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The Top 10 Snowboard Movies of All Time

10 Snowboard Movies

Since the release of The Apocalypse Snow, the snowboarding film industry has advanced to feature some of the best productions the world has ever witnessed, and it doesn’t end there. So whether you are out in the snow or curled up on the couch to enjoy your favorite movie, at least you know that anytime can be snowboarding time.

These movies cover literally all matters snowboarding, from its history, the legends, the sporting action, the stunning snowboarding trails, the highs and down-moments, and even the emotional rollercoaster that sometimes engross both the viewer and the cast alike. They give you a peek into the life of top snowboarders, to help you understand that fame doesn’t just happen.

If you have managed to sit down through several snowboarding films, you’d bet that you are ready to hit the powder. In essence, this is what they are intended for. Inspire you and help you learn the tips and tricks of snowboarding. Let’s just say that movies are an important part of snowboarding’s past, present, and future. Today’s movies feature top-quality production with sophisticated equipment and great content.


The Top 10 Snowboard Movies of All Time

This post lists 10 of the most interesting films every border should watch not just once, but over and over again. They seem to get more interesting the more you watch them. More importantly, they cover the lives of the world’s professional snowboarders off and on the trails. It is possible to identify someone to look up to and be inspired.


10. Apocalypse Snow

This is where it all begins. If, as an avid snowboarder, you haven’t watched this movie, you need to revisit your classics. Apocalypse Snow must have been the very first film shot around snowboarding. It is thought to have given way to snowboarding on the stunning shores of Europe. It features the old-school tricks, jumps, play, and backcountry maneuvers. Watching this film is a good way of appreciating how far snowboarding has come.

In this movie, Regis is pursued by a group of monstrous monoskiers who are after his tip-top skiing skills.  

  • Release: 1983
  • Produced by:  Alain Gamard
  • Filming Location: Les Arcs, France  
  • Cast: Regis Rolland


9. Deeper

This film, a part of a trilogy together with Further and Higher films, is a record of the thrilling adventures of backcountry snowboarding by the renowned snowboarder, Jeremy Jones. Jones and fellow snowboarders venture into the most spine-chilling untouched backcountry terrains for days and nights in sub-zero temperatures, facing storms and grim but valid challenges, yet with unwavering resolve. If you are looking for some inspiration right before hitting the snow, this film will give you the real feel of the intriguing adventures of snowboarding. This film also brings split boarding into the scene.

  • Release: 2010
  • Produced by: Teton Gravity Research
  • Filming Location: United States
  • Cast: Jeremy Jones


8. The Blizzard of AAHHH’S

This is yet another very interesting film pulled out from the classics. The 1 h 15 min documentary gives you a true definition of intense skiing back in the 80s. It is, in fact, the film that saw to the introduction of Big Mountain Skiing and is packed with skiing action on some of the most thrilling skiing trails of the world by Glen Plake, Scot Schmidt, and Mike Hattrup. Today, these three skiers are heroes to both pro and budding skiers alike.

  • Release: 1988
  • Directed by: Greg Stump
  • Filming Location: France, United States
  • Cast: Glen Plake, Scot Schmidt, Mike Hattrup,


7. Boom

Nitro, in its fourth production, rounds up the best of talent, brings pros boarders together, takes them out on a snowboarding getaway and Boom! An absolutely thrilling movie is born. Apparently, this movie would live on as a hit for years to come. Boom is one of those videos you wouldn’t dare miss to watch if you want a peek into a range of top talent. It features seasoned borders like Austin Smith, Silje Norendahi, Ludvig Biltoft, Sven Thorgren, Torgeir Bergrem, Knut Eliassen, and others who are not just hanging out but also having fun together, doing what they know how to do best. It certainly takes such passion to enjoy snowboarding just anywhere.  

  • Release: 2016
  • Produced by: Nitro Snowboards in collaboration with Red Bull
  • Filming Location: Mostly Australia
  • Cast: Elias Elhardt, Marcus Kleveland, Eero Ettala, Victor De Le Rue


6. That’s it, That’s all

That’s it, That’s all came right before the movie ‘The Art of Flight’ was released. Packed with fascinating snowboarding action, this movie features Travis Jones and his pro-team members as they venture into the untouched and chancy snowboarding terrain of Alaska, with its waist-deep powder. Somehow though, this is what makes this venture interesting. Apparently, this documentary took some two years of production in high definition.

  • Release: 2008
  • Produced by: Red Bull
  • Filming Location: Filmed across the USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and Germany
  • Cast: Travis Rice, Terje Håkonsen, Jake Blauvelt, Bryan Iguchi, Jeremy Jones, John Jackson, Nicholas Muller, and 5 others.


5. Full moon

From a woman’s perspective, it has taken two years of filming for Leanne Pelosi and her crew to show the world that women too can enjoy and inspire others in this high-adrenaline winter sport. Quite uniquely, it brings us to appreciate the history of women in snowboarding way through the present to what the future could be. It features top women snowboarders Hana Beaman, Marie-France Roy, Jamie Anderson and others cruising rough backcountry terrains across the world. In this film, they also pay homage to the legends who inspired them. It’s all about inspiring and being inspired so as to preserve this legacy for posterity.

  • Release: 2016
  • Produced by: Runway Films
  • Filming Location: Different locations across the world
  • Cast: Leanne Pelosi, Hana Beaman, Jamie Anderson, Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy, Helen Schettini, and Robin Van Gyn


4. Let it Ride; The Craig Kelly Story

Snowboarding is not always about stardom and accolades. This 1 h 30 min biopic dissects the life and style of Craig Kelly, one of the most historically significant snowboarding legend. In the 80s, Craig surprised the world by leaving everything, the contracts, the titles, the money, and the popularity to follow his true passion; freeriding which he pioneered faithfully until he met his death in an avalanche in 2003. His death was an unfortunate risk that happened which every other snowboarder would be exposed to in the backcountry terrain. This is what makes this film so captivating you could watch it over and over and still feel like you’ve never watched it before.

  • Release: 2006
  • Produced by: Marc S. Greiner
  • Filming Location: Germany
  • Cast:  Craig Kelly, Terje Haakonsen, Jake Burton, Keith Wallace, James Hetfield, and others


3. The Fourth Phase

Travis Rice at it again, this time on a 16,000-mile journey with friends to venture into the unexplored remote trail of the north pacific touching the highs of Japan’s Alps and Germany.

  • Release: 2016
  • Produced by: Red Bull
  • Filming Location: United States
  • Cast: Travis Rice


2. The Crash Reel

This film chronicles the life of snowboarding pro, Kevin Pearce. It is so reeled with emotions, action, and rivalry yet sending out a clear message that this extreme sport is also about down moments and bouncing-back moments with true determination and undying passion for those who are ready to pay the price. While on a mission to beat Shaun White, a renowned champion, the last thing on Kevin’s mind is a fatal brain injury that would put him down for a long while. With his family and friends by his side and through rehab, Kevin rises up against all odds to a rather unexpected comeback.

  • Release: 2013
  • Produced by: Phase 4 Films
  • Filming location: USA
  • Cast: Kevin Pearce, Scotty Lago, Danny Davis, Shaun White, and others.


1. The Art of Flight

There is no denying about Travis Rice passion for powder and film. This is the film that came right after ‘That’s it, That’s all’ was produced. It is full of life, full of twists, action, challenges, and even mishaps but eventually, all ends well. But there’s something about this film that keeps you hooked. It brings to the scene a bold new snowboarding dimension. If you are still on to the classics of snowboarding, it’s time to watch this documentary to keep a tab with the new tricks, newly discovered trails, and the new ways of surmounting the risks associated with the sport. You’ll definitely love the scenic backdrop of the snowy mountains.

  • Release: 2011
  • Produced by: Red Bull
  • Filming location: Canada, Alaska, USA, Chile
  • Cast: Travis Rice, Jeremy Jones, Mark Landvik, Mark McMorris, Pat Moore, and other top snowboarders.



Snowboard movies stretch our horizon to see beyond the little snowboarding world that we know. They take us far and wide, open us up to a world we have never experienced and skills we are yet to learn. They are an incredible source of knowledge and inspiration to snowboarders and for serious ones, they help scale their skills to greater heights. They are important because more than just entertaining you, they bring to life the desire and potential in you. In essence, they equip borders with all they need to to take their skill to the next level while also shaping the entire fabric of snowboarding across the globe.

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