keen on a firm grip on their feet.


5. Thirtytwo STW BOA Boots

For the STW BOA boots by Thirtytwo, comfort just happens to be the overriding factor and this happens to be a very important factor to consider for any serious snowboarder. At the outset, we felt that these boots were designed with the freestyle rider in mind.

With a medium-soft flex known for excellent response downhill, the all-mountain rider too will certainly benefit from the STW. The foreseeable challenge with this flex is that it tends to leave the upper zone a bit loose but Thirtytwo countered this quite thoughtfully by using a double BOA lacing system that allows for quick convenient tightening when the need arises. In addition, the 3D molded tongue comes in to complement the lacing system for optimal flex and comfort.

The heat moldable liner does not only offer your feet a comfortable custom fit, but it also helps to eliminate probable pressure points thanks to its integrated ankle-wrap and neoprene toe cap which is a cause for great discomfort and sometimes injuries to the toes and ankles.

For shock absorption, STW makes use of EVA single density overlaid foam with a Sherpa top liner to deliver an optimally warm, comfortable and supporting footbed. The lightweight STI Evolution Foam Outsole completes STW’s equation of comfort and performance.

On the negative, you may have to go for a size higher for a more comfortable fit although we thought this shouldn’t be a major issue. Secondly, these are men only boots so ladies might have to try their luck elsewhere.

Overall, there is no harm at all settling for the Thirtytwo STW particularly due to the fact that it takes care of pressure points and also because it is made to last.


6. DC Karma Women’s Snowboard Boots

DC Karma 15 boots come with a traditional lacing system for easy lacing and unlacing. In addition, it features a mid-range flexibility rated 5 to offer a good balance for the all-mountain and park riders.

Its Red liner designed with multiple layers of EVA memory foam topped with fleece lining with an ability to regulate heat makes its footbed comfortable and warm on the feet. Together with a snow basic insole, you will have all the protection there can be from frost bites and dampness.

On its exterior is a Unilite Outsole to offer better support and reduce the overall weight of the boots because this sole is generally lightweight and durable and also offers excellent cushioning.

On the con, the lacing system may not be easy to operate with gloves on but tying them tight enough before your expedition you will not have a difficult time with the lacing.

Overall, these are an ideal pair of boots for all-mountain riding yet they can still fit the park rider. They are one of the few models that cut across beginners, intermediates and the advanced snowboarders.



Snowboard boots are the most personal and more often, the first investment a snowboarder will make before selecting a snowboard or bindings. Ultimately, your boots will be the determining factor of how well or how bad your day turns out. This is why it is important to get a pair of boots that will fit you well and comfortably. Secondly, knowing your riding style and ability will also help you get the best boots for your needs. For instance, a beginner will most probably go for a soft flexed pair with comfortable more forgiving sinners to accommodate your learning curve. Stiff boots, on the other hand, will offer maximum support to the advanced rider.

Selecting the best snowboard boots for your needs can be a long process. It is okay for you to take your time, get as much advice as you can from professionals and get overly picky if this is what it will take to land the right boots. With the right boots, it’s hard to go wrong selecting a pair of bindings to go with it.

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