5 Best Downhill (Alpine) Ski Poles for Kids 2024

Ski Poles for Kids

There are different ways families choose to enjoy the winter season. Some will prefer reading, snuggling up or eating seasonal foods. However, one of the most memorable ways to embrace the snowy season is by trying skiing sports. Skiing is a fun sport for both kids and adults. The pleasure of making nerve-wracking turns, twists. slides while maintaining body balance down the slope is incomparable.

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When making plans to buy skiing gear for your kids, you must consider the crucial role of ski poles. Not only do they give the balance but also help in propelling across the flat terrain. While ski poles can be a versatile addition to your arsenal of ski gear, not every kid is fit to use it. Be sure to first check your kid’s age and skills.  To help you get the best ski poles for your kids, we have reviewed some of the top-rated ski poles for kids.


The purpose of ski poles


When executing parallel turns or tackling tough terrains, the ability to effectively balance and rhythm will define the difference between success and failure. For newbie skiers, the ski poles help in providing balance when descending downhill. Make sure your kid is equipped with best ski poles to ensure he or she can maneuver easily


Skiing often happens downhill. However, sometimes you may be forced to ski on flat terrain. As you come downhill, you will always meet the flat section or near the flat section just towards the foot of the Slope. Such points may need you to push yourself through and therefore the ski poles will come in handy in propelling you forward.


A ski pole can be used as a tool to remove snow stuck on your boots. When your bindings get covered with powder flick it out with your poles.


Buyer’s guide

There are a number of ski poles available in the market today. Finding the best choice for your kids is often challenging. Ski poles are not as technical as skiing boots but with the right quality, you will be prepared for the ultimate experience. ski poles are always sold in pairs of two and each measures 2 inches interval. There are also long ski poles measuring above  2 inches. For kids, shorter ski poles will work best. Long poles cause unresponsiveness or loss of control during skiing. Before purchasing a ski pole for your kid, be sure to check out for the following:


When selecting a ski pole, check out on the material used to make the shaft. Aluminum is the most commonly used material. Aluminum is cheap, light and very strong. Among the different classes of aluminum poles, the 7000 series poles are the strongest. Despite aluminum being the most preferable for ski poles, it tends to remain bent if flexed too much. Carbon ski poles, on the other hand, are lighter but hard. Unlike the aluminum pole, the carbon pole doesn’t bend easily. It will likely snap if it hits a rock. Carbon can also bounce back to its original shape. The other types of materials used include:

  • Composites- they are flexible but more durable as compared to aluminum
  • High-grade aluminum. Used for high-end poles. It has a higher weight and strength as compared to normal aluminum poles.

For junior or beginner poles, aluminum-based poles should be the ideal choice.


Length is an important consideration when buying a ski pole. You don’t want to pick a very long or very short pole. Ski poles do come in a pre-set length of 5 cm. For kids, buy poles with adjustable lengths. This will help accommodate growth. If you have issues with the right size for your kid, flip the pole upside down and let the kid hold right below the basket. Check the elbow alignment. If it’s 90 degrees, then that’s the correct size for him or her. Alternatively, use the ski pole Sizing chart to get the correct pole length.

The two common locking mechanisms for adjustable poles include the pinhole system that uses a pin to lock a set length and the friction locking style that uses grip and friction to prevent distortion of a set length.


The grips on Ski poles helps provide a strong grasp. This means your hand cannot slide off when skiing. Most poles have molded grips that have been ergonomically designed to ensure it perfectly aligns with the user’s hand. The poles with soft rubber grips on top of hard rubber are ideal for kids. They are comfortable and provide the maximum grasp. You should also note that the kid’s and women’s poles have grips scaled downwards while men’s poles have grips been scaled upwards.

Basket type

Baskets come in two varieties: the powder, which ideal for deep snow and backcountry; and the standard best for resort skiing. Powder baskets are heavier and have larger diameters. The large diameter prevents the pole from sinking into the snow. The standard baskets are lighter and have a small diameter. If you are planning to buy a ski pole for your kid, standard baskets should be the ideal choice. Now that you know what to look for in the kid’s ski pole, the next step is identifying which is the perfect brand for your kid. We have spent hours researching and testing various ski pole brands in the market. We disregarded most of the poles because they lacked key features. The list below has been compiled by our professional skiers to bring you the best downhill (Alpine) Ski Poles for Kids.



Best 5 Ski Poles for Kids 2024


1. Salomon Brigade Jr Ski Poles

Salmon brigade Jr Ski Poles features a lightweight aluminum shaft with a junior basket perfect for skiing down the powdery terrain. If you want your kids to have a little more excitement and ski like a pro, then this pole should be your go-to choice. The Solomon Brigade Jr ski poles have also an interchangeable basket system and come with a range of adjustable lengths that accommodate kids with various heights.

The Solomon brigade Jr pole has been designed to not only give the ultimate skiing experience but also provide the safety. The junior straps have been fitted near the grip handle to provide protection to your young shredder. The plastic grip has been specially molded with four finger layout to enable a firm grip of small hands.


  • Lightweight and durable
  • Junior straps for added protection
  • Enhanced plastic molded junior grip


  • Best suited for beginners. May not be ideal for experienced skiers.


2. WSD Ski Poles Telescopic adjustable Collapsible downhill

Ski poles Telescopic adjustable Collapsible kids junior downhill /alpine ski poles pair with baskets Model New allows you to change the baskets and adjust the length to your kid’s preferable height. With this pole, you are saved from buying new poles every year as it can be adjusted to a range of 32” to 42”. The pole features a super stylistic design that is lightweight, thanks to the aluminum-based shaft. Kids can easily carry the ski pole and even learn the different turns without fear of breaking the pole.

The new pole lock mechanism ensures a secure interlock system hence you don’t have to worry about the set distance changing.  The adjustable nylon wrist strap helps secure your child’s hand to the pole. Let your kids enjoy the rough adventures on the slopes with Ski poles Telescopic adjustable Collapsible kids junior downhill /alpine ski poles pair with baskets Model New.


  • Durable and lightweight aluminum
  • The ability to adjust length carters for growth of the kids
  • Interchangeable baskets reduce the expense of buying new poles every year
  • New locking mechanism for maximum protection
  • Adjustable nylon strap to secure kids hands


  • Hands can slide off the strap if not secured tight.


3. Salomon Kaloo Junior Alpine Ski Poles

If you are planning to let your kids ski during the next trip to ski resort then you should probably include Salomon Kaloo Junior alpine ski poles in their skiing gear. The pole futures an aluminum alloy shaft that has been attached to the standard basket thus ensuring your child gets the ultimate skiing experience. Salomon Kaloo Junior ski pole is lightweight and the ability to adjust pole length ensures different kids’ height are catered for.

For protection, the pole has a plastic molded grip with small fingers engravings which gives the perfect grip of small hands. Additionally, the junior straps attached to plastic grip ensure the child’s hands are fastened. Salomon Kaloo Junior alpine ski poles measure 39.5 inches (100 cm) in length and weigh 0.33 lb (150 g). When ordered, they come as two poles.


  • Provision of junior straps for enhanced protection
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Small finger engravings for better grip


  • Paint chips off easily


4. Atomic AMT Ski Poles

Atomic AMT Ski Poles is an ideal skiing gear for growing kids. There are several sizes to chose from: 31.5, 33.5, 35.5, 37.5, 39.5, 41.5 inches (80, 85, 90, 95, 100, 105 cm). The pole has been made from aluminum alloy shaft which makes it lightweight and durable. Whether they are skiing on rough terrain or through the woods, kids can easily maneuver about and around quite easily. To enhance the safety of little ones, the pole has been supplemented with an ergonomically molded plastic that ensures a firm grip. Once the user has grasped the pole, you can fasten his hands using an elastic strap. Atomic AMT Ski Poles come grey colored. The manufacturer also gives a one year warranty for this product.


  • It’s lightweight and durable
  • Provision of elastic straps for added protection
  • A wide range of adjustable lengths ensures children of all ages are catered for


  • Poles can bend off after heavy use


5. Volkl Phantastick Kids’ Ski Poles

Volkl Phantastick Kids’ Ski Poles feature an aluminum alloy shaft measuring 14 mm in diameter. The lightness and durability of aluminum make this pole an ideal skiing partner on harsh slopes. Kids are not always easy on equipment but with this pole, the abuses can be withstood, thanks to the strong finish. The plastic molded ergonomic grip ensures a firm grip on the pole and hence the ability of the child to maintain balance. The nylon grip is comfortable on hands and durable. Whether it is freestyling skiing or alpine, Volkl Phantastick Kids’ Ski Poles are the best companion to give your son a memorable skiing experience.


  • Lightweight shaft
  • Plastic molded grips that are comfortable on hands
  • Provision of hand straps for added protection


  • There are limited adjustable sizes available



If you intend to let your kids ski this season, you got to start planning early. When packing up skiing gear, there are numerous types of equipment you should include. One of the key components is the ski poles.

The ski poles help boost the performance of the skies by enhancing their maneuverability while navigating through different snow terrains. Finding the best skiers poles for kids can be daunting a task. There are hundreds of skin pole available. Some are too good but others are the least desirable. This guide will help you in making a profound decision in selecting a top-rated skiing pole for your kids. The poles in the list are lightweight, strong and durable and therefore you are assured of the best products in the markets.

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