8 Best Snowmobile Handguards 2024

Best Snowmobile Handguards

Snowmobile handguards are essential to enhance snowmobiling. They are plastic materials that are mounted on the handlebars of the snowmobile to keep your hands dry and clean by blocking the dirty snow. Imagine being in a situation where you want to ride the snowmobile, but the weather is windy or cold. The handguards will help to deflect the wind to enhance driving.

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PowerMadd 34410 Black/Black Sentinel Handguard 4.0
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Ski-Doo OEM Hand Guard Kit 4.9
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Polaris Snowmobile White Handguard 4.1
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PowerMadd 34210 Star Series Handguard  4.1
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Fuzion Handguards Black 4.4
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Polaris Red Snowmobile Handguards 4.0
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PowerMadd 34406 Sentinel Handguard 4.1
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PowerMadd 34477 Black Sentinel Armor Handguard 4.0

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Protection will prevent risky incidents from occurring. During the winter, it is difficult to stay active. Many people opt to stay indoors because it is a challenge to engage in several sports. With the new technology, you can enjoy snowmobiling throughout the year.

This sport comes with huge benefits for our bodies. They are not only great for the physical workout but also strong mental health. With the best snowmobile handguards, your safety is guaranteed. The fact that you know you know that you have another layer to protect you in case of an accident is reassuring. Here 3 advantages of using this protective gear:

Keep your hands warm

It is a fact that during winters, there is a lot of snow and many people will freeze during sports. This can lead to health issues. It is for this reason that many people stay indoors. The introduction of handguards for snowmobiling is making it easier for people to enjoy their workout regardless of the climate. These gears play a crucial role in preventing the snow from coming into contact with your hands.

Deflect the wind

At times, you may be driving to the direction where the wind is coming from. This can cause injuries to the eyes, the body as well as hands. With the best handguard, you will enjoy the sport. This gear will cause the wind to change direction.

Keep your hands clean

Those who’ve ever participated in this sport understand the challenges. The dirty ice can get attached to the hands. For better riding experience, the handguard is essential. It will protect your hands from flying pieces of ice on the road.


Factors to consider when purchasing a snowmobile handguard

Since snowmobiling involves riding on snow, you need to ensure that you wear protective gear. The eyes should be covered with goggles and the feet with boots. Although the gloves will help to keep the hands warm, they will not protect from flying cold and dirty snow. For this reason, a snowmobile handguard should be your option. Due to the rise of a wide variety of gears in the market, it is becoming a challenging task to know a quality handguard. To help you choose one that will provide you with enjoyable riding experience, here are the 4 factors to consider when in the market for a snowmobile handguard:


We all love to be stylish and to have the latest trends and snowmobile handguards are non-exempt. With the new technology, millions of the handguard gears are popping up. They come in different colors and patterns. Thus, you need to get the color of your choice and shape that will give you the best snowmobiling experience while still making you look stylish.


By now you know how annoying it is to get into contact with cold snow. During the snowmobiling activity, the wind can blow the dirty snow on your hands, causing them to freeze. This is where the handguard comes in. It is a plastic-made gear that is designed to protect the hands when riding. It should be strong to prevent bending too much on the wind. Also, a firm handguard will deflect any incoming piece of ice. Even better is that it comes waterproof.


Size should be the number one factor to consider when purchasing a handguard. There are lots of sizes in the market. Too big gears will lead to you being uncomfortable making it useless. Too small handguards are not good either. They will not effectively prevent your hands from flying dirty snow. In this case, you need a medium-sized handguard that is round in shape. With this, it will be easy to slide your hands comfortably on the handles.

Ease of removing the vents

The primary function of the handguards is to protect the hand from cold or harsh weather conditions. However, you may decide to ride during hot temperatures. In this case, a gear with removable vents is essential for better airflow.



Best snowmobile handguards 2024


1. PowerMadd 34410 Black/Black Sentinel Handguard

PowerMadd 34410 is a medium-sized handguard made of plastic to provide maximum protection on the hands. It is a stylish and durable gear. It comes with an updated look and great accessories for protection. At times it may be difficult to attach a handguard on the snowmobile handles. However, this is not the case with PowerMadd 34410. It is flexible and comes with clear instructions on how to install it. It is made of two types of plastics: a stiff two-piece spine for durability and a soft colored body for flexibility.

This gear is large enough to protect your hands when riding on the snowmobile. It will not only prevent the hands from flying snow but also from debris and branches. It comes with a great design and requires a mount kit.


  • Simple to install
  • Ergonomic design
  • Built to last
  • Large enough for maximum protection


  • Does not come with a mounting bracket


2. Ski-Doo OEM Hand Guard Kit

While riding, you may come across several hazards such as strong winds and flying ice. However, this should not prevent you from enjoying your winter activity.  The Ski-Doo OEM Hand Guard Handlebar Wind Deflectors Kit should be your option. It is made of durable plastic materials to prevent bending due to strong winds.

There are different sizes of Ski-Doo OEM. With this, it will be easier to choose one that will meet your needs. This flexible snowmobile handguard comes with a complete kit with all the mount brackets and hardware. It fits the REV-XP, REV-XS, REV-XM except for the vehicles with taper handlebars such as REV-XU Tundra and REV-XR.


  • Parts and tools for installation included
  • Highly durable
  • Come with mount brackets


  • Not a guarantee of compatibility – have to check thoroughly if they fit your model
  • The plastic band is a bit too wide


3. Polaris Snowmobile White Handguard

The stylish design of Polaris snowmobile makes it an excellent option when compared to different models of snowmobiles. It offers an easy installation process, making it suitable for everyone. Its design makes it a leading handguard for a snowmobile. It comes in either black or white color, which creates a visually appealing image for the riders. Also, it has a shape that is designed to cover the entire handle, thus providing maximum protection to the hands.

Polaris Snowmobile. 2876883 is a high performing gear. It is made from durable impact-resistant plastic to provide long-lasting services.  It performs well in any weather condition. Lastly,  It plays a crucial role in blocking the wind, ice, snow or branches to secure the hands.


  • Compatible with a wide range of snowmobiles
  • Ergonomic design


  • Do not come with mounting hardware


4. PowerMadd 34210 Star Series Handguard

Have you ever come across the PowerMadd brand? If yes, you will love the 34210 series. It comes with advanced features to offer ultimate hand protection. Also, it comes in a wide variety of colors so you can choose the one that will perfectly match with your snowmobile.

You can ride on cold or sweltering temperatures with it.  Whatever the weather it provides the option of removing the vent cover. During hot seasons, it is essential to remove the cover for better airflow. And for cold weather, you can return it to block the cold wind.


  • Easy to install on different snowmobiles
  • Has a removable vent cover


  • Brackets to attach to this handguards are quite expensive
  • They are not wide enough, thus, not suitable for the hooked bars


5. Fuzion Handguards Black

Fuzion Handguards Black is the latest version of PowerMadd. It has a unique design and is made from durable materials. This makes it provide ultimate protection to the hands. Its expanded coverage area sweeps back towards the hand, increasing coverage. This is essential in preventing the hand from cold, muddy and wet conditions. Fuzion Handguards black are constructed from molded lightweight closed-cell AEPE foam which is waterproof and crushproof. This makes them long-lasting gears. They are excellent for backcountry and mountain riding or any weather condition.


  • Flexible and durable – will withstand almost any hit.
  • Special design with large coverage making the guards perfect for cold, muddy or wet conditions
  • Works great for backcountry and mountain riding


  • None found


6. Polaris Red Snowmobile Handguards

There are so many substandard protection gears that put off people from investing in them even though they know they are key to their safety. Good thing is that there are few high-quality gears that are also cost-friendly. One of it is the Polaris Red Snowmobile Handguards. Polaris Red Snowmobile is made from durable impact-resistant plastic to allow it to withstand the harsh climate. Although it is not compatible with many snowmobiles, it fits well with the popular vehicles. It comes in pairs but does not come with the mountain brackets. These kits are sold differently.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Easy to install


  • Does not come along with the mounting kit


7. PowerMadd 34406 Sentinel Handguard

PowerMadd 34406 Sentinel Handguard is not only designed to be stylish but also durable and functional. It is large to provide you with maximum protection. The primary function of this flexible snowmobile handguard is to secure your hands from flying dirty snow and debris. Also, it is crucial to keep your hands warm by blocking the cold wind.

It is made of two different types of plastic: stiff-two piece spin for durability and a soft colored body to enhance flexibility. It is sold as a pair but requires mount kits. Apart from this, it comes with a removable vent cover, making it suitable for different weather conditions.


  • Large and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Removable vent cover for an efficient flow of air


  • Offers limited instructions


8. PowerMadd 34477 Black Sentinel Armor Handguard

PowerMadd 34477 Handguard Extension provides a modern look and comes with refined accessories.  They are essential to keep your hands warm regardless of the weather conditions. It does not only stand out because of its design but also the Armor feature. It adds a stylish look and adds protection to your hands.

This protective gear is made from lightweight closed-cell molded AEPE form making it a waterproof snowmobile handguard. Also, it is incredibly durable compared to other snowmobiling gears. PowerMadd 34477 will allow you to ride with thin gloves providing you with a better feel of the handles. Lastly, this model is easy to install and remove when not in use. PowerMadd will offer you a warranty. This is an assurance of quality gears.


  • Easy to install and remove
  • Provide detailed instructions on how to use


  • Does not fit all the popular snowmobile models – have to check if it is compatible with your model



Snowmobiling is one of the most intriguing winter sports. However, how much you enjoy depends on the snowmobile handguards. There is a variety of them in the market making it challenging to select the best.

From our informative review, you should be able to select the best based on the features and benefits you wish to get. We understand that choosing a handguard can be a daunting task that is why we have recommended the best handguards on the market currently. Choose either of the above and you’ll be back to thank us.

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