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7 Best Battery Chargers for Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Cars… 2024

Battery Chargers for Snowmobiles

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Bikes, cars, snowmobiles, ATVs, lawn mowers, and other machines all make use of batteries. Quite interestingly, a battery is at its optimal performance when in regular operation because as the engine runs, the alternator charges the battery more naturally. Typically, your machine has several functions powered by the battery including the headlights, internal lights, radio, air conditioning, wipers, security alarm, and even starting the engine. With all these things in operation, a fully charged battery may not last and when it goes flat without the engine running, you need an external battery charger to revive it.

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Battery Tender Black 12 Volt Battery Charger 4.4
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BatteryMinder 128CEC1: 12V 2/4/8 AMP Battery Charger 4.9
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SUAOKI ICS7+ 12V Battery Charger 4.6
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Battery Tender Plus 021-0128, 1.25 Amp Smart Battery Charger 4.5
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BatteryMINDer Model 1500: 12V 1.5 AMP Battery Charger 4.3
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Schumacher SC1319 1.5A 6V/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger 4.2

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Below, we highlight three types of external battery chargers:


The smart charger

The smart charger is a completely automated charger and agreeably the best battery charger thanks to the convenience it offers. Charging your battery is as simple as plugging it in the power source and leaving your battery to charge without the need for close monitoring. The smart charger feeds current to your battery only until it is full then automatically switch to the trickle mode.


The trickle charger

Usually the inexpensive option, the trickle charger works by feeding current into the battery slowly throughout even after the battery is fully charged. While it is a good thing to maintain your battery with a full charge without it discharging, the con is you must keep a close eye on the process because overcharging a battery leads to overheating, if the current is consistent, and ultimately damage to the battery. However, you can get a smart trickle charger which will address this challenge.


Solar charger

For motorcycles, ATVs, cars, or snowmobiles that usually have a long time of inactivity, an external solar charger comes in handy. This charger works by trickle-charging your battery and keep it charge during winter or when not in use. Consider getting connectors that are resistant to weather elements and extreme temperatures. On the con, they are pretty slow chargers.


Features of Battery Charger

Today we will major our review on the smart battery chargers. But before we go into reviewing the best, let’s first look at some of the features that you should bear in mind when selecting a battery charger.

  • Performance. This refers to how fast or how slow you want your battery to charge. Both have pros and cons, therefore, it boils down to what you really want. If you need a charger that will charge your dead battery fast after a period of inactivity, you need a powerful charger with more amperage.
  • Engine size. If you have a big engine, you most likely have a big battery which needs a powerful charger for it to charge efficiently.
  • Type of battery. There are many types of batteries including lithium ion, valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA), deep cycle, Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), gel cell, or wet cell batteries. This means that you need to go for a battery charger that matches the type of battery that you have. A good charger will work well with most types of batteries perhaps except for the gel cells which require chargers with voltage regulation and temperature-sensing features.
  • Functionality. While some battery chargers will merely charge and maintain your battery at a healthy voltage level, others are designed to check the performance of your alternator, start your engine, and perform a host of other tasks.
  • Ease of use. Speaking of ease of use, an LCD screen is an excellent feature to have in a battery charger as it gives you real-time data at a glance. It will indicate whether your battery is charging or not when it is completely charged, level of charging, or indicate whether there is a problem mostly with the alternator.
  • Safety. Confirm that the battery charger you are using will keep your battery safe. Features like spark-proof, short-circuit, reverse polarity protection, as well as temperature compensation, are important for keeping your battery safe and giving it a longer useful life. Most importantly, it needs to have desulfation feature that gets rid of the build-up of lead sulfate on battery plates that have not been used over a period of time. Still, others like SUAOKI ICS7+ come with both water and dustproof properties. Check the temperature rating on the charger especially if you are looking for one that can operate under extreme temperature conditions.
  • Versatility. Are you looking for a specific charger for your car, ATV, snowmobile, or motorcycle or one charger that can charge all of these batteries? If you want something for all your machines, you may consider a charger that works well with all their batteries. Secondly, a charger with alternative charging modes using USB, AC, and DC adaptors.
  • Accessories. These include the standard clamps, O-ring connectors, DC plugs, as well as spark-proof connectors.


Best Battery Chargers for Snowmobiles, Motorcycles, Cars 2024

Our review today features 7 top smart battery chargers worth your consideration. They are incredibly functional, versatile, and offer you the greatest convenience when you need something dependable to use outdoor during vacation or indoors.


1. Battery Tender Black 12 Volt Battery Charger

The 022-0185G-dl-wh battery charger by Battery Tender is built to charge your vehicle’s battery much faster. This 12-volt, 1.25-Amp charger is the newer version compared with the Junior model and comes with some impressive enhancements making it even better in terms of function and design. This battery charger is pretty lightweight. It has a lower energy consumption, yet with the same power output and an even shorter charging time. While it uses the automatic 4-process ISM Adaptive Charging mechanism, this charger comes fully protected from reverse polarity and a short circuit which allows you to set it and forget it. The UL, CSA, BC and FCC safety certifications along with a 72-hour safety timer are a guarantee that you can charge your batteries safely without worrying about them getting damaged.

The alligator clips included in its package are functional for charging a range of batteries. Because you simply cannot avoid heavy battery use in your car, ATVs, and motorcycles, the 022-0185G-dl-wh battery charger provides an excellent solution for keeping your battery at its optimal performance.


2. BatteryMinder 128CEC1: 12V 2/4/8 AMP Battery Charger

The 12-volt BatteryMINDer Model 128CEC1 is an innovative 3-in-1 unit that not only takes care of your battery but also maintains it and reverses sulfation reviving it completely to extend its life. In addition, it features reverse polarity, short circuit protection, and temperature compensation which ensures that your battery is fully charged and well maintained in any circumstance. Something unique about this charger is that it charges up to 8 batteries at the same time with a parallel arrangement, saving your time significantly. However, you will have to purchase the Y-Connectors model 210AY for this to be possible. With ranging amperage of 2, 4, and 8 Amps, you can select the right amperage for your specific battery or batteries.

This battery charger meets California Energy Commission efficiency standards meaning that it is manufactured with high efficiency and low energy consumption in mind.


3. BLACK+DECKER BC25BD 25 Amp Bench Battery Charger

Black+Decker is a renowned brand for its high quality and innovative products. This is true about the versatile BC25BD Bench battery charger and maintainer. It comes with 3 charging modes, through USB, the 120-volt AC adapter, and the 12-Volt DC adapter. Its package includes battery charger clamps which you connect to your battery’s terminal to charge. This charger features a 3-step charging process consisting of the fast charge, top-off, and trickle-charge steps to deliver a fully charged battery. It is built to charge a wide range of batteries and can double up as a flashlight thanks to the powerful LED light designed to light in 5 different modes making it useful for all light situations. This charger also features an effective 75 Amp engine restart mechanism to help you start your car engine in about 1.5 min once your battery is charged.

Other impressive features include an alternator check which automatically checks the functioning of the alternator. The digital LCD screen shows the charging and battery status. No manual configurations, simply plug it and this charger will charge any type of battery accordingly. The BC25BD Bench battery charger comes with CEC and ETL certifications for safety and performance.


4. SUAOKI ICS7+ 12V Battery Charger

The ICS7+ battery charger by SUAOKI is built for several applications including charging a range of 12V SLA, AGM, and LiON batteries as well as repairing sulfated ones to extend their useful lives. A rather unique feature about this charger is its 9-step intelligent charging technology which automatically changes to trickle charge when the battery is almost charged fully to prevent damage. Real-time charging, voltage/current, and battery level information is all displayed on the charger’s LCD screen.

Secondly, you can choose between the 7A quick charge and 3.5A slow charge modes depending on your needs. Its quality build is quite impressive with total protection from dust, water, reverse polarity, overheating, short circuit, and overcharging. The outer shell is made out of tough quality ABS material with IP65 level protection for water and dust making it an all-weather charger. Use it in your car, boat, ATV, motorcycle, or lawn tractor.


5. Battery Tender Plus 021-0128, 1.25 Amp Smart Battery Charger

If you are looking for a fully automated charging system perhaps for convenience, the Plus 021-0128 battery charger will come in handy. It is a single 1.25 A charger made to charge your battery and maintain it at the right voltage. This charger offers adequate battery protection from reverse polarity indicated by alternate flashing of red and green lights and from overheating thanks to the temperature compensation technology that has been integrated into its charging process. This process is a 4-step process including initialization, bulk charge, absorption, and float mode with an automatic transition from one stage to the other.

Its package includes an extension harness that you can use when the connecting distance is a challenge. Also included are ring terminals and alligator clips. On the con, however, this charger is not certified for use in California or Oregon. Therefore, consider the 022-0185G model also by Battery Tender.


6. BatteryMINDer Model 1500: 12V 1.5 AMP Battery Charger

The 1.5 Amp Battery Tender model 1500 features the revolutionary smart technology that lets you plug and charge your batteries without any manual setting or monitoring. It comes with an impressive protection from sulfation to extend the battery’s useful life as well as from reverse polarity and short circuit. In addition, it has been integrated with a temperature compensation mechanism that maintains the right voltage for your battery no matter the temperature.

This charger can connect up to 4 batteries in parallel mode but you will need to purchase Y-Connectors 27879 for this. This battery charger is certified for use in California State which means that it is energy efficient.


7. Schumacher SC1319 1.5A 6V/12V Fully Automatic Battery Charger

An SC1319 battery charger is an excellent option for those looking for a charger for their motorcycle, power sport, or motorboat batteries. It features a microprocessor control which automatically switches to float mode when the battery is fully charged to maintain and protect your battery, giving it a longer useful life. The feature revives lead-acid batteries that have not been in use for a while. With an auto voltage detection mechanism, the 1.5 Amp SC1319 battery charger will work well with your 6-volt or 12-volt batteries.

This charger is DOE compliant and comes together with the standard battery clamp and ring connector.



External battery chargers are a great investment especially if you don’t use your machines quite often. The battery charger will maintain your battery at an optimal voltage level even when not in use or when you have had battery failure in the middle of nowhere and you need to jump start your car. There is a whole variety of battery chargers out there, some simple in design and others a bit more sophisticated. Depending on your needs, select a charger that is suitable and convenient to use. I hope that the buying guide we have put together will help you make not just an informed choice but also the best choice for you.

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