3 Best Ski Pole Hand Guards 2024

Ski Pole Hand Guards

Hand, finger, and wrist injuries are among the top injuries related to skiing. They contribute to 5 % of the skiing injuries. To minimize these incidences manufacturers came up with the creative idea of pole handguards. They protect the hands from the high race gate impact when moving past the gates. Pole guards have now become a crucial piece of safety equipment for not any slalom ski racers but every skier.

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Pole handguards are usually attached to the shaft of the ski pole and are designed to fit over the grip of your ski pole. They are a pretty simple accessory and require no expertise to attach to your pole. In this article, we will briefly take you through the most important factors to consider when buying a handguard. We will also provide you with a review of the best ski handguards to make your selection easy.

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Buying guide

Just like with everything else, buying a ski pole handguard requires some thinking through. To help make this easier for you, here are factors to keep in mind.


Look for pole guards made from plastic with high impact resistance. It should be able to withstand the pressure from the constant punching f the slalom gates without caving in.  High impact hard plastic will guarantee you durability as well as protection for your hand.


The pole guard should have a grip that feels easy and comfortable on the hand otherwise you will struggle with your race when punching through the gates. With a good grip, you are also able to be in control of your hand positioning and this is very important when racing. Aside from the grip, the pole should have space enough to fit your four fingers otherwise you will not be able to control your ski pole.


You definitely want to be sure that the handguards are compatible with your ski poles otherwise they will be rendered non-functional. Most ski enthusiasts recommend that you get the same brand of handguards as your ski poles as most often they will be compatible. If you must get a different brand, then ensure the sizing and fitting is perfect for your ski pole.


While looking stylish may not be much of a factor, it is still important to consider the design. Don’t feel guilty about going for the trendiest handguard as long as it is functional. Go for the color you love and design that appeals to you. This will add to the fun of the racing experience.



Best Ski Pole Hand Guard Reviews 2024


1. LEKI Closed Gate Guard WC

Most of the users enjoy using the LEKI Closed gate guards due to their world-class performance and convenience levels.  It is built using premium quality materials that guarantee its durability. With a good grip system, you are assured of comfort and safety when using the LEKI Closed Gate Guard. And the best part is that it does not alter the pole’s stability nor the speed as it is lightweight. It’s gripping has enough space for the four fingers to fit to provide you with maximum control of the ski pole. Its adjustable and perfect cut strap will ensure that they are secure.

This LEKI pole guard has a cobra alpine basket that can be replaced without requiring any heavy tool kit.  You will notice that the tip makes it easy for pole planting and has a firm grip on any surface. You are probably worried about how to install this pole guard. Luckily, the package comes with the installation kit and there are also a number of Youtube videos to guide you on the installation if you are stuck. Even though they designed for the LEKI poles, with a little craftiness here and there, you could make them work with any other pole in just minutes. You will only need some additional hardware that you can find in the nearby hardware.


  • Installation is easy
  • An excellent shaft
  • It is made of premium quality materials


  • They only work on LEKI race poles


2. Zipline Ski Pole Hand Guard

The most striking feature about the Zipline Ski Pole Hand Guard is the material it is made from; high modulus fiber graphite carbon that reduces vibration with every shaft gasp. You will also notice the cobra-like shape the moment you set eyes on it. This Zipline Ski Pole Hand Guard is designed for slalom racers of all skill abilities. What is even more impressive is that it is the choice for the U.S. ski team so you do not have to doubt its performance. The handguard package includes nuts, bolts and a pair of guards that can accommodate ski poles of between 14mm to 18mm in diameter shaft. The package also comes with a spacer to make it easy for you to fit on any pole shaft.

This kits you lets you focus on what’s important on the trail, skiing, as it takes care of your hands and knuckles for you. And even though it is solid, it is lightweight so as not to reduce your speed. If you love looking stylish on the trails, then you are spoilt for choice with the Zipline handguards. It comes in four colors to cater to both the bold and the laid back.


  • Impact-resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Fits on any ski pole brand
  • Durable and sturdy


  • There have been complaints on its tip breaking easily


3. Swix Hand Guard

The Swix Hand Guard is made to withstand any amount of impact without letting it reach to your hand. As you punch through the slalom gates, you won’t even realize the impact on your poles. This is because it is made from heavy-duty thermoplastics, a tough plastic that can withstand very hard impacts. The design of the Swix Hand Guard is made to fit into any brand of poles; the Swix racing poles as well as selected brands of ski poles from other manufacturers. However, it is advisable that you ask the seller before making a purchase to be certain of the compatibility.

The guards come in a pair and include a set of screws for installation. Installation is easy but should you experience some challenges you can use this instructional video as a guide:

It is very easy to follow through and understand. The guards are pretty well made, sturdy and fit into a 16 mm adult race poles. It’s no wonder they are most preferred by top professional ski racers.


  • Has a comfortable ergonomic design
  • Easy to install
  • It is strongly built with thermoplastics


  • May not be compatible with some ski poles



There isn’t much to say about handguards as their sole purpose is to protect your hands, fingers, and knuckles. While this may seem like just a minute aspect of your safety while skiing, it is until you end up with a skier’s thumb that leaves you in excruciating pain all day and night that you will make it a priority to buy a pair.  And you know what’s worse? That you may have to cut short your skiing vacation.

Whether it’s out of experience or as a precaution that you want to buy a pair of handguards, this article has very well outlined what you need to focus on most when buying. To make your work easier, select from our reviewed handguards as they are all carefully selected and meet the requirements of a quality functional ski pole handguard.

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