6 Best Snowmobile Tunnel Bags 2019

Best Snowmobile Tunnel Bags

Going out sledding? Your snowmobile pants and jackets may not offer you ample enough storage space or convenience even with their numerous pockets. This is when snowmobile tunnel bags come in handy. It’s more or less resembles a backpack only that instead of carrying it on your body, you attach it to the sled and hit the snow.

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Arctic Cat 21-Liter Tunnel Pack Bag 14-17 ZR 4.4
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American Trails Snowmobile Tunnel Bag 4.7
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Ski Doo Slim Tunnel Bag with LinQ Soft Strap 4.3
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Snobunje Inc Tunnel Bag 1036 4.4
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Polaris Snowmobile Pro-Ride RMK Underseat Bag 4.4
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Skinz Protective Gear Tunnel Pak UTP100-BK 4.9

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Some serious adventures like backcountry snowmobiling demand a storage bag for your belongings because even with a clearly laid out plan, you are never too sure where your quest will lead you. Therefore, better pack all you will need and take care of the little fears that ruin the fun. Some important items you may consider carrying along include packed food, headlamps, extra clothes, flashlight, whistle, first aid kit, and a lighter to name but a few.

The best snowmobile tunnel bags will come with the following essential features:

Waterproofness/water resistance

Because snow conditions usually involve exposure to water and dampness, you need a bag made of materials that do not allow water to sip in so that all your stuff will be safe and dry.



It goes without saying that durability is a feature to look out for in a snowmobile gear bag. Check out the material it is made of and its overall construction. Nylon is a common material on tunnel bags because it is strong, lightweight and water resistant.



Portability is determined by how light or heavy your bag will be and how well it is designed to be attached to your machine or carried with your hands. Look out for carry handles and systems used to attach the bag to the sled.


Lockable waterproof zipper

For some, a lockable zipper is necessary for security especially if you have to carry valuable items like cameras and laptops around.



Depending on how much luggage you need to pack, you need to go for a bag in which all your items can fit. Check out if it is compartmentalized in case you will need to organize your stuff inside the bag. Some bags are expandable. Overnight trips, for instance, demand spacious bags.



Most quality bags come with soft padding either in selected areas like the sides or all round to cushion your belongings against impact and prevent damage.


Best Snowmobile Tunnel Bags

Our review today analyzes several outstanding snowmobile bags in the space. In our selection, we factored in the bags’ capacity, closure system, construction, weight and other unique features that make them more functional and versatile than the rest.


1. Arctic Cat 21-Liter Tunnel Pack Bag 14-17 ZR

At a glance, the 21-liter tunnel pack bag by Arctic Cat displays classic style that will definitely look stunning on your snowmobile. Its design is not only stylish but functional for sledding and is a plus for the high-speed rider.

It is roomy enough for all your stuff with at 25 x 13.7 x 6.5 inches and comes with built-in cinch strap which makes a perfect choice if you are looking to secure your luggage in place all through your adventure.

Its cum-lock attachment with quarter-turn lock system is easy to operate and will save you the hassle associated with fastening using several straps and hooks as is in other tunnel bags. At only two pounds, you will be riding light without even noticing the weight behind you.


2. American Trails Snowmobile Tunnel Bag

American Trails takes care of your snowmobile storage concerns with this water-resistant sturdy cube-shaped tunnel bag. Be sure it will hold its shape with or without items inside making it great for packing and for the aesthetics too!

It is designed with a closed up cell foam on its inside that’s half-inch thick to handle any shocks and impacts your stuff may be exposed to. Therefore if you have some fragile items you need to carry to your venture then this is the best bet.

Impressive features include a zipper that can be pulled from both sides, operable with gloves on. Its four straps are functional for fastening your bag on the sled with the convenient buckle closure. Finally, with 12″ x 8″ x 8 ” dimensions, you will have just enough space for a few belongings. Although it may turn out small if you have tons of cargo to sled around with which is hardly ever the case unless you offer to carry items for your mates.


3. Ski Doo Slim Tunnel Bag with LinQ Soft Strap

From the Ski-Doo line of products is this functional yet tough tunnel bag that is a good option if you are looking for a low-profile mounted bag, with quick simple strapping on your sled thanks to the LinQ cargo base kit. The soft strap is long enough at 137 inches so you don’t have to worry about strapping your cargo and it will be nowhere in sight to be a destruction.

Secondly, with 15 liters of capacity, the Slim Tunnel bag will hold just enough necessities to keep you going. Other impressive features are its full wrap around zipper that you can reach to easily when you need to access the bag and the top mount shovel pocket for keeping quick access items. Overall, this bag comes with quality and well thought out build although not as lightweight as you would imagine at 3 lb.


4. Snobunje Inc Tunnel Bag 1036

Snobunje Inc Tunnel Bag 1036

New From: $47.95 USD In Stock

This tunnel bag by Snobunje stands out for its generous storage space, 15 inches length by 8 inches width by 6 inches height with an expandable height up to 10 inches making it a versatile piece. If you are the type that sleds with bulky load, this bag will make a great option. It is also padded on the inside so there is no worrying about your delicate effects.

Easy operation for anyone out in the snow is an important advantage. This tunnel bag mounts fast and easy on the sled and with well-positioned straps with buckle closure secures equally fast.

At just 1.6 lb, this bag is surprisingly lightweight.


5. Polaris Snowmobile Pro-Ride RMK Underseat Bag

Polaris is a household brand in the snowmobile world and their Pro-Ride underseat bag is a true reflection of its innovation. At a glance, this bag is classic and will make heads turn. Beyond this, it is tough built with 1000D black nylon fabric known for its strength, abrasion resistance, and water repellent properties.

It comes with a self-adhesive Velcro that easily attaches to the sled and a reflective side webbing for visibility. With 10 inches length by 10 inches width by 6 inches height, you have more than 500 cubic inches of storage space which is ample enough. In addition, it is a lightweight with less than a pound of weight.

On the downside, however, it may not be the best option for storing quick access items.


6. Skinz Protective Gear Tunnel Pak UTP100-BK

Skinz Protective Gear Tunnel Pak made of Denier nylon fabric offers compartmentalized storage space ideal for those who intend to organize their stuff in the bag. It comes designed with water-resistant zippers with a striking matte finish. It is padded on the sides to protect your belongings and comes with a reflective strip to enhance visibility.

The shock cord fasteners are great for holding your bag firmly in position and the carry handle is functional for carrying your bag when it’s not on the sled. At just 1 lb, this bag is quite portable.



Ultimately, you need to keep your stuff safe and dry and this is the main function of snowmobile tunnel bags. Therefore, every factor you will be checking out for in a bag should fulfill this function first and other comforts, style, and convenience functions next.

Ask yourself questions like:

  • Is it collapsible if you need something small to carry around?
  • how well made are its zippers, will they be too cold when you need to access items from your bag?
  • How well organized is the bag?
  • Is it adjustable?

Finally, you need a bag that can withstand years of aggressive use since the rough rides on the mountain may not be forgiving for poor quality material.

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