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8 Best Ski and Snowboard Helmet Headphones 2024

Best Ski and Snowboard Helmet Headphones

When you thought you have it all and great enjoyment awaits you out in the snow, try enhancing this experience with your favorite music and notice the remarkable difference that it makes. There is nothing as satisfying as doing what you love to do with some music taking it a notch higher. Choosing a quality snowboard or skiing helmet speaker is important if you want to enjoy your time out and not ruin it altogether.

Before we head to our insightful reviews, let’s first see what a quality pair of headphones is all about.

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Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 – Universal Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Speakers 4.7
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Smith Optics Outdoor Tech Wireless Audio Chips 4.8
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Giro Outdoor Tech X Giro – BT Chip 2.0 4.8
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SMITH Outdoor Tech Wireless Audio Chips 2.0 4.8
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iASUS XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers 4.5
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Bern Outdoor Tech Drop-in Wireless Audio Chips (V2) 4.5
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BE Headwear Bluetooth Headset for Universal 4.0
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Uclear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers 4.1

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There are five main headphone types that skiers and snowboarders use inside their helmets. However, your choice will be determined mostly by the type of helmet you have and secondly, by preference.


Top-of-the-head headphones

A common type of headphone but not the most suitable to be worn under the helmet because their design tends to make wearers feel a little awkward or crowded with headgear. This design passes over the head dropping down over the ears. Some come with adjustability options to give you a good fit. In addition, they pose a risk of injury in case of a fall.


Wrap-around headphones

More like top-of-the-head headphones, the wrap-around design just as the name suggests has its headband passing behind the back of the head or neck with the speakers coming forward over the ears. They are also not the most suitable for wearing inside a helmet for the same reason as the top of the head headphones. 


Over the ear

Designed with a loop that wraps behind the earlobe and has the speaker sitting on rather than inside your ear. They make a good option for people who are bothered by in-ear headphones.    


In-ear headphones

Usually a popular design among skiers and snowboarders, this type is generally lightweight with speakers that fit inside the ears. One common con is that if you do not get a hook to keep them securely inside your ears they will keep coming off forcing you to remove your helmet from time to time to push them back in place, which can be cumbersome.


In-helmet headphones

Agreeably the most ideal and the most comfortable, this type of headphones are designed to fit and attach inside the helmet without coming into contact with the ears.

Here are other factors you need to consider when selecting helmet headphones:


With or without wires

Wireless (Bluetooth) headphones are a little more expensive compared to their wired counterparts but are definitely more convenient considering that they require minimal handling. However, you will need to think about connectivity challenges as some are terribly affected by obstacles. Wired headphones, on the other hand, need to be plugged to the device you will have stored your music in. You will, therefore, need to consider how well and conveniently you will store your device while on the slopes.


Compatibility with the helmet

It is advisable to carry your helmet with you when selecting headphones to make sure they are compatible, safe and comfortable for you.  


Quality of sound

Some headphones produce such loud noise you will hardly keep a tab of what is happening around you and this can be unsafe for you and those around you. Headphones that will transmit quality acoustic and peaceful sound in the background and not loud noise. Music should be entertaining and not distractive.  


Comfort and convenience

You need comfortable headphones that fit well. Make sure that the headphone speakers are the right design for you otherwise you will feel bothered and your attention will turn away from enjoying your favorite sport.



Consider their waterproof or water resistance ability as you are constantly exposed to water and humidity out in the slopes. In addition, they should be tough enough not to be damaged by impact from small falls and the rough activity you engage in on the slopes.


Best Ski and Snowboard Helmet Headphones 2024

Here are 7 top headphones you should look out for when making your purchase.


1. Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 – Universal Wireless Bluetooth Helmet Speakers

Outdoor Tech Chips 2.0 features a design and features that will make you riding worthwhile, comfortable, and free from any hassle. It comes with wireless helmet speakers and is universal in its literal sense as it works with any helmet that has been designed with the audio storage slots such as Giro, K2, Bern, Smith, Pro-Tec, Bolle, Anon, and others. This eliminates the hassle attached to cords in wired headphones.

The CHIPS 2.0 headphones are also outfitted with 40 mm drivers to enable them to produce quality, well filtered selected sound for your ears. Together with the ODT walkie-talkie app-enabled, you can use this headphone for several functionalities including push-to-talk communication with your peers on the slopes and cellular network communication.

Once it is connected to your Bluetooth audio device, you can drift through the chilly weather as you enjoy your favorite playlist. A single charge can take you through 10 hours of uninterrupted music playback. Its dual button system and the inbuilt microphone come in handy when raising or lowering the volume, stopping the music, moving on to a new playlist, and receiving calls plus the buttons are large enough to be operated with your mittens on.

Finally, being sweat-resistant and an ability to operate at very low temperatures makes the CHIP 2.0 headphones durable and less prone to damage.


2. Smith Optics Outdoor Tech Wireless Audio Chips

Smith Optics Unisex is another great wireless headset with impressive features for the outdoor enthusiast. Its unique capability to slide into a helmet headphone adapter makes it a go-to option for most skiers. This skiing helmet speaker also quite uniquely gives the user a voice command option for setting the headset volume and tone which is very convenient especially when your hands are engaged. A full battery charge will take you through 10 hours of music playback or 3 days of normal use on the slopes for those who do not use its fortunes. In addition, the integrated battery gauge indicates the battery power level so you will know when to reduce its use to save the charge for more important use.

These Unisex Outdoor Tech audio chips come with a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 wireless technology that easily and powerfully pairs to your devices and is SIRI enabled to let you use voice commands to operate them. Alternatively, simply operate it by pressing the large glove-friendly buttons and you are good to go. Its rugged feel also adds flavor to every die-hard fan’s skating activity and the USB charger lets you recharge easily and anywhere.


3. Giro Outdoor Tech X Giro – BT Chip 2.0

Giro Outdoor Tech X wireless helmet speakers are the latest in Giro’s line of headsets and pretty much improved too. They are not just sleek in appearance, they also feature incredible tune apps audio speaker to deliver quality eardrum-friendly background sound that will never distract you on the trail.

It’s revolutionary channeled ventilation at brow level together with the 14 vents internal channeling keeps you cool enough through your adventure and are features that are only unique to this model. Giro Bluetooth connection eliminates the hassle associated with cords which would quite frankly be an unnecessary bother.

Its built-in microphone and button control facilitate easy reception of calls with your mittens and helmet on while the ergonomic emergency removal cheek pads make it easier for you to remove and replace damaged pads with the new ones, just in case this happens out in the slopes. The same applies to its fit kit padding which can also be removed and replaced at will. These features are standardized and can fit into any Giro brand. Enjoy quality tunes courtesy of Chip 2.0 which is outfitted with 40 mm drivers.


4. SMITH Outdoor Tech Wireless Audio Chips 2.0

SMITH’s Outdoor Tech headphones are engineered with the new Bluetooth 4.0 chipset to deliver not only faster and better transmission but also the innovative voice prompts in place of call ringtone alerts. The patented glove and mitten-friendly button controls unique to SMITH are conveniently positioned at the earpiece for easy access. Here you can receive your calls handsfree, adjust volume up or down, and navigate through your playlists. And because these headphones are compatible with the Siri voice command app, you can also activate Siri easily from the headphones’ controls. 

Powered by one rechargeable lithium-ion battery, you have up to 10 hours of uninterrupted playback on a full charge. A battery gauge allows you to plan your day well by charging your battery adequately. The earmuffs are however not included in the package.


5.  iASUS XSound 3 High Definition Helmet Speakers

The XSound wireless helmet speakers designed by iASUS feature plush foam with comfort covers, spacing pads to allow you to custom fit them for yourself and eliminate the effect of wind and other noises, along with velcro to help you install them right to touch your ears for those keen on superior comfort. Its quality sound system also enhances its comfort thanks to the 40mm drivers outfitted with premium lightweight aluminum casing to produce acoustic-like clear high and bass sounds and if you opt to purchase the EAR3 mobile Amp, amplify the sound of your tunes will be easy and possible.

Designed to work with iASUS throat mic headsets, smartphones, and portable music players, the XSound is certainly a versatile piece. Finally, the reinforced Kevlar wires are strong enough to guarantee you some years of useful service for its different applications.


6.  Bern Outdoor Tech Drop-in Wireless Audio Chips (V2)

Bern Outdoor Tech comes with built-in microphones that can be used to pick calls. They are installed to touch the ears to enable you to listen to quality  Hi-Fi sound without the influence of outside noises. In addition, this ski helmet speaker is designed with a built-in microphone to allow you to answer calls and use the voice services in your smartphone. It features large easy-control buttons that you can press without removing your mittens or your phone from your pockets.

Some advantages we cannot overlook in this audio chips is the fact that they can withstand negative temperatures and have a water and sweat resistance rating of IPX4. It also has the walkie-talkie app and GPS enabled for easy communication with and location of other mates on the slopes.

Its lithium-ion battery takes just 2.5 hours to charge fully in order to take you through 10 straight hours of uninterrupted music playback. Finally, its Bluetooth function automatically connects you to a previously paired device.  Its package includes a USB charger, user guide, and a carry case.


7. BE Headwear Bluetooth Headset for Universal

The BE wireless helmet speakers are a great addition to the toolset of any skier or snowboarder. They are designed to work with all BE headwear Bluetooth beanies and all types of helmets including the full face, dirt and skate helmets. It features the powerful G3 Tech Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity for pairing with other devices and a built-in mic in case you need to use the voice command feature.

The slim 30 mm speaker drivers are optimized to produce high-quality origami acoustic sounds for a truly enhanced pow experience. And with 9 hours of battery life, there is no limit to how much you’ll enjoy your adventure. Included in its pack  Micro USB charge cord and DCV helmet velcro mounts.


8. Uclear Digital Pulse Wired Drop-in High Definition Helmet Speakers

Every winter sports lover envisages a moment of peacefulness surrounded by good quality music as they do what they know how to do best, skating. Thanks to the Drop-in pulse ski helmet speakers by Unclear Digital this has been made possible. Pulse speakers are a great option because you can connect them to your audio devices, smartphones, and most helmet communication technologies. To your advantage, Unclear Digital has included the helmet speakers along with an installation mount set in this package to help you the custom fit it to your helmet.

These audio chips feature high definition quality sound with clear-cut high and bass sounds. This is produced by the 40 mm speaker drivers and comes with a cord that has been outfitted with a 3.5 mm stereo audio jack that is gold plated to give it longer useful life.



Winter sports are definitely fun and thrilling yet listening to your favorite tunes while it makes it even more memorable. Helmet headphones are designed to be installed on helmets so you can listen to music as you make your way around the trails. Technology has taken them a step further to include added functionalities such as a walkie-talkie, cellular communication and GPS features among others which is a good thing.

On the other hand, the selection process is the most crucial because some headphones can cause more harm than good. Consider getting a unit with the ability to block away outside sounds, produce quality sound and still come with great water and sweat resistance properties. This is because you need to be safe, your ears need to be protected and your unit needs to last long.

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