My name is Edmund. Even though I live in California, I love snow. That is why I do my best to spend at least 3 months a year I spend surrounded with snow – be it snowmobiling in Utah at my cousin’s or skiing and snowboarding somewhere in the mountains. Sometimes even outside of the US.

I’ve been an outdoors guy since I remember myself. We used to spend nearly all our family weekends somewhere outside. When I started my adult life, I realized very fast that it is not that easy to take care of everything when it comes to organizing even a weekend trip to the mountains. This is when I started to look for tips and gear reviews online. I know you can’t joke with the snow, therefore I wanted to make sure I have the equipment and skills I can rely on.

I started to gather all the information and at some point, I noticed that I have more than enough to start my own blog. This is how Best Snow Gear came to life. Here I not only review some of the best pieces of gear related to winter sports but also share tips and tricks which I learned from other people as well as from my own (sometimes painful) experience.

I hope this blog will help you in finding out more about your favorite winter sport and learn the pros and cons about a piece of gear you are about to purchase.

In case you want to tell me something or ask questions, drop me a message on the contact page.


Edmund Hickman