10 Best Snowmobile Backpacks 2024

Best Snowmobile Backpacks

Backpacks make it possible for riders to carry items they couldn’t have otherwise carried to the trail for their snow activities. They have grown to become necessities rather than luxuries and with time the lightweights will be taking over the scene. A good thing is that manufacturers are each time coming up with innovations and designs to cater to this growing need.

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Klim Nac Pak Backpack 4.5
Klim Krew Pak 4.7
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OGIO Rig 9800 Gear Bag (Stealth) 4.6
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Ski Doo Tunnel Backpack with Linq Soft Strap 4.4
FXR Racing Fuchsia/Black Ride Back-Pack 4.3
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Nelson-Rigg SE-3040 Hurricane Waterproof Backpack (40 Liters) 4.2
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Seibertron Motorbike Backpack  4.3
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Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack 4.1
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Ortovox Men’s Haute Route 32 4.8
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Seibertron Roving Motorcycle Riding Street Backpack 4.1

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Some features topping the list of user requirements include:


This refers to how much space a backpack has. Of course, this varies greatly and will determine how much one can carry to the field.



Getting the right fit will give you the comfort you deserve. The more popular backpacks come with adjustable shoulder straps and waist belts. However, you will still need to try on the backpack and ensure it doesn’t go below your waist before purchase.



Apart from the main compartment, extra pockets on the exterior and interior will help you store your items accordingly. Some backpacks are designed with organizers in their main compartment. Also, ensure that pockets are easily and conveniently accessible.



Straps help distribute the weight of the backpack. Adjustable straps are more preferable. Other backpacks come with weight straps that pass across the chest to distribute the weight even further.



The best snowmobile backpack is made of abrasion-resistant waterproof material mostly Ripstop nylon. Nylon is also lightweight. Another less popular material but lightweight and of better quality is Cuben fiber.



Go for strong weather-resistant zippers.



Padding on pressure points like on the shoulder straps is important as it eases the strain allowing for comfort and support.



A reflector is an important safety feature that enhances visibility.


Many more factors go into consideration during the purchase of backpacks and while some are common, others are more of personal references. Well, we have discussed the more crucial features however you will still need to go a step ahead in selecting the best according to your needs.

Below is a review of some top backpacks that are flying off the shelves for their premium quality. Browse through to see an analysis of the features that make them stand out.


Best Snowmobile Backpacks 2024


1. Klim Nac Pak Backpack

The advanced Nac Backpack by Klim is an all-inclusive storage bag that you’ll need to hit the trails during winter. Whether you intend to go for a short adventure, a night out or week-long sledding, it will accommodate almost all you need. It is classic, it is roomy, it is tough and most importantly, it is versatile.

With specific compartments for all you need to carry including; an external slot for your shovel blade and another on the side for its handle, a hydration gathered sleeve and two exit ports on the upper side, a compartment for your accessories, an internal zippered sleeve pocket for the more delicate gadgets, removable goggle bag and tool pouch on the inside, a inch of elastic loop to organize your tools, a side probe storage as well as a zippered stash pocket for the quick access items, there is no going wrong with the Klim Nac Pak Backpack.

Secondly, it is comfortable. It features a back panel and shoulder straps with airflow padding to ease the strain on your back and shoulders especially when you have to carry a heavy load or climb steep slopes. Additional accessories include waist straps that are functional during ascents, a sternum strap with a whistle and 3-liters hydration pack from Hydrapak because you are bound to get dehydrated.

Finally, it’s an all-weather backpack constructed with the waterproof breathable material because your items need protection and ventilation just like your body. By far this is one of the best snowmobile backpacks with a shovel that has proven functional beyond doubt.


2. Klim Krew Pak

Klim continues to top reviews with its quality backpacks and the TPU polyurethane Krew Pak is no exception. While it has some of the features in the Nac Pak like the external shovel blade and shovel handle storage, an accessory pocket that’s slightly larger and a side probe storage, it runs a bit large at 21 x 13 x 5 inches capacity and lightweight at only 2 lb.

A distinctive feature is that its main compartment is comparatively large and it is designed with a separate back loading hydration compartment with one exit port and side storage for your avalanche probe. Fleece lining on its top-loading goggle pocket and on the zippered storage located at the shoulder is a noteworthy protection and insulation feature.

Other pockets include the secondary storage equipped with a divider and two pockets at its base. For your tools, the tool pouch and the one-inch elastic organizer will come in handy. And because safety is not a matter to be overlooked, this one comes with a reflective strip for visibility. Comfort features include a back panel and shoulder straps padded with Quilted Airflux to maximize airflow and ease the strain on these areas.

With the YKK heavy duty zippers, this backpack is completely waterproof and durable. The padded belt with a pocket at the waist and the 3-ltr Klim Hydrapak hydration pack is a worthwhile addition. Cleaning and drying is as simple as sliding it open and doing the necessary.


3. OGIO Rig 9800 Gear Bag (Stealth)

If you are looking for an oversized bag for your snow gear, OGIO’s Rig 9800 makes a good option. Measuring 34 x 16.5 x 15.25 (H x W x D) inches which translate to about 123L volume, this bag is roomy enough to accommodate all your gear. It features a wide mouth opening design to give you easy access to your items in all the compartments. These include a spacious padded main compartment with adjustable dividers as well as a dedicated helmet compartment that is padded to protect your helmet. Along with compression straps, all your gear will remain intact as you move along.

Also featuring the SLED (Structural Load Equalizing Deck) technology, this bag will remain sturdy and durable for a long time to come. It comes with a telescoping pull handle and two heavy-duty wheels which allow you to haul it around easily.


4. Ski Doo Tunnel Backpack with Linq Soft Strap

The Ski Doo tunnel backpack is a true reflection of class thanks to its striking design and versatility. Speaking of versatile, this tunnel bag doubles up as a backpack thanks to the easy-to-operate disconnect system that transforms it from one form to the other.

It also features the LinQ Cargo Base Kit model 860200583 useful when mounting it on your sled as a tunnel bag along with a soft strap for securing it firmly. Extra storage features include an external slot specifically for the Ski-Doo Shovel model 860201461 as well as an avalanche probe model 520000408.

With a 28-liter capacity and a 137-inch long strap, this bag is just enough for your belongings. It may not be as compartmentalized but it sure will offer you great service. Finally, its buckle closures and zippered pockets are a convenient feature we can’t overlook.


5. FXR Racing Fuchsia/Black Ride Back-Pack

The Fuchsia Backpack by FXR comes with numerous comfort features that make it the best snowmobile backpack for long brutal ventures. With a meshed panel at the backrest for ventilation, your back is sure to have it smooth, dry and comfortable throughout your adventure. This suspension system is detachable. Along with adjusting waist belt, chest and shoulder straps, you are guaranteed a great fit.

It also features a spacious main compartment with plenty of extra pockets including shovel storage on the external, a goggle pouch lined with fleece and organizer pockets for other small gadgets that you intend to carry along.

Quite uniquely, a rain cover has been incorporated in its design making it a perfect all-season backpack.


6. Nelson-Rigg SE-3040 Hurricane Waterproof Backpack (40 Liters)

The SE-3040 backpack designed by Nelson-Rigg is a durable piece that will take ages to completely wear out. It is made of premium durable Tarpaulin PVC, has been UV coated, and features electronic heat-welded seams alongside an airtight roll closure to give it 100% waterproof ability.

This 40-liter backpack features numerous versatility features including a dual-closure system; over the top and down the sides, a design that easily converts to a waterproof tail pack with a quick-release strap, a removable molle panel that can be reversed with the waterproof document pocket, together with numerous pockets to organize your items neatly inside the backpack. The reflective webbing enhances visibility while the large side mesh pockets will hold your water or fuel bottles. Its inner sleeve is large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop or notebooks and the attached front pocket will come in handy when you need to carry a hydration bladder. The SE-3040 backpack is quite comfortable with a padded back panel designed with an airflow system and padded adjustable straps.


7. Seibertron Motorbike Backpack

Seiberttron’s motorbike backpack is tough and waterproof. It is made of 900D dense polyester material and measures 19 x 11 x 11  (H x W x D) inches with a volume of 37 L which is enough room for most of the things you need to pack for your trip, helmet included. However, delicate items like your mobile devices and laptops will need extra protection since the zippers are not waterproof.

This bag comes with an adjustable 55 inches waist belt and 60 inches chest belt, both of which are padded to provide comfort. It is also designed with plenty of straps that are functional for securing it on a motorcycle sissy bar or elsewhere.

This backpack is hydration compatible and comes with plenty of pockets to help you organize your stuff. Featuring Molle design, this bag happens to be quite versatile. Side and front compression systems give you some flexibility when packing.


8. Earth Pak Waterproof Backpack

For your fishing, boating, fishing, Kayaking, and other activities around the water, Earth Pak has this waterproof backpack on offer. With an IPX8 rating, this bag is completely waterproof and will keep your items dry throughout. To keep it watertight, this bag also features a roll-top closure with one reinforced strip.

These Earth Pak Summit Series backpacks are made of 500D PVC material which is both tough and waterproof and has been designed with comfort in mind. It comes with a padded breathable back panel, padded contoured shoulder straps with D-rings, a heavy-duty waist belt, and another strap at the sternum area to keep the weight of the bag perfectly balanced.

This model is available in 35 L and 55 L sizes and in 5 color options to meet your storage needs. It comes with plenty of pockets both on the inside to accommodate your items. The exterior pockets are splash-proof to allow you to keep your quick-access items that cannot be damaged by water. This bag will fit in an airplane’s overhead compartment, comes with additional buckled straps at the sides, and reflectors for easy visibility.


9. Ortovox Men’s Haute Route 32

The Men’s Haute Route 32 by Ortovox is a great choice for the Alpine enthusiast. It is tough, light, and comes outfitted with dedicated storage for avalanche safety gear. With a 32 L capacity, this backpack is perhaps not enough for all your gear but will definitely fit the important ones plus you never really need to be weighed down by your backpack on such a trip. It features both the front and rear access for convenient retrieval of items as well as flexible storage for ice axes, ski poles, skis, and snowboards. It also has a separate stowable meshed pocket for your helmet and plenty of additional pockets to help you organize the quick-access and other items.

Secondly, this bag is built to last. Featuring a blend of nylon 210 D Cordura and Nylon 210 D Manstar construction with a water-resistant zipper, this backpack will hold up pretty well in the rough backcountry adventures. It is also quite comfortable thanks to the supportive O-Flex back panel, padded shoulder straps, padded waist belt, chest strap with an attached whistle. The Haute Route 32 backpack is compatible with hydration systems and is available in 4 color options.


10. Seibertron Roving Motorcycle Riding Street Backpack

Another of Seibertron motorcycle backpacks is the Roving rucksack. It is made of high-density 900D polyester with a double bottom and an additional rain cover making it waterproof enough to protect your gear from heavy rain. Polyester is also quite tough and durable. With breathable padded back panel and shoulder straps, this rucksack offers incredible comfort. The shoulder straps feature a wide s-shaped design and are adjustable to deliver a great fit and ease the weight off the shoulders, spreading it out evenly to prevent straining. This is with the help of the features of the revolutionary Molle design which is characterized by plenty of pockets and straps that let you customize your bag based on the gear you are carrying for convenience and easy access. Molle design bags are also compatible with hydration packs which is an added advantage.



It is important to choose a backpack that, first and foremost, is the right size for both your body size and height. Next, consider its comfort and convenience features before you can make your purchase. Remember the wrong choice will cost your trip and muscle health. Again get the right volume depending on how much cargo you intend to carry during your trip.

Do you need to organize your items inside the backpack? Well, this will certainly help you have easy access and protect gadgets like mobile phones that can easily get damaged. Nowadays, the best backpacks will come designed with inside partitions and several interior and exterior pockets, some that are dedicated, to help you have all your items and gear in their rightful place. Apart from being organized, this is a good way to take care of your backpack for it to last longer. If you will have to enjoy your activities, let it be with the right snowmobile backpack.

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