10 Best Snowboard Bindings 2024

Best Snowboard Bindings

Snowboard bindings are as important to the snowboard set-up as the snowboard itself and the snowboard boots. Their function is to connect your boots to the board, therefore, your choice of bindings is a great determinant of your riding experience. In essence, snowboard bindings transmit energy from body motion onto the board.

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Union Force Snowboard Bindings 4.7
Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Bindings 4.9
Drake Reload Snowboard Bindings 4.3
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Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings 4.4
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Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings 4.7
Salomon Snowboards Hologram Snowboard Bindings 4.7
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Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings 4.5
Burton Cartel EST Snowboard Bindings 4.5
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K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings 4.3
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Flow Fuse-GT Hybrid Snowboard Bindings 4.2

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There are three main types, at least the most commonly used currently, of snowboard bindings:

Strap snowboard bindings

This is apparently the more traditional of the two and the most commonly used. It consists of two independent straps across the toes and ankles and is advantageous for customized strap adjustment. Its highback, although fixed, can tilt at angles to help the wearer get a snug fit. They are great for any style of riding however if you prefer automated buckling, this may not be the right choice.


Speed entry snowboard bindings

Speed entry bindings also known as rear entry bindings are a great option for those who are wary of manual buckling. As the name suggests, their highback is hinged to allow it drop flat for the user to have an easy entry in and out by simply stepping into them. Secondly, rather than two independent straps, their toe and ankle straps are connected so that you can adjust them independently but not entirely as adjusting one strap will definitely have an effect on the other.


Step-in snowboard bindings

Step-in bindings basically involve folding down the highback in order to put your foot in the binding. They are good for a quick step-in-and-out of the snowboard. The greatest disadvantage with these bindings is that they will not give you much control thanks to very minimal adjustability options and a high possibility of snow clogging within this system.


Read more on snowboard bindings types and setups here.


What to consider when selecting the best snowboard bindings?

Your Riding Style

You could be a freestyler, all-mountain rider, or a freerider and it is best to get a pair of bindings that match your riding style. In addition, consider your flex which again will obviously go along with your riding style. As we already know, Park or freestyle riders are better off with soft flex mainly because their style is more about play and trick and therefore require room for easy and cushioned landing among other things. The all-mountain rider tries everything imaginable from groomed runs, park and powder runs and will need something a little stiff although not to the extreme. This makes medium flex ideal for them.

On the other hand, the freeriders usually have their feet hard on the ground with challenging terrains including deep powder. For them, a better response is a priority and for this reason, they are better off with a stiff flex. Remember that bindings too have flex ratings and knowing the flex of your boots will help you select a matching flex when getting bindings.



Just like you would be keen on getting the right fit for shoes or snowboard boots, it is vital to get the right fit when selecting bindings. The general sizing for bindings are small, medium, and large. However, there is more to getting the right fit than merely selecting any of this. First, you need to check with the manufacturer’s size chart. Secondly, ensure that you physically fit the bindings with your boots on to make sure they fit snugly. It is important to point out here that some bindings are specific to snowboards, therefore, confirm that the ones you get are compatible with your snowboard.



The last thing you would need on a rugged backcountry terrain or deep powder is heavy bindings. This affects control and performance. As you get the right fit, also check that the bindings are lightweight to give you an easy time on the trail.



With manufacturers keen on emerging technology, the features of a set of bindings is something we cannot afford to overlook. Basic bindings are good, however, some features like the type of strapping, baseplate cushioning, canting, and adjustment options are features you may want to check out when selecting a set of bindings.


Best Snowboard Bindings 2024

Our review today focuses on some top bindings you will come across in the market. We have taken the time to perform an in-depth analysis to help you make the most informed choice. Let’s take a look.


1. Union Force Snowboard Bindings

The Union Force has for years provided one of the most widely used snowboard bindings. The popularity of these bindings draws from their having holes on their big highback for top performance.
Every one of the bindings in the Union force lines has been designed to strength and durability.

With the baseplate made from Stage IV Duraflex ST a form of blended nylon, along with EVA bushing incorporated on the heels plus the extruded aluminum heel cup, makes these bindings a great choice for high impact and extremely cold temperature conditions.

In terms of adjustability, the SonicFuse straps are a feature to keep an eye on, they are not only strong, but it also takes an instant to adjust their length plus you will appreciate the firm grip they will accord your boots. Because these bindings are designed to be adjusted without the need for tools, you will also like the ease with which you can change the positioning of the boots on the board.

Flex-wise, the Union Force Men’s bindings are rated medium which basically means that you can indulge in a wide range of snowboarding styles and terrain maybe only apart from jibbing as this needs a purely stiff flex.

Finally, these bindings are designed with universal discs making them compatible with most snowboards and their injected aluminum buckles are a strong feature to behold. If you are keen on a warranty, then you got yourself a lifetime warranty on the baseplates and heel cups which I would say is rare to come by.

Overall, the Union Force Bindings are perfect for all level riders as they not only offer great comfort and responsiveness but are also easy to use even by learners.


2. Flow Fuse Fusion Snowboard Bindings

The rear entry Flow Fuse bindings have straps that offer a unique feel of fun without compromising their responsiveness. For freeriders fond of slopeside tricks, these are the bindings to go for. These Fusion Powerstraps with padding for utmost comfort feature the Active Strap Technology which causes an automatic lifting of the straps when the highback opens and tightens when the highback is closed so that getting in and out of your bindings is fast and simplified.

Quite uniquely, the baseplates of these bindings are made of glass-filled nylon material to enhance their strength and response. At the back of their tray are aluminum side wings. The rockered baseplate keeps your balance in check thanks to its minimized contact surface area with the board. It also enhances the efficient transmission of energy to the board. Through all this, you still get a great fit and good toe cap support thanks to the 2.5-degree BankBeds.

The flow fusion highback is designed with a modular highback so that its lower and an upper zone are separate with each part optimized to provide strength and support respectively.

Finally, the Locking Slap Ratchet buckles made of aluminum gives users the freedom of getting in and out of the binding in any way they like. Aluminum is a light material and it is also a great friction reducer hence no extra weight on you indulge.

Love strength and quick automated access? These are the bindings to consider.


3. Drake Reload Snowboard Bindings

This is a freestyle oriented binding that’s great if you intend to do much of park rides. The Drake Reload bindings are designed to the maximum possible adjustability thanks to its Light saber Baseplate. This baseplate employs minimal contact with the snowboard concept to let you achieve great flex while minimizing the overall weight of your set-up. Its heel cups too are adjustable to three different positions for that perfect fit and this is made possible through levers incorporated in their design. Another vital role of the Light Saber baseplate is to allow you to adjust the highback separately from the ankle straps to any of the 13 preset positions. In our opinion, this is the highest customization level we came across.

Speaking of the highback, the Reload’s Highback is asymmetrically shaped with a medium flex of 6/10. This too adds to the adjustability of this pair of bindings making it a perfect choice for the rugged terrains.

Premium leather ankle straps if anything, are tough yet light if you’re considering firm support and no added weight. The toe straps, on the other hand, are made of urethane material which is also considered strong enough to offer a firm grip for your boots.

Finally, if you were worried about comfort, the canted EVO foam footbed settles it. In addition, we will not have done this review justice if we failed to point out the strong and efficient magnesium ratchets in the Reload bindings.

Overall, these bindings are loaded with numerous adjustability features to let you organize your ride whichever way you want and we thought this was quite impressive.


4. Burton Malavita Snowboard Bindings

This is yet another freestyle oriented snowboard by a renowned brand only, its application has grown in popularity to include park and all-mountain riders.

The Malavita Men’s bindings are designed with an asymmetrical ankle strap for a comfortable feel throughout your ride. The light rubber toe straps, on the other hand, are designed to deliver an enhanced grip for your boots. Another important feature is that the toe and ankle straps connect to the baseplate using hinges to help them fall out making it easy to step into the bindings otherwise they become a nuisance.

An asymmetrical highback featuring a rubber heel hammock is certainly a charm to riders with a forward lean. In general, it aligns well with the user’s body position to deliver a great response. Don’t forget that it is a medium flex binding rated 5/10. The function of the heel hammock positioned on the inside of the binding is to ease the adjusting process of the straps. For comfort, the EVA foam footbed and B3 gel is known for its good impact absorption properties come in handy.

Finally, with a Re:Flex baseplate construction, the overall weight of these bindings reduces significantly while improving the board flex. Secondly, it is compatible with most mounting systems like the 3D, 4X4, and Channel.


5. Burton Genesis Snowboard Bindings

Apparently, a lot of comparison goes between the Malavita and the Genesis, both by Burton yet in design and construction these two differ. Genesis bindings are more inclined to the all-mountain rider although the freestyler can still greatly benefit from it. This is because it is designed with amazing support and responsiveness features. Again and quite importantly, these bindings are quite versatile and compatible with most boards. Consider having them if you need a pair that will work for you if you have more than one snowboard.

Burton Genesis Bindings are either EST or RE:Flex, therefore, depending on your board’s disc. The EST version is compatible with the channel disc while the RE:Flex works well with most others. They are designed with meshed ankle straps and a hinged highback with a liner to provide comfort with no pressure points for the full-time rider who needs minimum foot fatigue.

These bindings have been made using a combination of glass and nylon material to enhance their responsiveness and flex in addition to a stiff flex rating. They come with a Zero-lean canted highback for better body alignment and ultimately maximum control and a hammock for a better fit on your boots for enhanced response. The hammock too is an amazing vibration absorber. The EVA Foam cushioning underfoot is an additional comfort and protective feature, especially on rugged terrain.

The Hammockstrap™ ankle straps feature a stitch-less construction with a nylon cross spine for a firm grip on the board. The Supergrip Capstrap™ toe straps, on the other hand, combines soft and firm materials to offer firm support and comfort. Both straps are designed to fall on the outside when opened for an easy stepping onto the bindings.

Finally, the Double Take Buckles featuring the fast and easy to use “insta-click” mechanism. For the aggressive riders looking for a stiff challenge, here is a set of bindings to consider.


6. Salomon Hologram Snowboard Bindings

While its design is oriented to the park rider, we thought the Hologram Bindings by Salomon were more all-purpose than specific.

First things first the most outstanding Shadow Fit Technology used on its composite 45 baseplate features a flexible highback for enhanced mobility, ADJ Toe ramp for exceptional adjustability and energy transfer, and SCS and EVA canted footbed with airbags on the heel area for dampening and impact absorption. These bindings come with a universal disc making them compatible with most snowboards. This technology also features a forward lean asymmetrical highback along with Kevlar QuickWire, known for its strength and support which has been integrated on the bindings to keep them from getting damaged by the high impact.

With 3 Dimension Supreme Ankle Strap designed with an asymmetrical shape, you will be enjoying additional support all the way. The Locked-Up Toe Strap on the other hand obviously focuses on excellent boot-hold.

Finally, the light aluminum PowerGlide ratchets take care of the ease with which you will buckle and unbuckle your bindings. In summary, what we love most about these medium flex strap bindings is that their design takes into account all the nitty-gritty details you may be concerned about.


7. Rome Katana Snowboard Bindings

A combination of a soft flex and dependable stiffness is a balance Rome has stricken on these bindings obviously placing them ahead of the pack. We found the 6-9 flex rating of these bindings quite unique but arguably very well received.

Unlike other bindings which seek to minimize surface area contact with the snowboard, Katana has employed a bold new technology that works just fine to improve the flex. The AsymWrap Technology features two under wraps; the fuller right at the center of the baseplate and the shorter on the outer edge to form an overly flexible and lightweight profile. Secondly, the V-Rod baseplate incorporates V-Rod subbase pads which are the only point of contact with the snowboard. All other parts are raised to deliver a smooth ride and maximum cushioning from high impact.

Katana’s full rotating highback comes with a unique customizable side-to-side canting giving them maximum freedom to adjust the highback in their most preferred way. Just the same way, the ankle straps to come with four customizable options; the over the ankle default setting, both sides lowered if you are keen on modification, both sides raised for an enhanced response, or a customization of each side separately.

Rome Katana’s buckles come with a metallic arm and plastic teeth so that the only contact point between the buckle and the strap is plastic to address buckle wear and tear concerns.

Two words to describe these bindings, totally customizable! The advanced rider with a keen eye for detail will definitely love these bindings.


8. Burton Cartel EST Snowboard Bindings

At a glance, a flex rating on Amazon tells you that these bindings are designed for the serious expert who is used to speed and is looking for something dependable.

Cartel’s baseplate is made of a combination of short-glass and nylon to keep its response and enhance its play something the forward lean riders can smile about. This EST version features a dual component baseplate consisting of a softer underfoot and tougher edge to create a board feel yet still maint the inning great response. The underfoot comes designed with AutoCANT SensoryBED™ Cushioning System consisting of soft Dual-density EVA foam and B3 Gel for shock absorption.

With a single-piece highback for ample support, Hammock ankle straps, and Supergrip Capstrap for the toe straps, these bindings are certainly more lightweight than you can imagine yet so tough they will give you some good years of service. Like other Burton models, this one too comes with Double Take Buckles with the “insta-click” mechanism.

Finally, these bindings are designed with zero-forward lean for more controlled stiff riding and no much trick and play.


9. K2 Formula Snowboard Bindings

Speaking of the best snowboard bindings and K2 too has its bindings rating among the best. Of particular interest is the Men’s formula snowboard bindings with a medium flex rating of 5/10. If you are an all-mountain rider who loves trying a bit of everything, these bindings will certainly appeal to you.

The Men’s Formula comes with a nylon construction and canted EVA footbed to deliver both toughness and softness. It features K2’s own ProFusion Technology 3D shaped Ankle Strap adjustable to several positions and an adjustable lightweight toe strap thanks to its tool-less power ramp integrated into its footbed. Furthermore, the ankle strap is padded with neoprene to enhance its comfort.

The Nylon constructed highback comes with notable temperature resistant properties and mounts well on your board without leaving any gaps. It also includes an adjustable heel cup on the inside for a comfortable fit and less pressured heel.

On the overall, if you are looking for something simplistic detailed with the right comfort and fitting features, then the K2 Men’s Formula will have you all set for trick and play.


10. Flow Fuse-GT Hybrid Snowboard Bindings

This is our recommendation for rugged terrain riders in need of a stiff flex. The Flow Fuse GT is designed with a lightweight aluminum support panel and an aluminum alloy for its high back for excellent support.

Its glass-filled nylon construction makes it and Full-length EVA footbeds for it bankbed along with 2.5degree canting gives it an exceptional flex. The OC-Kush integrated on its heel cups absorbs all impact and vibration; high and low alike.

Again with the Active Strap Technology and reclining highback, entry is made fast and easy. The Hybrid PowerCapSrap will certainly offer the much-needed support in case you go the traditional strapping route.

When it comes to strapping in, Locking Slap Ratchets come in handy. Simply set and lock the bindings to your preferred wrap.



Ultimately a good fit, great features, and perfect functioning matter a great deal if you have to get the best snowboard bindings. You want a well-constructed pair that will not only give you years of useful service but also guarantee your comfort and enhance your performance on the slopes. On the other hand, it takes your determination, confidence, and your best skill on the board for everything you have envisioned in a pair of snowboard binding to work for you.

The choice is yours. Much as we have analyzed some of the best snowboard bindings, best is relative. Check your needs including your riding style, terrain and the features you need to see in a set of bindings and match these with your selection. Remember selecting the right bindings is an important investment and a decision worth your time.

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