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8 Best Ski and Snowboard Goggles 2024

Best Ski and Snowboard Goggles

Ski and Snowboard Goggles come in handy as the much-needed protection from wind, light, and impact during your adventure. When selecting among skiing goggles brands, go for one that will significantly improve your vision and protect your eyes on the slopes. Apart from this, getting a good fit is vital because you need proper protection for your eyes and face from the harsh snow and ice conditions.

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Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles 4.5
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Electric Visual EG3 G.I. Joe Camo Snow Goggles 4.6
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Smith Optics I/OX Goggles 4.8
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Dragon Alliance X2 Ski Goggles 4.7
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Spherion Gear Ski Goggles + Detachable Amber Lens 4.5
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Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles 4.7
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Dragon NFXs Photochromic Goggles 4.3
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ZIONOR Lagopus X4 Goggles 4.1

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Some general considerations for selecting ski or snowboard goggles are:

Peripheral vision

Wider lenses will help you to see your sides (at least 180 degrees from side to side) and hence avoid colliding with other skiers. If you have chosen the low profile goggles that fit well with your helmet, also confirm that they have the widest possible viewing angle.



The tint of the lenses contributes to the amount of light getting to your eyes. You can use the VLT (Visible Light Transmission) ratings found in most goggles to get the right tint based on where you will be spending your time. However, it is important to know that low VLT (for instance 15%) is good for intense light conditions like on a sunny day, while a high VLT (say 70%) is ideal for poor-light days. The right tint protects you from eye fatigue.


Anti-fog feature

While having extra lenses can reduce fogging, a pair of goggles with lenses furthest from your face experiences less flogging. Fogging is usually caused when warm breath from your mouth hits the cold lenses of your goggles. Look for lenses with the anti-fog coating and vents at the top, bottom, and sides.



It is vital that you have a pair of goggles that allows the flow of air to evaporate moisture. Some goggles have 2 to three lenses sandwiched to eliminate the buildup of condensation inside the goggles, others come with the vents as mentioned above.


The shape of the lenses

You can select between spherical and cylindrical shaped lenses. Spherical lenses are curved horizontally and vertically with a wide surface area to cover your forehead to your nose. The cylindrical shaped lenses, on the other hand, and these are the most common, are curved horizontally from one side of your face to the other.

Overall, spherical lenses are the most recommended as their wide surface area on your face enhances better ventilation, fog prevention, and a good peripheral vision.



Comfort is achieved through the right fit and the right fit through getting the right size of frames. Make sure that your frames do not fit too tight or too loose. Some common pressure points to look out for are the nose and the cheekbones.



Padding serves three purposes. It helps your goggles fit well and cushions your face from pressure caused by the goggle frames. They also protect your face by filling gaps through which the biting chills can reach your face.


UV and glare protection

Glasses with protection from UV and glare are inevitable. To protect your eyes from glare, look for polarized lenses. On the other hand, while most goggles come with UV protection, look for those with 100% UV protection.


Goggles for glasses wearers

Skiers who wear prescription glasses too have not been left out as manufacturers today produce both snowboard and ski goggles for glasses wearers. As such, these skiers considerations need to go beyond to include compatibility with their glasses. A good pair of ski or snowboard goggles needs to cover your lenses well to prevent the biting cold air from covering your lenses which is a major cause of eyesores. Most over the glass goggles (OTG) are designed to fit most prescription glasses. They are usually designed with a foam that seals any gaps between them and your glasses to deliver a great fit for your facial structure, channels for the arms of your glasses and are deep enough to cover the entire frame.


One final tip when selecting these goggles is that they need to be compatible with your helmet. Opt for a plastic frame rather than a metal one as metal is known to be a good conductor of cold. Oakley Canopy and Smith I/OX are good examples of quality OTG goggles.


Best Ski and Snowboard Goggles 2024

We have undertaken an in-depth skiing goggles review to make it easy for you to select the ones that meet your unique taste yet still giving you all the protection that your face and eyes need. Check out these top ski and snowboard goggles.


1. Oakley Canopy Ski Goggles

The Oakley Canopy Goggles make a good option if you are looking for large lenses to maximize your view all around. With its expanded peripheral, up and down view, you will definitely achieve this. At the same time, its frame is designed with the latest O Matter® design that is flexible in all temperatures and takes the shape of your face to yield a comfortable fit. Secondly, it’s O Flow™ Arch is designed to allow free flow of air to prevent fogging.

Speaking of fogging, Canopy Ski Goggles come with anti-fog lenses featuring double Plutonite lenses coupled with an F3 coating for maximum moisture absorption. Again, you’ll love the fact that the lenses are toughly built to withstand impact yet still give you a clear view and 100% UV protection.

Unlike other snowboard goggles brands, Oakley Canopy is compatible with many different snowboarding helmets. This is due to its outrigger mounts functional for distributing pressure evenly on all parts of the chassis as well as its silicone backed straps for securing your helmet tightly.

No more concerns about the extreme cold as the Canopy comes with a 3-layered fleece polar foam to keep your face warm, dry and fully protected throughout.

We found the Canopy goggles by Oakley to be quite comfortable to most riders’ face. It is recommended too if you are looking for a pair of goggles that will not fog yet let you breathe normally.


2. Electric Visual EG3 G.I. Joe Camo Snow Goggles

The EG3 is the goggles for the tech-savvy expert rider out for high-quality optics for a great peripheral vision. You will be charmed with the minimal tough flexible white TPU frame attached with an adjustable 40 mm silicone strap used to secure it to your helmet for a great fit.

This pair of goggles features an Electric Press Seal System to ensure that you have an airtight lens seal on the frame to lock out all moisture. Its double lenses come with an anti-scratch coating to keep them from scratching hence additional durability.

With a combination of double lenses and anti-fog coating, you may well forget about the hassle associated with fogging and of course poor vision as a result. What’s more, Electric was quite thoughtful to have included an effective venting system that directs airflow over the lenses keeping them clear at all times.

The integration of an oversized spherical lens and an uninterrupted frame provides users with extended visions all-round vision. Additionally, the polycarbonate lens provides a clear view and is strong enough to provide a great resistance to impact.

Changing the lenses is simplified. You only require pulling its frame by the side and the lens is released. The designers also ensured your comfort and warm by Triple-layer Face foam with fleece linings that ensure you have a smooth seal over the face while giving an extra soft feeling.


3. Smith Optics I/OX Goggles

These Smith I/OX is cool goggles that deliver the best optics for unparalleled peripheral vision and the best ski goggles for glasses wearers. The classy goggles have a clean rimless design for unhindered vision. The goggles are designed with Carbonic X lenses, a TLT optics together with a 5x anti-fog inner lens for ensuring that your visions are fog-free and clear all the time.

It is designed with a unique space style. It further uses a visible light transmission rating (VLT) in its mirror lenses for auto adaptation to the changing environment for clear vision. For instance, a red, and blue sensor lenses that offer a 55 to 60% VTL will provide an enhanced clear vision required for low light conditions. The seamless compatibility with helmets enhances protecting performances as it provides airtight sealing.

When it comes to fitting the goggles, you can always trust the Vaporator Lens and Silicone seal that will adjust to air pressure and ensure you are comfortable. In addition, you can easily swap the lenses very fast due to the quick release lens system.


4. Dragon Alliance X2 Ski Goggles

The goggles have a large frame that will fit your face perfectly. Dragon Alliance X2 is further designed with the spherical lens to provide you with unrestricted peripheral vision. With a wide nose bridge, these goggles can fit any face and also used with any helmet. You will enjoy the tough venting system that has been made from solid plastic. Consequently, you can use it any day of the winter as you can just brush the snow whenever it is stuck without breaking the venting system.

When it comes to designing the lens, you will love the optimized lens technology due to the great depth and clarity it provides. The goggles have been designed with a Swiftlocck system that makes it very easy and fast to change the lens. This stylish product is therefore equipped to deal with fogging and ensure unobstructed vision. Additionally, you can fasten the goggles to have a good fit using a blue, camo or jet black strap according to your taste.

You, however, need to ensure that the tab of the Swiftlock is locked properly to prevent the lens from popping out when you get a big heat.


5. Spherion Gear Ski Goggles + Detachable Amber Lens

Here is a cool design that is probably the best to use in low light conditions and also while night skiing or snowboarding. The Spherion Gear Ski Goggles have a hard endurance lens that is not only resistant to scratch but also is guaranteed to protect your eyes from ultraviolet rays as well as deflect the snow. These goggles come with a premium facial padding that is effective in protecting your face from the cold and strong wind.

The detachable amber lens is a high quality of 47% VLT yellow lens, which is great for low light conditions and hence can use even at night. This is supported by the durable and flexible frame that is ultra-light as well as being compatible with prescription glasses.

The anti-fogging system is simplified as it allows heat to escape through the front top vents which will not jack. The detachable straps make you have a great fit even if you have a big helmet. The straps also have a silicone beading that ensures they will not slip.


6. Oakley Flight Deck Ski Goggles

The Flight Deck are the goggles for you if you keen about having a stealth look and crisp vision. Its frame is designed with 3D CAD/CAM for a perfect fit that provides a continuous fit on the face to lock out wind and wick out the moisture as well. The rimless design also ensures the unpatrolled vision for users in all directions. Comfort and protection against cold and wind are provided by the triple-layer polar fleece foam.

The goggles’ frame can accommodate helmet and glasses and hence very compatible with a wide range of helmets and allows a user to switch the lenses swiftly due to the discreet frame design. The lens is made of high definition optics that provides maximum resistance to virtually no distortion at all angles. The dual-pane lens with the F3 anti-fog coating provides great airflow and clarity even during the misty conditions.

Its straps are also strong enough as they are silicone backed to ensure that they keep your goggles firmly in place even when over slippery helmet surfaces.


7. Dragon NFXs Photochromic Goggles

Here is a pair of goggles for you if you consider yourself having a small face. The Dragon Alliance NFXS Goggles are smaller version and hence a downgrade of NFX. The features that you will find amazing is an interchangeable cylindrical lens and rimless frames. The frames are made of polyurethane and hooked up with armored venting that excellent in ensuring clear vision at all times.

The lens is thermal made and treated with anti-fog technology. Its lenses are scratch-resistant while providing 100% protection against ultraviolet rays. We like the fact that the ventilation is based on the unidirectional Airflow system for superior airflow and armored venting.

The straps make it compatible with a wide range of helmets has it enable the user to select a correct strap length based on the goggles’ proportions and helmets sizes. The goggles come with 1.5 adjustable straps which are backed by silicone for strength. Thanks to Tri-foam technology that is employed in the product, you are assured of comfort and protection from cold from the snow areas.


8. ZIONOR Lagopus X4 Goggles

The Zionor Lagopus x4 Goggles are high performance and high-quality goggles. It is made of durable materials like lens made by a solid PC. The magnetic lens-swapping technology holds the lens tightly while allowing for easy removal and cleaning. You can customize your goggles with over 17 lenses to select from. Additionally, the spherical ultra-wide view provides users with a 180-degree view on the panoramic lenses that are also 100% UV400 protection.

In addition to being protected by the anti-fog system, these goggles have a great ventilation system that is offered by the smooth venting integration. The ventilation consists of a two-way system that facilitates good airflow while reducing flogging in warm and moist conditions.

These spherical frameless goggles will ensure that you have a clear vision whether you are skiing at night or day. It is also able to withstand all weather conditions.

The goggles come with an adjustable long head strap that makes them compatible with helmets of different sizes – from teens to adults.



It is critical to get a good pair of goggles and hence it is worth spending a little more time on snowboard goggles review to get the exact ski goggles that you need. The obvious consideration is that your goggles provide clear vision and this is especially important if you wear corrective lenses.

The features like interchangeable lenses are more on high-end products. Each brand has some unique features. For instance, Dragons have its Swiftlock technology, Smith brought in its ChromaPop lenses, and Oakley is based on the Prizm design. For a beginner, a good pair of goggles is simply one that enhances your vision, provides protection from the wind, snow, and sun, and ensures your comfort.

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