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7 Best Ski and Snowboard Wall Rack Mounts 2024

Best Ski and Snowboard Wall Rack Mounts

With owning a ski, skate, or snowboards, comes the need to store them well when not in use and offseason, so that they will still be in good shape when you will be using them next. Storing a single snowboard shouldn’t be a fuss. But what if you have several boards for different winter sports, you may find it challenging to store them well considering how much space each of them will require. This is where a snowboard storage rack comes in.

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StoreYourBoard Snowboard Multi-Wall Storage Rack 4.0
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StoreYourBoard Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack 4.0
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Rough Rack 4-8 Ski & Snowboard Rack 4.5
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Pro Board Racks Snowboard Ski Hanging Wall Rack (Holds 5 Boards) 4.7
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Pro Board Racks Snowboard Wall Rack Mount (Holds 4 Boards) 4.5
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Pro Board Racks Snowboard Wall Rack Mount (Holds 5 Boards) 4.4
T-Rax Snowboard Wall Rack 4.9

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This rack serves two main purposes

  • Storing your board neatly and safely so they do not get damaged
  • Giving you a view of your boards, of course, something to show off


What should you consider when selecting a wall mount?



Can be mounted well on just any wall surface. Versatile wall rack mounts are also expandable while some come with arms that can be adjusted within the support without necessarily uninstalling it from the wall.


Extra accessories storage

Some will have hooks for hanging accessories like your helmet, gloves, goggles and other items.



They need to be durable so that they keep you going for years before you can replace them. Wall brackets can be made of tough plastic or wood. The heavy duty ones are usually made of powder coated steel. They need to be padded with foam so that your boards are protected from scratches and dents.


How many boards can it hold?

While some racks can hold one or two boards, others will hold up to 5 or six boards.


Weight and carrying capacity

Lightweight racks are obviously the best because you may need them on your winter expedition. Still, don’t expect the lightest racks to bear the heaviest boards. Some heavy duty wall racks like the Snowboard ski hanging wall rack has a carrying capacity of up to 120 lb and so will not exactly be very light.


Non-corrosion property

Since there will always be a residue of snow, water, or ice after hitting the trails, it is good to get a rack that is non-corrosive. Most racks have a layer of coating to protect their surfaces. The plastic ones are generally not affected by water or dampness.


Best Ski and Snowboard Wall Rack Mounts 2024

In our review today, we have selected for you 7 top ski and snowboard wall rack mounts to guide you on the best options there are out there. They are durable, built to quality, are readily accessible, have some good ratings pegged on them, and are definitely worth your bucks.


1. StoreYourBoard Snowboard Multi-Wall Storage Rack

Offering you customized storage for not just your snowboards but also bindings, StoreYourBoard multi-wall storage rack lets you store your boards safely while also saving up your floor space for other stuff. It features a 14-inch total height with eight angled independent snowboard attachments each measuring 14.6-inch in height. Each attachment angles out at 30° and the edges are lined with rubber so your boards will neither scratch nor slip and fall off the attachments. 

The arm heights are adjustable allowing you to customize the space in between the rack arms as you desire to store your boards or sets of skis and poles. Also, they are slotted so that as you store your boards you will be able to lock them firmly on each arm. 

This rack is made of heavy-duty steel thus is strong and reliable enough to hold up to 8 boards and skis. Installing it is pretty easy. Once you have marked your measurements on the wall, screw each rack on your wall and insert the attachments and you’ll be good to go.


2. StoreYourBoard Ski and Snowboard Storage Rack

This is another functional snowboard rack by StoreYourBoard that has been designed to hold both skis and different types of boards like snowboards, skateboards, longboards, and others. With three storage levels, this rack lets you store your skis and snowboards with their bindings. However, it will allow you to fit more boards and skis if you store them without the bindings on.  

The Trifecta ski & snowboard wall rack is designed to be lightweight but tough thanks to the molded ABS plastic construction. Its 6.5-inch deep shelves are angled with 5.5 inches height between the levels allowing your boards to be held securely on the shelves without the risk of sliding off. Its package includes screws and drywall anchors along with detailed mounting instructions for quick installation.  


3. Rough Rack 4-8 Ski & Snowboard Rack

This ski rack by Rough Rack is designed to store your skis vertically. A great investment for a dealer or a group of enthusiasts with a number of skis to store, it is designed to store up to 8 pairs of skis along with their poles or 8 snowboards, which makes it quite a heavy duty piece. It measures 34 inches in length with arms dangling off the wall at 45° to leave plenty of space to store skis and boards of different shapes and sizes. It comes with pre-drilled mounting holes, installation hardware, along with instructions to make it easy to install. This rack is made of durable welded powder-coated steel and can bear up to 100 lb of weight. This makes it a good option for both home and commercial use.


4. Pro Board Racks Snowboard Ski Hanging Wall Rack (Holds 5 Boards)

This ski and snowboard wall hanging rack, with a 5-board capacity, offers a complete storage solution for your boards, bindings, along with other accessories like helmets and gloves. It is constructed with tough Baltic Birch plywood and is strong enough to support up to 120 lb of weight. It flaunts a unique installation system that allows you to mount the rack with each of the attachments hooked to cross support. This makes the attachment levels adjustable by simply sliding the arms independently to accommodate different board sizes which are one of its hallmarks since you do not have to unscrew and screw the arms to adjust their heights across a total height of 46 inches.

The Baltic Birch snowboard rack comes with nine arms and has been designed to store your snowboards with or without their bindings thus you can store different types of boards such as skis, longboards, and skateboards however you like it. This rack is attached with two hooks at the bottom for hanging your accessories. Overall, it is both functional and appealing for those who are keen on the outlook.


5. Pro Board Racks Snowboard Wall Rack Mount (Holds 4 Boards)

This wall rack mount by Pro Board Racks is quite a strong unit made of solid ¾-inch pine wood and padded with thick foam to protect your boards from damage. It is rated 100 lb and can hold up to four boards. The Snowboard Wall Rack features 15° angled arms measuring 11 inches and has been designed with a smooth routed edge finish to give it that stunning outlook. It measures 36 inches top to bottom. With 4 pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware included in its package, you should be able to mount it in a snap. The bottom arms also double up as hooks for hanging your gloves, helmet, and other accessories.


6. Pro Board Racks Snowboard Wall Rack Mount (Holds 5 Boards)

Here is another snowboard wall mount by Pro Board Racks but this one comes with a higher capacity and can hold up to 5 boards with the same 100 lb rating. It is made of southwest redwood to give it an excellent water resistance ability. It also has a longer top to bottom support measuring 48 inches with each rack set weighing 6 lb. Just like other wall rack mounts in this Pro Board Racks line of products, this one also features a smooth routed edge finish and an overall natural wood finish. Its slots are designed to fit a wide variety of boards including snowboards, skateboards, longboards with or without their bindings. It comes with 4 pre-drilled holes and hardware for fast and easy mounting.


7. T-Rax Snowboard Wall Rack

This 6061 T6 military grade aluminum snowboard wall rack has been built to last and definitely has a stunning appearance. It is rust free, does not splinter and comes with a UV rated foam padding to protect your board. You can choose between the 15° angled or straight 90° support bars all measuring 12 inches long with an ideal 8-inch vertical spacing between two rods during installation. The entire top to bottom wall plate measures 40 inches. This rack can hold up to 6 boards horizontally. It comes pre-drilled with 6 screw holes along with instructions and heavy duty hardware for a strong sturdy installation.



A ski and snowboard wall rack is a good way to keep your boards neatly organized whether for the long term or short term. You boards need good care because they are a long-term investment and good storage and maintenance will keep them intact for a longer time. Of course, there is a wide variety of racks to choose from but knowing the features that you want in a rack will help you make the right selection. Some racks are designed to hold a range of boards with or without bindings which makes them quite versatile. Check that the rack you have selected will fit into the space you intend to mount it in because these racks are not just functional for storage but also for display purposes. They need to give your space that appealing look. You also need a rack that is easy to mount as this process can sometimes either be really challenging or it will demand tools that you may not have. All in all, the best rack is the one that will suit your needs.

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