6 Best Snowmobile Ice Scratchers 2024

Best Snowmobile Ice Scratchers

Fall is here and that means the season for pure white snow is almost upon us. It is very exciting, especially for you who are looking forward to taking your sled out for its yearly run. Sledding is a very enjoyable activity as you can either do it alone or with your loved ones, enjoying the scenery and the beautiful snow. The thicker the snows the better, and everybody’s fingers are crossed for snow that is good enough to sled on.

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However, some winters are mild and that means a light snowfall. With that comes the need for ice scratchers. These are becoming increasingly popular these days, and so you might ask yourself, “Do snowmobile ice scratchers work?” In this article, we will look at the effects of thin snow has on your snowmobile, and how ice scratchers can help you out with that. We will then have a short guide on what you should look for when in the market for a new pair of ice scratchers. Finally, we will review a couple of snowmobile ice scratchers for sale so you can pick one and have a wonderful time sledding in winter.


Benefits of an ice scratcher for snowmobiles

Thin layers of ice mean that the slopes will be filled with hard-packed ice that is difficult to sled on. This type of snow melts quickly and this means that the friction between your sled and the ground will be higher. As a result, your Hyfax slides, the protective plastic layer attached to the bottom of your ski on the rails, will wear out quicker. You will need to replace the Hyfax slides or have to replace the rails completely.

Ice scratchers are attached to the sides of the rear of your snowmobile, on both sides. They work by digging into the thin snow and churning the snow to create a cloud of snow dust. This loose snow is thrown towards the rear suspension to cool down the heat exchangers under the tunnel of your sled. This way your Hyfax slides glide smoothly like they would on thicker snow. There are two types of ice scratchers:

  1. Rigid spring ice scratchers. These are set in one position. The rigidity of the spring makes it an effective tool for stirring up the snow because it exerts more downward pressure on the snow. However, the rigidity of the spring means that the snowmobile cannot be reversed when the ice scratchers are still down because this will break them. You have to lift them back up against the sled’s rail before reversing.
  2. Spring steel cable ice scratchers. These ice scratchers are made from a steel cable. This makes them highly flexible, able to bend forwards and backward when needed. This way you can reverse your snowmobile without having to worry about breaking your valuable ice scratchers. Better yet, the tips of the ice scratchers are replaceable, which increases the longevity of cable ice scratchers.


Buying guide


Ice scratchers interact one-on-one with the snow. This means that they are prone to wetness and if the wrong material is used to make an ice scratcher, then you will constantly be buying new ice scratchers.

Metallic materials are not affected by moisture. You need to look for materials that are durable and that you can use even in the most hard-packed snow without breaking off. Stainless steel is the most preferred material due to its strength and rust resistance. Carbide tips at the ice scratcher give them longevity compared to other types of blades.



As we saw previously, there are two main types of ice scratchers. One is rigid while the other one has a flexible cable. Both have their merits and demerits. A rigid ice scratcher presses down more on the snow and churns up more snow dust compared to a flexible one. However, you cannot reverse your snowmobile with the ice scratcher still down. This means that if you are not careful, you could break your ice scratcher and have to spend more money on purchasing a new pair.

Cable scratchers, on the other hand, are flexible. The pressure they exert on the snow is determined by the type of material the cable is made of. The zinc-plated wire is more common and it does a good job of keeping the ice scratcher on the ground. With these ice scratchers, you can afford to reverse without picking them up from the ice. This provides for great peace of mind and higher flexibility when sledding.



Some ice scratchers have a coating on the outside to improve their looks and also enhance their longevity. If you are not careful, however, you may end up with an ice scratcher that is glossy and beautiful when you buy it, but then looks horrible after a few uses. This is because the coating may come off after you have used your ice scratchers a number of times. Once the coating comes off then your ice scratchers, and in extension, your sled will have a neglected look around them. The good coating gives the ice scratchers a sleek look, the perfect complement to your snowmobile.


Mounting and storage

The best snowmobile ice scratcher mounts easily on your sled or snowmobile. Most use bolts to hitch up to your snowmobile, and you will need to tighten them to the snowmobile. For some ice scratchers, you might need to drill holes into the sides of your snowmobiles so that they are compatible. This is not a tough process even if you are not an expert. Additionally, you can have the ice scratchers installed for you at your local hardware store before hitting the slopes. Proper storage of ice scratchers is facilitated by hooks that hitch into the snowmobile to keep these ice scratchers in place. This way you do not need to worry about accidentally breaking your ice scratchers because they are securely held against the snowmobile by these trusted hooks.



Best Snowmobile Ice Scratchers 2024


1. Dura-Flex Ice Scratchers Kit

This ice scratcher is equipped for maximum workability but with minimal handling and durability. The tips are made of carbide to ensure that you will get the best use out of the scratcher for a long time. The scratcher only weighs 1.2 pounds, and so it will not be difficult to hitch it up and take it down off your snowmobile or sled. You will also not feel weighed down by the scratcher as you move through the ice.

The Dura-Flex Ice Scratcher comes fully assembled. All you need to do is mount it and secure one bolt and you are good to go. It works with snowmobiles with reverse gears and also with snowmobiles without reverse gears. This way, you can back up with your scratcher facing down without the fear of bending or breaking it. This ice scratcher is lubricated and has a cooling agent that prevents damage to your engine due to friction. It is also flexible, rolling up into rails for storage.


  • Strong, durable carbide tips
  • Light and does not weight down the sled
  • One-bolt mounting
  • Works with reverse and non-reverse snowmobiles
  • Lubrication and cooling to protect snowmobile engine


  • Will loosen and rotate if not locked properly


2. Btl Designs Hi-Roller Ice Scratchers

This pair of ice scratchers is designed for any snowmobile. To prevent damage and ensure longevity, these ice scratchers are made with strong metal tips. The rope that attaches them to the snowmobile is made for zinc-plated wire, making these ice scratchers almost indestructible even in the most packed snow. Highly adaptable, the Btl Designs ice scratchers are made for both reversible and non-reversible snowmobiles. This way, you do not have to turn them up before backing up. You do not need to worry about ruining your ice scratchers when enjoying the slopes.

These ice scratchers are made to make your work easier. They come fully assembled, needing you to mount and lock down the bolt without going through the hustle of assembling the different parts. Since they are designed to save you money, these ice scratchers come with a lubricant that also cools the engine. Your snowmobile will not overheat due to friction with the ice, giving you the freedom to fully enjoy your day.


  • Lubrication to cool your snowmobile’s engine
  • Fits both reversible and non-reversible gears
  • Pre-assembled for quick and easy mounting
  • Zinc-plated rope to weigh down the scratcher for better operation
  • 3 different kinds of tips that are interchangeable depending on the snow hardness


3. Arctic Cat New OEM Ice Scratchers

These ice scratchers are made of durable stainless steel material, guaranteed to give you long-term use without breaking off. The tips are reinforced to churn up ice even in the most hard-packed of slopes. They have a double powder coating for cosmetic reasons and to protect the metal from the elements. This powder coating is strong and high-quality, and it will not chip even with prolonged use.

These are reversible snowmobile ice scratchers, with a flexible cable that allows you to reverse even while they are down without the fear of bending or breaking them. When not in use, you can hook up the ice scratchers to your snowmobile. They are held in place by billet brackets, preventing them from accidentally opening and scratching your rails. This way, you can sled with peace of mind.


  • Stainless steel construction for durability
  • Double-layered powder coating for protection
  • The coating does not chip even with prolonged use
  • Flexible and work with reversible snowmobiles
  • Billet brackets keep them out of the way when not in use


  • Might need to adjust them for some snowmobile models


4. Over The Top Performance Ski Mounted Reversible Ice Scratchers

These ice scratchers really are designed for over the top performance. Made of 316 stainless steel, these ice scratchers will serve you for a long time even on the most hard-packed ice without breaking. Your snowmobile’s engine will be protected from overheating for a long time. These ice scratchers can rotate, a feature that protects it from damage when you back up your snowmobile. It, therefore, fits with most types of snowmobiles, both reversible and non-reversible models.

Designed to scoop up double the spray of a normal ice scratcher, this ice scratcher will keep your engine cooled for a longer time, allowing you more time to enjoy yourself on the slopes. It is also light, only weighing 1.6 pounds. You will not have a hard time attaching it to your sled or snowmobile, and it will not weigh you down as you move.


  • Makes double the spray of a regular ice scratcher
  • Made of durable stainless steel for longer use
  • Fits most modern snowmobiles
  • Suitable for both reversible and non-reversible gears


  • One has to drill a hole in the sled to install


5. Stacool Ice Scratcher Kit

This ice scratcher kit from StaCool is designed to cool the engine of your snowmobile so that you can enjoy the slopes to the maximum. The scratchers are made out of high-quality steel that is durable. They can withstand high tensions from the hardest packed snow without breaking off. These ice scratchers are easy to assemble and install, coming with detailed installation instructions to make the process easier for you. The mounting posts are made of aluminum for perfect attachment. The mounting bolts are found on the inside and so the ice scratchers attach seamlessly to the snowmobile, giving it a smooth look.

There are hooks that keep the ice scratchers in place until they are needed and are lowered. Weighing only 1.3 pounds, these ice scratchers will not give you a difficult time when mounting and unmounting them. Furthermore, they will not weigh down your snowmobile in hard-packed ice that can be tricky to maneuver.


  • Made of high-quality steel for durability
  • They are light and easy to handle
  • Detailed, clear installation instructions
  • Mounts with inside bolts give a smooth look when attached to a snowmobile
  • Strong hooks keep the scratcher in place when not in use


  • You might need to drill in order to fit them to some snowmobiles


6. Flex Ice Scratchers Kit

Designed for durability, these ice scratchers are made of high-quality metal with zinc-plated wire to weigh down the ice scratchers for producing the maximum amount of spray for engine cooling. Neither the tips nor the rope is coated and so they will not peel and give an untidy look to your snowmobile. These ice scratchers come with scrimps to increase the hold on the snowmobile or ski. This way they do not come off even when the fastening bolt loosens. They are also designed to work with both non-reversible and reversible snowmobiles. You do not need to turn them up in order to reverse, and the chances of destroying them is reduced.

Designed for ease of use, these ice scratchers have hooks that help them stay put on the snowmobile rail when they are not needed. This storage method keeps them protected from damage. They are also light and will not weigh your sled down when moving through ice.


  • Additional scrimps keep them connected to the snowmobile
  • Work with both non-reversible and reversible gears
  • Zinc-plated wire rope increase pressure for maximum spray
  • No coating and thus they do not peel or crack
  • Has hooks to keep them away when not in use


  • They do not come fully assembled


Final Words

Ice scratchers are a must-have this upcoming winter season especially since we do not know which type of snow to expect. Whether the snowfall is heavy or light, ice scratchers will be a handy tool to have either way because of their capabilities. They are useful for churning up snow into snow dust, making your sledding easier and protecting your sled rails. In this snowmobile ice scratcher review, we have seen how important the right material is for ice scratchers. Remember to look out for ice scratchers made of strong metals since these are durable. Ice scratchers with replaceable tips will give you longer use without having to purchase a whole new pair. Add to that secure storing using hooks together with flexibility options, you are guaranteed to have a happy time out with your snowmobile regardless of the level of snowfall.

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