5 Best Snowmobile Dolly Systems 2024

Best Snowmobile Dolly Systems

Moving your snowmobile around the deck and out in the yard just got easier. In addition to snowmobile lifts, the snowmobile ski dolly comes in handy. Whether you want to store it, move it from the trailer or just change its position in your garage, the best snowmobile dolly will take care of this and help save your back. In addition, dollies are great at maneuvering corners and tight spots as most are designed with rotating wheels.

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KASTFORCE Snowmobile Heavy Duty Dolly 4.6
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Extreme Max 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System 4.2
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Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Snowmobile Dolly System 4.4
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Extreme Max 5800.0228 V-Slides Snowmobile Dolly System 4.7
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Shepherd Hardware 9298 Snowmobile Dolly Set 4.5

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While lifts and stands will get your machine to a comfortable working height, a dolly is a great tool for storing it. Here are some valuable tips to help you shop for the best dolly system for your needs:

  • A dolly system needs to balance out the weight of your track, ski or snowmobile so you will not struggle to keep it balanced as you move your gear from place to place. Secondly, it prevents your machine from toppling over and getting damaged or causing injury. Ultimately, you need not feel the weight of the machine because it gets transferred to the dolly.
  • Get a complete system, usually three items; two ski dollies for each ski and a track dolly just so that the task is carried out as efficiently as possible.
  • It should be sturdily built with quality material so that it will give you a long time of useful service. The most common material for dollies is powder coated steel which is not only strong but also rustproof.
  • A wide wheel base in a dolly system enhances the much-needed stability particularly on uneven ground like cracked pavements and gravel. This makes it a versatile tool for all kinds of surfaces and convenient at that. Secondly, caster wheels are great for maneuverability as they will help you maneuver corners, tight spaces and reverse direction.
  • Check out that the ski dollies come with a good strap length, enough to secure your skis as well as a good closure system, commonly Velcro or buckle closure.
  • A good system is built with a material or mechanism of withstanding high temperature, frequent use, and high speed. If it can withstand this, it is there to last.
  • Although not quite necessary, there are dollies that fit literally every sled and these are the best so you won’t consider changing your dolly with every new purchase of a sled.
  • A good dolly system will handle any machine wear and tear concern. Most of them will come with a rubber padding attached on to their platform to prevent your sled from scratching or denting.


Best Snowmobile Dolly Systems 2024

Because we understand that selecting even the most basic tool as a dolly system is no easy task, we have reviewed five top dollies. Scroll through to find out what makes them the best there is.


1. KASTFORCE Snowmobile Heavy Duty Dolly

Sometimes you need not one, not two but a set of dollies to make moving your machines around easier. The snowmobile dolly by Kastforce comes in a set of three dollies all together with a capacity of 1500 lb. This economy pack includes two ski dollies each measuring 8×10-inches and a snowmobile dolly measuring 7×7-inches. The broader ski dollies are designed each with two adjustable nylon straps that are tied to the inner sides of the platform with Velcro to secure your ski as you move it around.

Heavy-duty steel construction with powder coating to prevent rust is a guarantee of strength and durability while a layer of rubber on the upper side prevents what you are carrying from slipping off and causing damage or injury. To enhance mobility, this dolly system is designed with 2.5-inch rotating casters making maneuverability easy and effortless.

While the steel may feel a little heavier on some users, it is an indication of the weight capacity that the Dolly handles. Run it on concrete and you are good to go.


2. Extreme Max 5800.2000 Economy Snowmobile Dolly System

When you can avoid the hassle associated with assembly you are good to go. The 5800.2000 Economy dolly is one such kind. It comes ready-to-use out of the box. Beyond this, it is tough built with steel painted to take care of all your rusting concerns.

Its package includes one track dolly and two ski dollies with adjustable Velcro closure straps to secure your ski firmly in place as you move it. Each of the three dollies is designed with four 2.5-inch rotating nylon caster wheels for convenient maneuverability only their use is limited to smooth, even surfaces.

All the dollies are layered with rubber on their platform to prevent a slip off of your ski or sled. One con perhaps is that if you own a bigger ski the attached straps may not be long enough to hold it in place.


3. Extreme Max 5800.0200 Power Snowmobile Dolly System

With most dollies built to run on even surfaces, the 5800.0200 dolly stands out for its ability to run on both even and uneven surfaces thanks to the 5-inch wheels, 31% wider than others in the same category, which give it stability especially on uneven cracked surfaces. With up to 5 mph speed this driveable/steerable dolly can move well on gravel, dirt, and pavement, which is truly a mark of performance. These wheels feature cotter pin assembly for extra stability.

Its package includes two dollies for your skis and one track dolly designed with a rotating wheel to maneuver tight spaces and with heavy duty steel construction coated with cadmium, you can expect a sturdy corrosion free dolly.
Overall the Extreme Max 5800.0200 is one of the best drivable snowmobile dollies if you are looking for a standard yet versatile unit.


4. Extreme Max 5800.0228 V-Slides Snowmobile Dolly System

The powder-coated steel 5800.0228 v-slide dolly by Extreme Max is one of a kind tool thanks to the fact that it can hold all snowmobiles and skis perfectly so there is no worrying about it fitting.

Like the others, its package includes two ski dollies designed with double locking Velcro straps for securing your ski on their platform as well as a track dolly, all with a rubber layering on their platform to prevent dents and scratches on your valuables. For easy maneuvering, the dollies come with 3-inch rotating rubber wheels that will have served you well enough by the time they wear out.

Because toughness and durability are top features of concern, this set’s plate is constructed with tough steel that’s coated to proof it from rust and other elements of weather.


5. Shepherd Hardware 9298 Snowmobile Dolly Set

The 9298 dolly by Shepherd Hardware boasts of utter strength thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction and high load capacity of up to 1000 lb. for the entire set. This set includes two ski dollies each 7.125 by 7.75 inches and a track dolly with 7.125 by 7.125-inch dimensions. The steel plates are coated with powered to prevent rust and other weather elements from having an effect on the dollies.

Each piece of the set comes with 2-3/8-inch rotating wheels made of tough rubber to give them a longer useful life. The two ski dollies also come attached with straps to secure your load as you move it around.

The downside, however, is that if you have a big ski you may have to get an extension for the straps as they may not be long enough to secure it.

Secondly, they work best only on even surfaces. On the other hand, they are quite good at maneuvering tight spaces.



The most important thing to bear in mind when selecting a snowmobile dolly is that it meets the purpose intended for it. Quite obviously, it should be solidly built with strong high-quality material for it to last through years of use. Secondly, look at features like stability, wheels, safety and versatility features. While there are plenty of designs to choose from, the three-piece dolly stands out. It features one truck and two runner dollies making it incredibly hassle-free to handle much more than you intended for it.

The best snowmobile dolly for your needs should not only take care of the hassle associated with moving sled but also easy to operate. This way you will realize its full value for the bucks you spent on it. Unless you are going for a jack of all trades, take your time to select what will work perfectly for you.

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