6 Best Snowmobile Loading Ramps 2024

Best Snowmobile Loading Ramps

For every snowsport enthusiast, owning a snowmobile and every other gear that goes along with it is exciting enough. However, between your new equipment and launching them on fresh powder is how to transport them there. Hauling your ski or snowmobile onto the trailer in order to transport is no easy task. To haul your machine onto the truck and transport it safely, you need a snowmobile trailer ramp. Not just that, you need the right ramp for your specific machine and one that will fit the type of vehicle that you will use to transport it.

Snowmobile ramps are different, functionally and in design, from other ramps. Most feature a tri-fold design and at least 1,500 lb capacity. They are also constructed with tough lightweight material making it possible to store and transport them easily.

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Rage Powersports 60” by 54” Snowmobile Loading Ramp with Extension Track 4.3
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Rage Powersports 94″ by 54″ Snowmobile Loading Ramp with Center Track Extension 4.5
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Rev Arc 90″ Sled Ramp 4.5
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Revarc Bosski Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp RevSled 4.4
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Black Ice 60” by 54” Snowmobile Ramp with Center Extension and Stud Protectors 4.5
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Yutrax TX104 Silver 78″ XL Aluminum Tri Fold Ramp 1750 lb Capacity 4.0

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Here are some important factors you need to consider to pick the right ramp for your needs.


Maximum carrying capacity

As we have already mentioned, most will come with a carrying capacity of 1,500 lb. However, some heavy duty ones will have a higher capacity rating.


Length and width dimensions

The length and width of your ramp need to match that of your snowmobile and still leave some extra space to keep it secure on the surface of the ramp without slipping off easily. You also need to consider getting a snowmobile truck deck in addition to a ramp, for safe and secure transportation.


Material construction

Most ramps are built of aluminum or steel metal because it is highly resistant to corrosion, is strong, and lightweight. This gives it the ability to support the weight of ski or snowmobile without bending or getting damaged.


Design features

Some features to consider as far as design is concerned is how well the center runners have been designed to provide traction for your machine and prevent it from slipping off the incline. Some ramps feature ski guides mostly made of low resistance PU to help direct your ski straight up the ramp. Others come with extension pieces which will help you load your snowmobile easily from a slippery floor. The extension is also good if you have a tall track and need to reduce the incline to a safe angle.


Ability to fold

You can select from a tri-fold, non-folding, or folding ramps. Most people prefer tri-fold ramps because of the flexibility they offer during storage and transportation. This is because they will fold compact into a small size. Secondly, they come integrated with straps to secure them in place especially during transportation.

Finally, some ramps can double up to be used for ATVs and motorcycles making them quite versatile. It is advisable to use your ramp following the manufacturer’s specifications. This way, you, your ramp, snowmobile, and even trailer will be safe.


Best Snowmobile Loading Ramps 2024

Today we analyze 6 top snowmobile ramps in detail. Check them out to see what makes them stand out your board.


1. Rage Powersports 60” by 54” Snowmobile Loading Ramp with Extension Track

Rage Powersports snowmobile loading ramp is built to strength with heavy-duty aluminum. This gives it the ability to hold up the weight of your snowmobile without weakening. It has a 1,500 lb carrying capacity rating and is lightweight at only 48 lb.

This loading ramp is 60 x 54-inch wide and has been designed with a serrated rung center giving your machine an excellent grip. If you intend to use it for your ski, for the dual carbide snowmobiles, or any low-resistance loading, the 12-inch PU ski guides will certainly come in handy. The track extension ramp is a great additional feature that lets you get your machine off any type of ground to the ramp safely and effortlessly.

This tri-fold ramp folds compact for easy storage and transportation alongside your snowmobile. The ramp fingers are lined with rubber material and buckled straps to make handling easy and to help you secure it in place during storage or transportation.


2. Rage Powersports 94” by 54” Snowmobile Loading Ramp

This is arguably the best snowmobile ramp for truck owners. Its features are similar to those of other Rage Powersports snowmobile ramps only that it is longer in length at 94 inches. Most other features including the 1,500 lb carrying capacity, heavy-duty aluminum construction, notched center with an extension ramp to provide a good grip for your snowmobile on the ramp, the wide 12-inch dual carbide ski glides, along with its ability to fold compact for easy storage and transportation are features typical of Rage Powersports. Overall, this ramp is sturdy, well constructed, quite durable and is worth your consideration.   


3. Rev Arc 90” Sled Ramp

These sled deck ramps by Rev Arc feature the revolutionary Traction Control Technology in its design. This system delivers the stability of a one-piece ramp and enhances the grip of your snowmobile on the ramp while keeping you as safe as possible during loading. Other impressive features in this 90-inch sled ramp are its wide carrying surface and the raised ski glides functional for directing your skis on the ramp safely and with ease. This makes it the ramp for most if not all sleds. Again, it is compatible with 36-inch to 46-inch ski centers making it a remarkably versatile unit.

This tri-fold ramp surprisingly features an arched design, an incredible safety feature that reduces the speed with which you will load your machine on your trailer for the purpose of safety. It is constructed with strong lightweight aluminum and comes with a carrying capacity of 1,500 lb.

This ramp folds compact from 48 inches to 16 inches and is outfitted with 3 ratchet straps to help you attach it to your track securely when transporting or during storage.


4. Revarc Bosski Tri-Fold Snowmobile Ramp RevSled

Revarc Bosski Tri-Fold is one of the best snowmobile trailer ramps for moving heavy and bulky snowmobiles safely up your trailer or pick-up truck. It comes with raised ski glides to provide a centered path and traction for your snowmobile so you do not have to worry about it slipping off and getting damaged. To further enhance stability and traction, this unit comes with bigger gate grips and has also been integrated with the innovative traction control technology.

With a 1,500 lb capacity rating, Bosski snowmobile ramp is ideal for large-sized snowmobiles. On the other hand, however, storing and transporting it around is many easy thanks to its ability to fold compact down from 49.5 inches to 21 inches. The 3 ratchet straps attached to it will help you secure it in place. Finally, weighing just 44 lb, you can be sure that this ramp will be as portable as you expect it to be.


5. Black Ice 60” by 54” Snowmobile Ramp with Center Extension

Aluminum material is known to be long lasting and is agreeably the most suitable for constructing a ramp given that it is also tough and lightweight. The 60 x 54-inch ramp by Black Ice is among the burliest snowmobile ramps that are built to last with premium aluminum. It features extra-wide 12-inch ski glides for your dual carbide machine and others that need low resistance loading onto the trailer.

It has been designed with a rather unique center section which features stud protectors to enhance traction. This, together with the 12-inch PU ski glides makes this an excellent safety ramp for both your ski and dual carbide snowmobile. It has a 1,500 lb weight rating like most others but will hold up quite well in heavy-duty use. The 36 x 12-inch center track extension comes in handy when you need to get your machine off the ground on to the ramp with ease.

Easy to store, easy to move around with, this tri-fold ramp folds compact and comes integrated with safety straps with buckle closures to secure it firmly inside your trailer once you are done with the loading.


6. Yutrax TX104 Silver 78” XL Aluminum Tri-Fold Ramp

The TX104 ramp by Yutrax presents the best option for overly heavy duty loading. Rather than the usually riveted hinges, this one is designed with heavy-duty hinges that are welded to the joints making this snowmobile loading ramp both sturdy and easy to rotate when opening or folding. Made of heavy duty aluminum metal, this ramp comes with a carrying capacity of 1,750 lb which is slightly higher than most others.

Due to the amount of weight this ramp is built to handle, it has been engineered with safety features such as extruding rectangular side rails to handle much weight without bending and an extended center section to accommodate heavyweights. The rubber coated tabs will keep your tailgate from scratches and with the adjustable straps, you can secure your ramps firmly in different transportation or storage dimensions. It folds compact from 50 inches to 17.5 inches.



Snowmobile ramps are a must have if you intend to transport your snowmobile safely. Without a ramp, you will be forced to haul your machine onto the trailer which can be very dangerous. These handy units are almost absolutely necessary because first, they ensure safety under all conditions. Secondly, they help you load your snowmobile in and out of your trailer or truck in an instant.

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