8 Best Ski Bags/Cases with and without Wheels 2024

Best Ski Bags/Cases

We can’t guarantee you that traveling with your ski is going to be hassle-free but here’s what we can guarantee you, it’s going to be so much easier and safer with a ski bag. So yes, ski bags are crucial for your comfort as a skier if you plan to be carrying yours every trip you go to. Ever noticed how luggage handlers at airports throw around luggage without care? Yes, with a ski bag, your heart won’t sink every time you see such. A Ski bag will protect your skis/poles from any rubbing, banging, and impact caused by movement or handling. This alone should be the best reason for you to buy a ski bag.

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High Sierra Adjustable Ski Bags (Ski/Snowboard Combo) 4.3
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Thule RoundTrip Ski Roller Bag 4.4
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Dakine Boundary Ski Roller Bag 4.1
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Thule RoundTrip Ski Bag 4.0
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Sportube Series 2 Wheeled Double Ski Case 4.1
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High Sierra Deluxe Wheeled Double Ski Bag 4.9
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Dakine Fall Line Double Ski Bag 4.2
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Volkl Single Expandable Ski Bag 4.0

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In this article, we take you through a buying guide and a review of the best ski bags and cases both with and without wheels. This should help you get a ski bag real fast.


Buying guide

Skis don’t come cheap, that is why you need to take great care of them. The best way to protect them from damage and quick wear and tear is to keep them in a high-quality ski bag. If you have no clue what a good quality ski bag looks like, here are the key things to look for.


It’s not just about carrying your ski from your home to the slopes and back to the lodge. It’s also about keeping your skis safe and protected. The need to protect your ski becomes a necessity when doing air travel. Luggage handlers are just careless, to say the least. They throw bags on top of each other without minding what’s inside. After a couple of throws, you can be sure of a few scratches here and there if not a broken part. You can imagine flying all the way to Alaska only to find that your ski is broken and there is no resort nearby to rent one. This is why it is important to get yourself a padded ski bag. Most padded ski bags usually have a divider for separating the different skis (for double ski-bags) you are carrying for maximum protection.

Number of skis it can accommodate

There are ski bags that can accommodate a single ski while others can accommodate multiple skis. If you are planning to take several skis with you then it will be cheaper to buy a ski bag that can carry multiple skis as opposed to carrying each ski in a separate ski bag. Just make sure that all the skis can fit in the bag. The manufacturer will always indicate the number of skis than can fit in the bag.


A ski bag can be wheeled or not. A wheeled ski bag oftentimes carries multiple skis so the wheels are there to ease off the bulkiness and weight. If going for a double ski bag then you are better off buying a wheeled one otherwise a non-wheeled ski bag is just fine for a single ski.

Size: length and width

Size may not be a big issue if you are buying your ski and ski bag at the same time but if you are buying a ski bag for skis you are already own then you will want to put the size into consideration.

Measure the length and the width of your skis. Take note of the units used, some manufacturers use centimeters will others use inches. Whichever it is, use a unit conversation tool if need be. If you are buying online, be certain of the measurements otherwise go for a size up. It is better that way than to end up with a smaller ski bag.


Choose a bag that has both interior straps and exterior straps. Why so? The interior straps are meant to securely hold the skis and ski poles in the bag so that they don’t bang against each other during movement. The exterior straps on the other hand, firmly press all the contents of the bag for more protection

Casing: soft vs hard

A ski bag can either have a hard casing or a soft casing. A soft casing ski bag is made of soft fabric but the soft fabric does not mean it is weak or not long-lasting. If anything, they are as durable as the hard casing. The soft fabric makes the bag flexible and lightweight which is very convenient for air travel. When choosing a soft ski bag, go for one with a high denier of at least 600. The higher the denier the tightly woven the bag is. A bag with tightly woven threads is durable and not prone to tears and punctures.

If you choose to go for a hard casing ski bag, it’s good to note that it will be bulkier. This is great for when traveling on the road since you can just throw it in your car boot and off you go. Bulkiness aside, the hard casing provides more protection to your casing since nothing can press directly on them.

Additional features

There are other additional features that you may want to consider such as extra storage space, extra convenient pockets, padded handles to ease the carrying and wide shoulder straps. Shoulder straps are found in soft casing ski bags. The hard casing ski bags have plastic handles instead.


Tips for flying with a ski bag

If you think investing in a ski bag is not worth it, think twice. No airline will allow you to transport your skis, pole, and gear without being safely kept in a ski bag. The rules may vary from airline to airline but the bottom line is you must have a ski bag with you to board. Be sure to check with the airline on the weight requirements and any other rules regarding skis and ski bags ahead of time. Confirm whether you will need to check in your ski bag as a piece of luggage or as sports equipment. The charges may be around $50 for sports equipment.

If you are a frequent traveler, consider buying a brightly colored ski bag. It will save you so much trouble when at the airport since you can easily spot your ski bag. Even with the labels, it is easy for someone to pick the wrong bag. When your ski bag is easy to identify then you can immediately notice when someone picks it up. Black ski bags are way too common. Confirm that your ski bag and its contents meet the weight requirement of the airline. If your skis are heavy then you may want to opt for a soft ski bag instead of a hard casing. Get a luggage lock for your ski bag to make sure that no one can open it and make away with your expensive skis. Remember to use a TSA- approved lock, there are a couple of them sold on Amazon.



Best Ski Bags/Cases with and without wheels 2024


1. High Sierra Adjustable Ski Bags (Ski/Snowboard Combo)

The High Sierra Adjustable Ski Bag is the most ideal for a frequent flyer. First off, even when fully packed, it weighs less than 50 lb so no need to pay for excess luggage fees. It is pretty spacious compared to most ski bags in the market. It can fit up to 3 skis. The hard casing offers maximum protection for your skis and gear even though it adds on to the bulkiness. As well, it contributes to its durability so you don’t have to worry about buying another bag for some years to come if you take good care of it.

Looking at the inside, it is well partitioned with padded dividers for better organization. The padded dividers also help to firmly secure your skis. The interior straps are also padded and hold down well to secure everything.


  • Fully padded
  • Has extra storage
  • Adjustable length
  • Spacious to fit up to 3 skis and a couple of pieces of gear


  • It can get a little bulky and you may need to wheel it often to manage the bulkiness


2. Thule RoundTrip Ski Roller Bag

Well, it’s no surprise the Thule Round Trip Roller bag came second in our review. It is made for a skiing enthusiast who loves to travel far and wide to get the best skiing experience. The smooth alloy wheels and the handles make it easy to move around with and for longer stretches. It has handles on the top, sides and at the ends for easy carrying. With the Thule ski bag, you don’t have to invest in a couple of bags to fit your other ski as it can comfortably accommodate two pairs of ski pole (192 cm max in length).

The bag itself is fully padded and has removable dividers that are equally padded to prevent your ski from rubbing against each other. The smooth zippers are made of high-quality material and the S-shaped design makes it easy to pack and unpack your skis and gear. You can add on lockable zippers for maximum security. On the zipped pockets, you can stash some more stuff.


  • Spacious with extra zipped pockets
  • Durable: made of high-quality fabric
  • Fully padded for maximum protection
  • Has multiple handles


  • The price may seem a bit steep to some skiers


3. Dakine Boundary Ski Roller Bag

The end handles make it easy to carry when loading and offloading it from the car. They are also super convenient when you want to maneuver through crowded places or the airport. This Dakine roller bag is wide and long enough ( 12” high and 20” wide) to fit two pairs of skis as well as ski boots, gloves, helmets, and other necessary gear. It comes with a removable boot bag, outerwear bag for better organization. Is it padded? Fully padded indeed. Your skis and gear are safe from damage and scratches from constant banging.


  • It is fully padded (360 degrees padded)
  • Comes with removable bags
  • Spacious enough to fit extra gear
  • Dual compression straps


  • Weighs 8 lbs which is heavier compared to most ski bags in the market


4. Thule RoundTrip Ski Bag

If you’ve been doing a lot of research on ski bags, you may have noticed Thule RoundTrip bags mentioned severally. Well, their quality is almost unrivaled that is why. They are made of high-quality 600D polyester. The bag is impressively spacious ( 6” high and 18” wide). It is meant to fit two pairs of ski of up to 192 cm but can comfortably fit three pairs of skis including its bindings. If you are planning to add a new pair of skis, later on, this is the bag to go for.

What about transportation? It’s easy to move around with this bag. You can use the removable padded shoulder strap which is very gentle on the shoulders or wheel it using the end handles. You can also hand-carry it using the side handles. It’s easy to pack your skis and gear into this bag and everything stays firmly in its place. The floor of the bag has four straps to secure the skis. There is also a flap in the middle of the bag to keep the bindings from rubbing against each other. This constant rubbing and banging is the quickest way to damage your skis.


  • You can carry it in multiple ways
  • It’s very durable and strong
  • The better organization thanks to the storage compartments


  • The handles are neither padded nor structured


5. Sportube Series 2 Wheeled Double Ski Case

The first striking feature about the Sportube Series 2 Wheeled Double Ski Case is the hard black shell. It is made of High-density polyethylene plastic and is very structured, durable and sturdy. High-density polyethylene is resistant to cold, heat and impact. It can withstand very low temperatures without getting damaged. It is spacious enough to fit two pairs of skis and poles or four pairs of cross country skis and poles. It can take up a length of up to 210 cm of skis/poles. This makes it the most accommodative in terms of length among our recommended ski bags.

To secure your skis better, this case has two internal straps as well as four external straps. This keeps everything in place regardless of the transportation mode; whether by plane, by car or even shipping. When moving from point A to B within the airport, it’s easier to just wheel it. The wheels are made of high-quality rubber so it can handle any sort of high-impact. And you don’t have to worry about the wheels breaking down after a couple of trips because the bearings are made of steel.


  • Lightweight
  • Fits all types of skis’ width including powder skis
  • The handles are easy to pull
  • Balances well during wheeling


  • Its price may be a bit high to some


6. High Sierra Deluxe Wheeled Double Ski Bag

The High Sierra Deluxe Wheeled Double Ski Bag has room for two pairs of skis/poles of up to 170 cm. The interior of the bag is padded and this includes the center of the bag and the dividers to give your skis plenty of protection from constant rubbing and banging. The dividers are great for keeping your bag organized and the center padding protects your skis from shifting. Coming to the exterior of the bag, there are two straps on each end to help secure everything. The straps are adjustable and quick-release. The padded webbing handles are quite long and you can easily use them to carry the bag on your shoulders.

The most outstanding feature in this bag is the roller wheels. They are made from urethane which is a high-quality material. The wheels move smoothly and keep the bag balanced, very convenient for when moving around within the airport. It’s also worth mentioning that this bag has extra pockets that you can stash your gloves, hat, and other wearable and accessories as long as they can fit in. As for the weight, it weighs about 5.4 lbs which is still within the 50 lbs limit of most airlines


  • Comfortable to carry as the handles are padded.
  • Easy to keep the bag organized
  • Adjustable and easy to use straps


  • It is not collapsible for compact storage


7. Dakine Fall Line Double Ski Bag

The Dakine Fall Line ski bag has so much to be talked about. First off, it’s pretty spacious. It can hold 2 pairs of skis (up to 190 cm) poles, outerwear and a pair of ski boots. If going for just a one-day skiing trip, this bag is all the luggage you will need to carry. The bag is made from high-quality 600D polyester so you can count on it to serve you for some years to come if you take good care of it.

It has 360 degrees padding for maximum protection. It weighs about 8 lbs which is not so lightweight but neither is it heavy. When fully packed, it packs down well for easy storage in the car. The ends of the bag have a pair of handles for rolling the bag when you don’t have a second hand to help you carry. The 9 cm wide urethane wheels are impressively strong and durable and also make it easy to transport.

If you will need to store some easy to reach items, you can stash them in the exterior zippered pockets. Items like the hat and the gloves are better stored in these pockets. There is also a removable boot bag to store your boots. What you will love most is that Dakine gives a limited lifetime warranty on this bag. This is a guarantee that the bag is durable and its quality is not to be doubted.


  • Collapsible for easy storage
  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Easy to carry around as it has end handles
  • Fully padded for maximum protection


  • Does not have the tie-down straps to secure the bag


8. Volkl Single Expandable Ski Bag

Talk of style and comfort and Volkl Single Expandable Ski Bag gives you just that. It is a ski bag convenient for all types of travel; plane, train or by car. The shoulder straps are fully padded making it very comfortable to carry over your shoulder while the cinch straps make it very easy to load or unload from your car as well as carry around. The best part about this bag is that it’s expandable with a range of 170 cm to 198 cm in length.

It also comes with an adjustable zippered gusset. A feature very few manufacturers consider important to a skier. This Volkl Ski Bag is lightweight even though it is structurally sturdy. It weighs a mere 2 lbs. The interior is spacious enough to fit your skis and poles so you don’t have to carry two luggage.


  • Expandable to fit varying lengths of skis
  • It is padded for comfort and protection
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Affordable


  • Only fits one pair of ski



Well, from our review it is clear that you need a ski bag or a case at the very least. Either works just fine. If you intend to use your skis for a long time, then proper care and maintenance are important. The first step to proper care is storing your skis in a ski bag whenever you are heading out to your skiing destination. There are a couple of things you must consider when buying one; the straps, handles, and material of both the bag and the wheel. Do not compromise on any of these features otherwise you will end up with a non-functional bag. In our review, we have narrowed down your options by recommending the best ski bags and cases in the market. Whatever choice you go with, we can guarantee you that you won’t be disappointed.

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