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7 Best Ski and Snowboard Boot Dryers 2024

Best Ski and Snowboard Boot Dryers

The function of a boot dryer goes beyond merely drying boots to eliminating bad odor and preventing the growth of mold and mildew from boots, shoes, gloves, helmets, liners, or other garments. This they do by eliminating moisture from your boots leaving them dry and comfortable. Putting on wet shoes or garments is never at all fun. Secondly, they get damaged easily in the process. A ski boot dryer works by circulating warm air gently inside the boots to dry them usually within the time that you have set on the timer. One advantage with these units is that they usually require little storage space with most portable ski boot dryers being compact enough to be carried around in a backpack.

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DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer 4.9
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DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer  with Articulating Ports for Ski Boots 4.3
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DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer 4.3
Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer SI-SD06G 4.5
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PEET Dryer – Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Boot Dryer 4.7
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MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Dryer and Glove Dryer 4.6
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PEET Dryer – Original Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer 4.1

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The dryer that you will ultimately opt to purchase will be significantly determined by the following factors:



Dry boots, shoes, and apparel are most needed outdoor. For this reasons, skiers are always on the lookout for the most convenient travel ski boot dryer. These are usually lightweight, compact, very comfortable units which one can take with them when traveling. They can easily be packed in the car trunk as part of one’s luggage without them feeling the bulk of it.


Ski boot dryer systems

The two most common heating system for boot dryers are the convection or gently forced air systems. Those with a forced-air system are designed with an inbuilt fan that will help circulate the air within the boot and are typically faster than their counterparts. The convection system, on the other hand, takes a longer time, up to 8 hours, for a boot to dry well. One distinctive advantage with them is that they are silent operators.


The time it takes to dry

Generally, convection boot dryers take a longer time to dry your boots compared to motorized dryers. Still, some dryers take one or two hours while some take up to five hours to dry boots. Check the manufacturer’s heating specification to get one that meets your specific needs.


What do you want to use it for?

Most dryers are built to dry a range of items from boots, gloves, liners, hats, helmets, apparel, and other items. However, if you are more specific with this bit, it will be easier for you to select the right dryer. Also, consider the height of the boots you want to dry. If they are tall, look for a dryer with port extensions for tall boots.


How many items do you want to dry?

Some dryers will dry a pair of items in one go, others are built to dry up to four items. Still, others come with ports specific to the items you intend to dry, say gloves. Therefore, as you consider the specific items you want to dry, also think about how many items you will want to dry in one go. The four-port dryer comes in handy for a group of people.



Additional features like a drip tray are important if you don’t want water dripping from wet shoes or boots to reach your floor. This is especially if your floor can easily be damaged by water or wetness.


Best Ski and Snowboard Boot Dryers 2024

Check out these top 7 dryers. They are cost-effective, efficient, and definitely a great investment if you own a pair of boots, shoes, or apparel.


1. DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment Dryer

DX boot dryer by DryGuy is good for your boots and your clothes too. Powered by a 120 V, AC outlet, this dryer heats up to 105 °F (40.5 °C) and makes use of gently flowing air to dry your boots in just 2 hours. It will also safely dry your clothes and boot liners without damaging them. Quite impressively, you can dry up to four pieces of clothes or two pairs of boots, gloves or shoes at once, hence significantly saving you some precious time. This would also be a good option for boots as tall as 16 inches since it comes with separate extension tubes.

Its blower is noiseless so you can expect a silent operation while the 3-hour timer helps you set for your boots or clothes ample drying time in order to eliminate the odor or mold usually associated with dampness.


2. DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer with Articulating Ports for Ski Boots

The Force Dry Boot dryer by DryGuy would be the best ski boot dryer if you have boots or other items that measure up to 10 inches long. It features 2 ports that can lay flat or rotate 180 ° to dry your boots, gloves, or garments in at most 2 hours. These ports have also been designed with an adjustable height to fit into a range of items. Like other DryGuy boot dryers, this one too heats up to 105 °F (40.5 °C) with gently forced air. It comes with a 3-hour timer that you set and once the time set elapses, it goes off automatically.

The only con with the Force Dry Boot Dryer is that it doesn’t have a silent operation feature and the noise it produces throughout can be a little disturbing. Overall, this dryer will safely dry even the delicate garments fast without damaging them in any way.


3. DryGuy Travel Dry DX Boot Dryer and Shoe Dryer

This little portable ski boot dryer by manufactured by DryGuy is an excellent travel mate. It weighs just 1.25 lb making it easy to carry around and dry your boots and other items anywhere conveniently. The Travel Dry DX dryer operates slightly differently from the others by combining DryGuy’s innovative gently forced air technique with the traditional convection drying to dry your items more effectively. It heats up to around 37 °C and will take 2-5 hours to dry your items well.

Its design features an open frame, built-in fan, and dry pods all which facilitate an even distribution of warm air inside your boots right up to the toe box. It comes with an AC/DC power adaptor to mean that you can use it from home or in the car. Use it to dry your shoes, gloves, liners, or other delicate materials without worrying about them getting damaged.


4. Kendal Shoes Boots Gloves Dryer SI-SD06G

This SI-SD06G boot dryer model by Kendal comes with two sets of shoe ports, two sets of gloves ports, along with a wall mount kit in case you need to mount it onto a wall. You can either dry two pairs of boots/shoes or two pairs of gloves at a time to save you some precious time. Secondly, the power feature comes with a high and a low option so you get to choose how fast you want your boots to dry. In case you only need to dry a pair, shut off the unused valves to make the dryer even more effective.

As already indicated, it generates warm air to dry your boots so you will still be safer drying pants, liners, and other gear without the heat damaging their delicate materials. This way, you keep your clothes, boots, and shoes from catching mold or producing a bad odor. Essentially, it is designed to produce aroma active carbon to suck in the bad odor within any time you will set under 3 hours.


5. PEET Dryer – Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Boot Dryer

Advantage 4-Boot dryer is an innovative unit with 4 extendable ports to enable you to dry your boots or shoes. It works by neutralizing the bacteria that cause odor and mold. This dryer comes with an inbuilt ETL certified fan that forces warm air to circulate gently and noiselessly through the AirChambers and ports to dry your boots in 4 hours or less depending on how wet they are. This dryer is designed with a wide base to enable the support bulky boots and the port extensions can be added to accommodate tall boots.

It can handle two pairs of boots, shoes, gloves, or pants. It is compatible with 110-120 V United States current or 220 V UK and New Zealand current. With a timer that goes up to 4 min, set it to any time within 4 minutes to dry boots, shoes, or your ski gear. Quite uniquely, this dryer has ports specifically cut out for your helmet and gloves which you will have to purchase separately.


6. MaxxDry Heavy Duty Boot Dryer and Glove Dryer

This heavy-duty boot dryer by Maxxdry has the ability to dry a pair or two of boots in one hour. It uses forced air generated from a built-in fan, which circulated throughout the boots, gloves, or garments, to dry them completely. Depending on what you want, you have the option of selecting between heat or no-heat functions with the heating function going up to 105 °F (40.5 °C). It has been designed with removable extension ports allowing you to use it on boots as tall as 16 inches. If you opt to dry your clothes, you can make use of both the boot and glove ports to dry four garments in one go and with no concern about their material getting damaged. Its 3-hour timer lets you set the specific time that you want for your boots to dry, thereafter, it will switch off automatically. Its package includes a 6-foot power cord.

Whether you want to dry your boots, shoes, gloves, liners, or garments, or just freshen them up before wearing, this heavy-duty boot dryer will come in handy.


7. PEET Dryer – Original Electric Shoe and Boot Dryer

Like other PEET Dryer models, the original 2-shoe dryer comes incorporated with the dual-function technology to dry your boots as well as deodorize them by eliminating odor-causing bacteria and other contaminants. This is thanks to PEET’s very own convection technology which works by drawing in air from the base of the dryer, warming it and forcing it up gently through the AirChamber through the DryPorts where it circulated inside your boots or shoes with the help of a built-in fan. This dryer will only dry a single pair of shoes, boots, liners, gloves, or clothes in one go within 3 to 8 hours.

Perhaps an outstanding advantage with this dryer is that it consumes much less electricity and operates silently. On the con, however, once the timer is set, due to its silent operation, it is not easy to tell whether it is still on or whether it has gone off. Overall, this dryer works well with all types of materials therefore, it is certainly a worthwhile investment.



Overall, the most important feature in a boot dryer is its capacity to dry your boots. This is because shoe odor, mold, and wetness are among the most popular causes of feet discomfort. Footwear and any other apparel can only be comfortable when dry. When water seeps through, they become rather uncomfortable to wear. This is why a boot dryer comes in handy, especially when one does not have ample time to dry them and the weather does not allow.

Boot dryers have definitely changed the normal way of doing things. Initially, drying shoes was a whole day’s affair. To get them perfectly dry, you needed to unlace them, take out their liners, stuff them with old newspapers, and depend on the sun’s heat to get them dry. Well, this isn’t really bad but sometimes time is a luxury you cannot afford. Dryers will dry your boots anytime anywhere and very conveniently so you can have them dry and comfortable as soon as the next morning.


  1. Is there a model that is better tailor made to snowboard boots or are they all manufactured to do ski and snowboard boots equally?

    1. Hey Louise,

      All the dryers that are reviewed in this article are universal, meaning that they both can be equally used with ski and snowboard boots.

      The reason for that is that the shape of ski and snowboard boot is virtually the same and the structure as well, so there is no reason to invent different dryers separately for ski and snowboard boots 😉

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