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9 Best Ski and Snowboard Tuning Vises 2024

Ski and Snowboard Tuning Vises

The function of a ski and snowboard vise is to offer a platform which one needs to use when waxing and tuning their equipment. These vises clamp on the edge of your working surface and secure your ski and boards firmly in a vertical or horizontal position as you serve them. A good vise will determine how well you will tune your boards and should be part of the maintenance equipment you carry to your skiing or snowboarding expedition.

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Wintersteiger Freeride Ski and Snowboard Tuning Vise 4.0
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XCMAN Aluminum Multifunction Ski and Snowboard Vise  4.7
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KUU Snowboard Vise  4.6
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Swix T Bar Vise 4.1
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WSD Ski and Snowboard Tuning Vise  4.2
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Tools4Boards Ski & Snowboard Vise 4.2
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Wintersteiger Sport Plus Ski Vise 4.3

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Buying guide for the best ski and snowboard tuning vises

When buying tuning vises, you’d imagine that there is not much to consider. It is not enough to get something durable, several other factors come into play. These include:


Working surface thickness

Your tuning vise needs to clamp well on the edge of your working surface. For this reason, it needs to accommodate this thickness firmly enough in order to secure your equipment firmly as you serve them.



A versatile tuning vise comes with a wider jaw measurement to accommodate skis and snowboards of all sizes and shapes, including the larger ones. It should also give you mounting options. For instance, you can mount your ski flat on the working surface with its base facing up or vertically with its edge facing up. This allows you to tune the edges of your equipment as well as their bases without you having to look for another vise to clamp them.


Type of vise

Vises range from one, two, to three-piece vises. Your choice of a vise is determined by the length of your ski or board and the available working space. Longer lengths will be secured well with 2 or 3-piece vises which will clamp both the tip and tail of your board or ski. However, some single vises come with multiple clamps to give them better functionality. 3-piece vises turn out to be the most favorable since they offer central support to prevent your workpieces from flexing easily. On the other hand, however, they need ample space.


Material construction

Vises are either made of plastic or metal. Bottom line, you need a material that is solid enough to clamp on to your work surface and equipment without wearing out or getting damaged. Aluminum metal is a good option since it is tough and lightweight. It is also the best in high-humidity areas since it does not rust. You may also consider polycarbonate plastic which is equally tough and durable.


Holding jaw measurement

Wider slots measuring 150 mm and above present good options for thick skis and boards. Check that the slot is lined with rubber to give you a good grip while working. Rubber is also good because it will not leave any markings on the surface of your skis or boards.


The extras

Accessories like spacers come in handy when you are positioning your skis or boards vertically. They will let you set your equipment’s position to your desired height. Most are removable. Another important accessory is a strap used to fasten your bindings during waxing.



The Best Ski and Snowboard Tuning 2024

A good tuning vise will certainly make your waxing and tuning sessions easier and fun. Our review rounds up 9 of the best tuning vises. They are solid and come with some impressive features which make them stand out of the crowd.


1. Swix World Cup Ski Vise

If you are looking for a ski vise that will work with most if not all skis, the Swix World Cup Ski Vise should be worth your consideration. This universal vise is designed with wide jaws which adjust between 40 mm and 100 mm to give you a firmer grip on your board when tuning it. This vise clamps well on the edge of standard tables to offer an incredibly functional tuning platform.

The three-piece design features 3 adjustable clamps on all its parts making it quite a versatile piece. It is designed to work with your ski or board in a flat or side position and is obviously built to last.


2. Swix Snowboard Grip Vise

This Snowboard Grip Vise by Swix is another great unit designed for specific applications. It is best used for tuning the edges of your boards in a flat base-up or side position and comes with a wide adjustable vertical center slot which holds your board when being tuned. This slot features rubber grips so that your workpiece can be held in place without shifting.

Unlike the World Cup model, the Grip model only has one clamp which attaches to the edge of your working table. As with other vises from Swix, this one is also tough, durable, and arguably the best snowboard vise.


3. Wintersteiger Freeride Ski and Snowboard Tuning Vise

The Wintersteiger Tuning Vise is a great option for wider edged skis and snowboards thanks to jaws that adjust between 38 mm and 150 mm and a binding clearance of 160 mm. This vise features a two-piece design meaning that its package includes two units each with a clamp that fastens at the edge of your working table. It gives you the option of tuning your ski or boards in the usual 90° or 60° edge positions.

Made of tough plastic and rubber lining on its surfaces this tuning vise is hard wearing but pretty lightweight, allowing you to carry it wherever you go in your duffel or backpack. It also offers a stable grip on your workpieces without leaving scratches on their surfaces.


4. XCMAN Aluminum Multifunction Ski and Snowboard Vise

The XCMAN vise has an incredibly wide holding slot measuring 280 mm to fit wider snowboards or a set of skis. This two-piece vise gives you the option of positioning your board or skis flat with its base facing up or on the sideways position and will clamp on up to 60 mm table edge thickness and is lightweight at just 3.1 lb.

It features a heavy-duty construction of aluminum and steel alloy with rubber pads on contact surfaces for a firmer non-slip grip which makes it one of the most durable vises. Its package includes 2 brake retainers and one waxing scraper measuring 230 mm to start you off on your first edge tuning, repair, or waxing task.


5. KUU Snowboard Vise

For a stable and non-shifting grip, the aluminum Vise President Ski and Snowboard vise by KUU is lined with ample padding at the contact points. This multifunctional vise is designed with a jaw that adjusts to 300 mm to accommodate wide boards and skis. Mount your board in a vertical or horizontal. Quite uniquely, this vise is designed with a removable spacer at its jaw, which lets you set your ski or snowboard to your desired height. If you need to mount them vertically, simply remove the spacer.


6. Swix T Bar Vise

The Swix T Bar Vise is an easy to use adjustable vise that offers incredible stability to mounted boards during edge tuning and waxing. An outstanding advantage pegged to this vise is the fact that it works with literally any board. It features a 2-piece solid plastic construction with metal clamps and a sticky top to prevent shifting or slipping off of your gear while working on them. The Swix T Bar Vise is designed with a universal C-clamp that clamps on several different working tops and lets your boards mount in a horizontal position as you tune its edges. If you are looking for a quick fix for light tuning and waxing your boards, the Swix T Bar Vise is it.


7. WSD Ski and Snowboard Tuning Vise

The WSD Ski and Snowboard Vise is a high-quality vise thanks to the premium durable nylon material used in its construction. More than that it is quite a versatile unit given that it can accommodate with all skis and snowboards mounted in the standard 90° or the 60° position for both side and base tuning or waxing. It is designed with a binding clearance of 158.8 mm to accommodate wide boards and skis and will clamp on up to 57 mm table edge thickness. This two-piece vise is also designed with rubber surfaces which not only offer better more secure grip but also prevents the surfaces of your gear from scratches.


8. Tools4Boards Ski & Snowboard Vise

This tuning vise by Tools4Boards is made of a combination of lightweight high-tensile aluminum and impact-resistant Lexan polycarbonate plastic layered with soft rubber at its jaws. This rubber padding has two significant functions. It provides a slip-resistant working platform while preventing your ski or board surfaces from scratch marks. In addition, it offers an off-table allowance for working on your snowboard high-back bindings. This makes this vise one of the most durable, sturdy, and convenient to use models.

This vise accommodates both horizontal and vertical mounting options. It has the capacity to hold extra wide boards and skis. It comes with two C-clamps for each piece which clamp onto working surface edges of up to 42 mm in thickness.


9. Wintersteiger Sport Plus Ski Vise

The Wintersteiger Sport Plus ski vise is designed to work with all ski shapes and sizes. It comes with a body made of high-tensile aluminum metal. This makes it light in weight and portable. It features an innovative clamping mechanism which lets you position your skis at 0, 60, and the standard 90° mounts. This allows you to secure your ski firmly for both base and edge tuning or waxing. It features rubber suction cups which gives it a good grip on your mounted ski.

This vise has an integrated strap which you can use to fasten your ski bindings to the clamp at the center. Its package includes two brake retainers.



Occasionally, your skis and snowboards need tuning and waxing. There is no better more convenient way to do this than with your own tuning kit which is available just when you need it. However, the challenge we often face is securing these boards or skis firmly in place during the tuning and waxing process. This is why tuning vises are important. The best ski vise will clamp well on your working surface without shifting and still secure your board or ski firmly, allowing you to give your equipment the best service. Make sure that the vise you get matches the widths of your working table and also accommodates the mounting positions that you intend to use. Finally, have a vise that will not be bulky carrying around.

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