6 Best Snowmobile and Sport Utility Shovels 2024

Best Snowmobile Shovels

Snowmobile shovels are a necessary addition to your snowmobile toolset. They come in different shapes and the best shovel is one designed with ease of handling depending on your intended task.

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Klim Backcountry Snowmobile Shovel System 4.6
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DSG Outerwear 97466 White Backcountry Shovel 4.8
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BCA D-2 Dozer Hoe Ext Avalanche Shovel with Folding Saw 4.3
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Fobachi Military Survival Folding Shovel 4.7
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Nachman Snow Shovel With Detachable Saw Sm-12109-1 4.4
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Lifeline Aluminum Sports Utility Shovel 4.8

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What matters most in a snowmobile shovel is its strength, durability, utility, weight, and for some the ability to compact into a small size for easy storage and design. Here is an explanation of the features you will need to give thought to when purchasing a snowmobile shovel:


The best snowmobile shovel is made of strong lightweight material because they shouldn’t exert much more weight on top of what it carries. Some shovels are made of high strength plastic for instance Lexan which is lightweight and will not have snow sticking on it. In addition, it does not freeze. Aluminum is another popular material used to construct snowmobile shovels because it is light, tough, durable and corrosion resistant. Steel, on the other hand, is the strongest and the most durable material only it is heavy and will need more effort to complete a task.


Blade shape

As mentioned earlier, shovels come in different shapes and sizes and this defines their functionality. For instance, the round-shaped shovel is the most ideal for digging and breaking ice, the broad square-nose shovel with raised sides and a flat straight tip are great moving matter from one place to another, while still, one with a straight sharp blade is the best when it comes to scraping ice and removing the weed.



The shaft is more of a comfort determinant. However, how long or short it also determines its function to some extent. The right length of the shaft will allow you to work comfortably without stooping over or stretching your back. Some shovels come with a telescoping shaft just so that you get the right length for you and the most ideal for the task at hand.



The handle is attached right at the end of the shaft and needs to be non-slip and as comfortable as possible on your palms. The best material used on the handle is rubber although some shovels like the Nachman Snow shovel is designed with a T-Grip to enhance your grip and ultimately its performance.



Ergonomics refers to the design of a shovel in relation to how well it is fit for the comfort and health of its intended user. Because the function of a shovel is to carry material from one place and shove it to the other, it needs to be designed in such a way that its use will not strain his/her back, arms or any other part of the body. For instance, a shaft that takes the shape of the letter “Z” helps minimize lower back strain as you work.


Best Snowmobile Shovels 2024

1. Klim Backcountry Snowmobile Shovel System

The backcountry shovel system is a truly versatile tool combining the functionality of a snow shovel and wood saw. With a simple push of a button, the shovel quickly converts to a saw and clips securely. Its wide square nose along with its aluminum construction makes it an exceptional performer in scraping off snow and ice crust.

For maximum performance, it comes with a detachable telescoping shaft to meet varying task requirements and a saw blade that is attachable to the shaft for sawing even the high-up twigs and branches. The handle is big enough to give you a good grip lets you scrape off large quantities of snow within a short time and with much ease.

The last thing the backcountry enthusiast needs is an extra heavyweight in the name of a shovel. This is why the Backcountry shovel system makes a great choice because it is big sturdy and lightweight. It is quite durable too. A great addition includes a saw-blade protector.


2. DSG Outerwear 97466 White Backcountry Shovel

The white backcountry shovel by DSG Outwear is a high-strength lightweight snowmobile shovel with saw thanks to its forged aluminum construction. It comes with a telescoping shaft that extends between 31 and 42 inches making it fit for a variety of tasks out in the trail. It also doubles up as a saw given the crosscut saw within the shaft that reveals when you detach the handle from the shaft.

For easy storage, the shaft is detachable from the shovel and the L-shaped handle from the shaft. The handle comes with an ice pick on one end together with an integrated compass to help you check for avalanche danger and for navigation respectively.

Overall, this snowmobile shovel will take care of most of your tasks efficiently; whether you need to clear a path blocked with logs or branches, get some firewood to light a fire, or scrap snow off the ground before pitching your tent. At just 2.15 lb (975 g), this tool makes a great lightweight companion for all your adventures.


3. BCA D-2 Dozer Hoe Ext Avalanche Shovel with Folding Saw

The difference in saving or not saving someone caught up in an avalanche is the time it takes to dig out the snow. The D-2 Dozer Hoe shovel is designed to cut through snow fast and efficiently thanks to its tough 6061 T6 Aluminium oval blade and shaft for effective snow removal. Aluminum has the best strength-to-weight ratio for an avalanche situation and is deflection-free.

Again it converts to a traditional shovel and a folding saw increasing its versatility to cutting and ordinary snow shoveling tasks. The saw features 420 stainless steel teeth blade and a handle made of polymer. The shovel itself features a telescoping shaft that extends from 24.5 in to 31.9 in, non-slip grips on the handle and B-2 blade for convenient operation.

This shovel is a great tool for those venturing out in deep snow as it is designed primarily to dig out snow to rescue stuck snowmobiles, people and much more. It is one of the very few shovels that are bombproof. Finally, it is a lightweight at just 2.1 lb (952.5 g).


4. Fobachi Military Survival Folding Shovel

For the camping enthusiast looking for one tool for numerous functions, the Military Survival Folding Shovel just does it. As its name suggests, it is literally a survival tool. Whether you want to dig, cut, chop, scrap, hammer or open a bottle, there is no carrying any extra tools with you because this one does it all.

With high-strength forged steel construction for the body and handle, this shovel measuring 24.8 in (63 cm) in length is designed to give you several useful years of service before succumbing to damage. It comes with a pipe that you can use to extend its shaft and a blade that is serrated on one side for sawing tasks and hooked on the end to function as a bottle opener. This tool is also equipped with a pick element for ice conditions and for digging trenches.

This mini shovel handles fold twice so that it can be compacted into small size at just 1.5 lb (670 g) weight for portability and easy storage with little space requirements. Its package includes a carrying pouch with a loop for attachment.

Other comfort features include a handle made of soft rubber grip, a thick cutting edge and an ergonomic design important for reducing strain while shoveling. If you are looking for the best backcountry snow shovel, the Military Survival Folding Shovel makes a great choice.


5. Nachman Snow Shovel With Detachable Saw Sm-12109-1

This 2-pound by Nachman comes with a removable saw making it a versatile piece for small-scale snow shoveling takes. It also comes with a telescoping shaft with a T-grip handle making it ideal for varying tasks. The T-grip has the advantage of enhancing your grip and control, especially when lifting heavy snow.

This shovel is made of a Lexan material; a tough transparent material known for its high impact and durability properties. Its small size makes it portable and quite a handy unit.


6. Lifeline Aluminum Sports Utility Shovel

This lightweight utility shovel by Lifeline is a favorite among snowmobile enthusiasts thanks to its innovative functionality. First, it is thoughtfully constructed with the tough lightweight aluminum hence carrying it around and using it is never a hassle. At just 1.3 lb this shovel makes a good backcountry companion given that you will hardly feel its weight.

It is also very flexible for utility and storage purposes with a telescoping handle extending from 25 in. to 32 in. for easy storage, it detaches into three pieces, the shaft, shovel and the handle into a compact piece that you can pack into your backpack.

Finally, with three color options, you get to choose your favorite from red, blue or gold.



Sometimes, the value of a snowmobile shovel is not realized until you are caught up in a situation. While you need to be prepared, you need to be prepared with the right tools and the shovel is just one of them. Knowing the snowing conditions of the area you intend to ride on beforehand will be vital if you have to get the right shovel. Further on is to identify features that you feel should be present in the shovel you intend to purchase.

The above snow shovels are great at removing snow and sawing, along with other tasks they are designed to perform. Most are lightweight with detaching parts for easy storage and portability as these and other features like durability top most snowmobile fans requirements list. However, you will still need to conduct further research and consult experts in order to get the best snowmobile shovel for your needs.

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