4 Best Ski Racing Arm Guards (Adult & Junior) 2024

Best Ski Forearm Guards

There are different types of skiing that you can participate in including alpine skiing, nordic skiing and telemark skiing. The climax of skiing comes when you compete in an event, giving you an opportunity to show off your skills to your friends, family members, and fellow skiers.

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However, when skiing, various parts of your body get exposed to risks including the forearms. As such, prevention of injury is a priority when engaging in skiing. Most incidences usually happen due to ski gate impacts. If you do not protect yourself and get injured you will be forced to take a break for an extended period of time to recover from the injuries due to impact.

To protect your arms or other parts of the body, you need to invest in ski racing gear. To prevent forearm injuries, ski racing arm guards are designed to protect the forearm. Although ski racing arm guards may not seem like a big deal, they are very functional and safety gear recommended to all skiers.


Benefits of using ski racing arm guards

Prevent the skier from ski gate impacts

A ski racing arm guard is personal protective equipment (PPE), worn to protect a skier from potential injuries while skiing. The main function of a ski racing arm guard is to prevent injuries that are common due to ski gate impacts. It is constructed from plastic and therefore it is sturdy.

Protecting your arm from ski gate impact injuries, ski racing arm guards will keep you safe. And safety means that your sporting activities will not be interrupted.

Are functional and yet comfortable

Ski racing arm guards will not get in the way of your skiing activity. Manufacturers are working round the clock to produce innovative arm guards that are functional and also comfortable to wear when skiing and light in weight. Most are padded to give comfort to the skier while protecting their forearms from injuries.

Keep you in control of your skiing

As much as possible, you should be able to plan your sporting activities and bring your plans to completion. Unfortunately, ski gate impacts are a skiing distraction. To keep you in control, you can protect your forearms using ski racing arm guards. It means that you will not lose control when skiing. You will hold onto your skiing equipment and keep going.

Peace of mind

Protective gear is like health insurance or better because it protects you from getting injured. Whether you are sporting or not, injuries come with a lot of hassles. By using protective gear, you can engage in your sport with peace of mind knowing that your chances of getting injured are reduced or nil. On the other hand, skiing without ski racing arm guards is risky since you can suffer injuries that can necessitate hospitalization. If you are involved in competitive skiing, injuries will make you lose out on future sporting events until you get healed.


Buying guide

Ski racing arm guards are usually worn under race gloves. Here are various factors you can consider when looking at the best ski racing arm guards.


Consider the padding of the arm guards. It should be quite comfortable since you will be wearing it for extended periods of time. Although it is constructed using plastic materials for sturdiness, it should not be too heavy. You do not want to carry around excess weight if you can avoid it when you are involved in any sporting activity including skiing.

Adjustability and size

It is good to find an armguard that snugly fits you. Wearing an extra-large gear while sporting can be very inconveniencing. Ski racing arm guard vendors have two categories of ski racing arm guards, for juniors and seniors. The units come with an adjustable fitting mechanism which makes it possible for the ski arm guards to fit small medium and large skiers. They are designed with velcro strips that provide a snug fit.

Easy to wear and remove

A good ski racing arm guard should be convenient to put under your regular skiing gloves. It should be easy to wear and remove.


Ski racing arm guards are manufactured from sturdy plastic materials. Plastic materials are used because they are strong enough to resist impacts which protect the forearms of skiers from collisions that result at ski gates.

When selecting a pair, evaluate the type of plastic material is it constructed from for functionality and durability. You do not want to buy ski racing arm guards during every season of skiing and therefore durability is of the essence. The good thing, most are manufactured from a durable plastic material that doesn’t break easily.


Ski racing arm guards vendors have provided various options to cater for all budgets. There is a slew of options for those on a budget especially beginner skiers. Worth noting, the arm guards are sold as one unit and not as a pair.



Best Ski Racing Arm Guards 2024

It is quite essential to look at the best forearm protectors for skiers and buy a pair that has the features that matter to you. There are various stellar brands in the market and deciding on which one to take can be a bit of an uphill task. To make your work easier, we have shared our review of the best ski arm guards along with their pros and cons below.


1. Zipline Ski Racing Forearm Guard Protector

The Zipline forearm guard made of thermoplastic lined with high-density ZipGrip foam padding delivers high impact-resistance and durability. It comes in anatomical shape to give you great fit and comfort. Further, it can be cut to smaller sizes from the overall  11-inch (28 cm) length to a medium 10 inches (26 cm) or small 9 inches (23 cm) for younger users. It also features a Velcro strap closure on both ends for easy adjustability when wearing to fit. However, it may be a little too narrow in diameter for users with wider forearms than 3 inches (8 cm). 

It features a stunning carbon look and comes in four color options. 


  • Custom length 
  • Anatomical fit
  • Comfortable padding and high impact resistance 
  • Durable thermoplastic material


  • It May be too narrow for users with wider forearms


2. POC Forearm Classic Arm Guards

Manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, this pair of ski racing arm guards protect your forearms from ski gate collisions. The plastic is sturdy, offering the needed protection from ski gate impacts. In addition, it has an Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) padding on the inside which is comfortable on the forearm.

With hook attachments, it is easy and fast to wear or remove the arm guards. And with a weight of only 10.6 ounces, it is light in weight, and therefore you will not carry around excess weight on your arms. Although it comes in only one size, there are velcro straps that make it possible to fit small, medium and large persons. In addition, cutting marks on the unit are provided for easy length adjustments.


  • Easy to wear or remove them
  • Padded for comfort
  • It is sturdy for functionality, constructed from HDPE plastic
  • Adjustable length
  • Light in weight


  • Extra small persons or extra-large persons may struggle with the sizing


3. LEKI Forearm Protector

Featuring a plastic unit, this forearm guard protector is yellow in size. The plastic construction provides the robustness required to overcome ski gate impacts. On the other hand, the inside is designed to be comfortable to the skier, so that the guard won’t get in the way of his skiing activity.

This forearm protector is fitted with velcro straps that make it adjustable and able to fit three individual arm lengths. It is 11 inches long accommodating skiers that are small, medium and large in size. The unit is clearly marked which makes it easy to do size adjustments. However, one size fits all gears usually don’t work for small and extra large persons. More so, weighing about 1 pound, it is a bit heavy and may get in the way of ergonomics.


  • Sturdy for durability
  • Comfortable to wear
  • It is adjustable to fit small, medium and large skiers
  • Clearly marked for easy adjusting


  • Heavy
  • Only one size available


4. POC Forearm Classic Junior Arm Guards

Manufactured from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) plastic, this arm guard is designed for junior skiers. Coming in color white, the unit protects the forearms of junior skiers from ski gate collisions. The exterior plastic is sturdy which provides the protection needed by skiers at ski gates. It is designed with hooks, which make it easy to put it on or remove it. Featuring an EVA padding, it is comfortable on the forearm and can stay for extended periods of time without getting in the way of sport.

The manufacturer has only one adjustable size. The adjustability of the unit makes it possible to give each skier a custom fit. Worth noting, with only one size model, the size may not fit very small persons or extra-large persons. The unit weighs only 10.6 ounces making it light in weight and easy on the skier.


  • Durably constructed
  • Padded for comfort
  • Easy to wear and remove it
  • Light in weight and ergonomic


  • Only one size available



Sporting activities usually put a lot of demand on the body of participants requiring special sporting gear. All skiers are at risk of getting injured from ski gate impacts. The good thing is that a ski racing arm guard is constructed from plastic which is sturdy preventing ski gate impact injuries. Ski racing arm guards are both functional, ergonomically designed and comfortable to wear.

Using ski racing arm guards will protect your forearms from ski gate impacts while keeping you comfortable to do your skiing sport. With a range of options, different preferences and needs are well catered for.

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