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9 Best Skiing & Snowboarding Knee Pads 2024

Of all ski injuries recorded, knee injuries account for up to 30%. However, this statistic is set to reduce significantly thanks to the introduction of releasable bindings. Still, knees need to be protected from impacts as much as is possible. Ski and snowboard knee protection is nowadays necessary especially for beginners who are just venturing into the sport or for the pro who intends to venture into the dangerous rugged ungroomed terrain.

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McDavid Knee Pad with Thick Gel 4.3

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Types of knee pads

There are two main types of snowboard and ski knee protection based on their flex.


Hard (stiff) knee pads

Hard Skiing Knee Pads

These are made of hard plastic. While they may not be popular because they are bulky to the knees, they offer great support. They are ideal for vigorous winter sports like sliding the rail which does not depend much on the flexibility of the knees.


Soft (flexible) knee pads

Soft Skiing Knee Pads

These pads are more flexible and forgiving to the knees. They accommodate more movement and play compared to their counterparts. They can also be worn under other skiing or snowboarding gear making them more appealing to skiers/snowboarders who need their knees more for movement on snow. They are mostly made of pliable materials like neoprene and D30.


When selecting ski and snowboard knee guards, here are some important factors that you need to bear in mind.


The padding material

Padding is the main aspect of a knee pad. Popular padding foam materials include PU, vinyl, nylon, polyethylene, carbon fiber, Gel, neoprene, rubber, plastic, and sometimes a combination. Padding is typically placed between the outer shell and the inner soft breathable lining. Beginners need more padding than experienced individuals since they are more prone to falling.



The cushioning is the outer shell or cap that covers the knee pad. It is typically made of rubber, carbon fiber, D30, gel, neoprene, or hard plastic which along with the padding absorbs impact in order to protect the knees. While plastic is a little rigid, other materials like neoprene are softer and more pliable giving your feet room to move around freely.


Shell lining

On the inside of the shell is a soft fabric lining that needs to be elastic enough to give the wearer a good and comfortable fit.


Shin protection

Additional shin protection on the knee pads is important particularly for those involved in vigorous sporting.


Closure type

There are two main types of closure integrated on a knee pad. The sleeve closure which is not really a form of closure but a pull-over design that like socks you wear on your leg up to the mid-thigh area. Some are elastic, others with tightening straps, and others both. These straps either use click or Velcro closures.


Best Skiing & Snowboarding Knee Pads 2024

Knee pads, apart from offering protection, need to be comfortable, supportive, functional, breathable, less bulky, flexible, and stylish. When compared with each other, not all knee pads are the same. Our review looks at the best snowboard and ski knee pads in line with the listed qualities. Here is what makes them tick.


1. NoCry Professional Knee Pads with Heavy Duty Foam

While these professional-grade knee pads by NoCry are not as low-profile as you would expect, this is a deliberate ergonomic design choice by the manufacturer. These knee pads are designed to offer high-level protection. They feature a flame-retardant 600D polyester mesh fabric construction at the sides along with a durable non-skid PVC shield exterior, heavy-duty Eva foam padding, with soft liquid gel core in between allowing you to work without having to bear the sores that come with kneeling hours on end. Their caps are designed to be flat to keep you steady and comfortable as you move on your knees.

These knee pads come attached with adjustable double-stitched neoprene straps with quick-release slip-buckle clips secured with metal rivets. Adjusting the straps is fast and easy and the buckle slip snaps securely in place after achieving a secure fit for your knee size. Cleaning is as simple as brushing them up lightly or washing them with a cloth in lukewarm water, drying, and then storing them in a dry place.


2. Bodyprox Protective Knee Pads

Bodyprox protective knee pads make a good choice if you are looking for a low profile pair that offers not only maximum flexibility and range of motion but also compression for your knee sores as a result of intense sporting, fitness, or other vigorous activities or after a knee surgery. These knee pads, worn under your clothing, offer excellent impact resistance with adequate cushioning on the inside. They are also pretty lightweight and comfortable.

Unlike other knee pads with Velcro or buckled strap attachments, the Bodyprox knee pads are made of a combination of 45 % polyester sleeves with 25 % rubber and 30 % Eva foam padding to offer great elastic grip, maximum protection, and breathability. These pads come in two different sizes including small/medium size measuring 13.5-17.5 inches (34-44 cm) and large size measuring 17.5 – 20.5 inches (44-52 cm).


3. Demon Hyper X D30 Mountain Bike Knee Pads

The Demon Hyper X knee pad is designed with comfort along with maximum knee and shin protection in mind. It features the high-grade D30 backed by foam padding and comes with the CE 1621-1 certification for motorcycle knee and limb pads. The front shield is made of the strong, abrasion-resistant Kevlar alongside the highly breathable neoprene and the soft terry liner on the inside. With a form-fitting design and ample shin D30 foam protection, this knee pad will deliver unparalleled buffer from shock and impact.

In addition, the Hyper X D30 features strong double stitches throughout the pad making it quite durable. You may want to consider a size higher if you want a good fit. All the same, fitting the knee pad in person would be best. The double Velcro adjustable straps will enhance the fit only if you get the right size. Finally, it is easy to maintain. Simply hand wash and dry it out in the open.


4. Triple 8 Undercover Snow Knee Pads

These black knee pads are made of an innovative combination of the breathable neoprene sleeve for ventilation and EVA foam padding for shock and impact absorption. Further, it features padding on the sides, is contoured in design, and outfitted with Velcro straps to deliver a snug fit under another shell or layer.

An outstanding advantage with the Triple 8 Undercover Snow Knee Pads is that they are flexible enough for the dexterous snowboarding moves making them the best snowboard knee guards. There are three sizes, the small, medium, and large sizes.


5. Venum Kontact Lycra/Gel Knee Pads

The Kontact knee pads by Venum are a great choice for those keen on support. Made of a blend of stretchy lightweight lycra and Gel on the outside, soft cotton on the inside, and reinforced padding in between, these knee pads will deliver excellent protection to your knees whether you are wrestling, biking, or snowboarding.

Their innovative ventilation system positioned right behind the knee is designed with adequate vent holes to offer effective ventilation during high-energy activities. The Kontact Knee Pads are waterproof. They will fit snug on your knees without any adjustment straps thanks to their anatomical design. They are also built to last with reinforced seams.


6. Burton Basic Knee Pads

If you are looking for knee pads that are simplistic in their construct yet effective in their functioning, Burton’s Basic Knee pads will make a good option. Made of a blend of nylon and polyester fabrics along with EVA foam for cushioning these knee pads provide enhanced waterproofing and breathability properties.

They feature an easy-on low-profile design. Wear them comfortably under an outer layer or on a base layer without feeling the bulk like in other ordinary knee pads. They are pretty lightweight and fit snug.


7. Bucwild Sports Knee Pads

If you are looking for knee pads for all activities, then the Bucwild Sports Knee Sleeves come as a good option. They are made of a combination of polyester and spandex fabrics making them stretchy to give you a good fit. Not just that, they are also light, slim, highly breathable, and will wick moisture away from your skin effectively. These knee pads feature thick 10mm EVA foam padding which is quite surprisingly comfortable, flexible, yet still providing maximum cushioning.

Quite impressively, they come in a dome shape design to enhance their fit while shielding against impact. Sizing is as easy as measuring your mid-thigh and checking the measurements against the size chart provided. These sleeves have also been tried and tested for improved circulation of blood around the leg, ease soreness in the knees, and relief of knee pain. They are UV stabilized so you will not need separate UV protection products.


8. Thunderbolt Comfortable Gel Cushion & Professional Knee Pads

The Thunderbolt Professional knee pads present a good option if you are looking for utility knee pads. They feature a combination of heavy-duty neoprene and ballistic nylon fabric to enhance their comfort and breathability. Additionally, they come with a PVC knee casing coupled with gel cushioning and a foam core to give your knees optimal protection when gardening, flooring, or when carrying out other tasks. The knee casing and other pressure points are padded to make them durable and supportive.

Specifically designed for women, these professional knee pads come with two adjustable straps with Velcro closure on each knee pad. One on the upper thigh area and the other around the shin for fastening the knee pads securely.

Their design also accommodates up to 7 extension straps, also included in the package, making them a good fit for varying knee sizes. They are non-slip and are easy to put on and off.


9. McDavid Knee Pad with Thick Gel

The McDavid Knee sleeve brace is packaged as a single item that can be worn on any knee. This knee pad features a low-profile design that fits well underneath your pants. It is a good option for therapeutic knee support and relief functions including increasing blood flow around the knee area and lowering inflammation in the knee. Because of this, it is widely used in the field of sports medicine. Still, it suits other applications like sports and residential or professional tasks like flooring making it a good snowboard knee protector.

It is made of the highly breathable neoprene lining, gel Sorbothane inserts to absorb impact, and heavy-duty nylon fabric on the outside making it extremely flexible and supportive.



If you are going to ski or snowboard, consider getting yourself a pair of knee pads especially if you are a beginner. Knee injuries occur mainly because when snowboarding or skiing, the feet are engaged with the ski/board, therefore, any impact that comes about leaves one to fall on their knees, literally. This is why knees need protection. The best snowboard knee pads, in addition to being protective, will also give the user an excellent fit, a feel of freedom, and comfort. Secondly, since they can either be flexible or not, it is important to understand your style and other circumstances surrounding your intended activity. This way, you will be in a good position to make the right choice.

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