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7 Best Men’s Skiing Pants 2019

Best Men's Skiing Pants

After settling on your skiing equipment, the next obvious thing you would want to consider is the outwear. Skiing pants and jackets may not have deserved that much consideration in the past, but with keenness and much information out there on their importance, they have now become a determinant of whether or not you will enjoy skiing.

Ski pants are functional for keeping the lower part of your body warm and dry so depending on your intended use and the weather condition you will be skiing on, it is paramount to get the right pair of pants. There are a myriad ski pant brands just like there are clothes brands, but to get the best men’s ski pants, we have simplified your search by selecting only the best.
First, we take a look at what you need to bear in mind during your selection.

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Arc’teryx Men’s Sabre Pants 4.6
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Mammut Bormio HS Pants 4.4
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Helly Hansen Men’s Legendary Ski Snow Pants 4.6
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Spyder Men’s Dare Athletic Pants 4.6
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Flylow Baker Bib Pants 4.7
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Arcteryx Theta SV Bib 4.8
Salomon Men’s Chill Out Bib Pants 4.7

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Factors to consider when buying skiing pants:

Ski pants type

There are different types of skiing pants. 3-in-skiing pants are multi-layered, stretch ski pants are form fitting with not much in terms of insulation yet still able to keep you warm and dry, insulated pants focus on warmth and dryness and are quite common among skiers and snowboarders, shell ski pants, on the other hand, are all-weather protective and are breathable yet with not much insulation. Depending on the state of your body and the condition you intend to ski in, it is best to select one that suits.



Fitness refers to how regular, loose, or slim the pants look on you when you put them on. If you need pants ideal for layering, consider either slim or loose fitting pants the only difference being that slim fit sits closer to your body while the loose fit gives you more room. Regular fit, on the other hand, is neither too tight nor too loose on your body.



Warmth is absolutely important because skiing or snowboarding conditions will generally but not necessarily be cold. Again some people generate warmth from within their bodies more easily than others and this too determines the kind of pants they will select. Some pants come with insulation while others feature a shell. Both of these offer warmth but to different degrees. If you are prone to catching cold fast, insulated pants come as the best option. If the opposite is the case, consider getting shell-layered pants. Important to note is that shelled pants are more versatile as their layering can be adjusted depending on the weather. Finally, pants without any form of lining come as a lighter option with maximum breathability ideal for skiing backcountry.



Pores within ski pants material have to functions; to release water molecules from the material and prevent the same from penetrating inside. Breathability refers to how fast or slow ski pants allow water molecules to escape from their material when they get wet from sweat or vapor. Breathability is measured in grams (g) with >20 001 g representing very high breathability rate and <5 000 g representing low breathability. High breathability keeps you dry at all times in almost any condition. In between, you will find high, moderate, and mild breathability.



Waterproofness is rated by how fast a pair of pants allows water to penetrate to its inside and is measured in millimeters (mm). A high waterproof rating means that a pair of ski pants has the ability to keep you dry as it will come with good water resistance properties. Ski pants usually come with a rating between 5,000 mm and 20,000mm rating with the latter representing very high rating. Waterproof rating in ski pants is determined by the fabric they are made of and the seam taping they have. Most high-end fabrics such as Gore-Tex, Event or Hyvent fabrics and fully taped seams make an excellent waterproofing combination as compared to critically taped seams.



Ski pants come with different waist designs and your choice is really about what’s comfortable and convenient. While some pants will be designed with adjustable waists, belt loops, elastic waists, suspender waists (fixed or removable), others will come with attached belts.


Extra features

Some extra features you can look out for in a pair of ski pants include gaiters found under the cuffs to prevent snow from penetrating your boots, zipper vents mostly found at the thighs full-length side zippers that you open up for ventilation and circulation of air when it’s hot or take off your pants without removing your boots, jacket-pants connectors to prevent snow penetration, and pockets to keep your quick-access essentials.


Best Men’s Skiing Pants

Here is a review of some of the best men’s skiing pants you can check out during your search.


1. Arc’teryx Men’s Sabre Pants

The high-end Arcteryx Sabre Pant designed for men makes a very ideal option for big mountain skiing. Made of the durable Gore-Tex fabric in 3 layers featuring a shell insulation and soft-shell face makes the Sabre a great choice for those looking for breathability. With fully taped seams constructed with a tiny 13mm Gore-Seam tape and a 1.6mm micro-seam allowance, this trouser comes as a tough yet quite lightweight. Again it is rated DWR (Durable Water Repellent) making it a go-to option for resort skiing known for exposure to water and wetness. This, in essence, means that rather than water penetrating through the fabric it forms little balls on its surface which later dry up.

Breathability is further enhanced by its relaxed fit, something that men have come to appreciate particularly if you are considering the rugged backcountry skiing rid of extremely cold temperatures. However, you still have your way around extremely cold temps thanks to its relaxed fit along with shelled insulation which gives you the option to add on layers of insulation.

For ventilation, the Sabre comes designed with two outer thigh vents for heat release when it gets hot. If you love kick-turns, side-steps, jumps, and tricks then the articulated knees, seat and gusseted crotch will give you excellent protection. A small downturn on this one is the fact that the cargo pockets come with watertight zippers yet they are not waterproof. On the other hand, the Recco Reflector was a good safety addition.

Finally, extra features like an inbuilt belt for easy adjustment, two cargo pockets with watertight zippers, internal stretch cuff gaiters to keep the inside of your boots from snow, Keprotec and Cordura reinforcement on the cuffs to keep you from buckles-related injuries, Sliden’Lock attachment if you happen to have a compatible jacket like the Sidewinder SV and the soft brushed backer for light insulation makes this pair of pants very well thought-out and a recommended buy for the all-rounder.


2. Mammut Bormio HS Pants

The Bormio HS ski pants by Mammut are a good option for cold temperature as they are well insulated with double layered DRYtech fabric with great excellent softness and breathability along with the Ajungilak OTI Element for insulation. The fabric is sewn together with fully taped seams to enhance its waterproofing. On its waist is a belt loop whose function is to attach to compatible ski jackets also gives you an option to use a belt for adjustment if need be. Again its inner waist adjustment system is a great fit feature even without a belt on.

This regular fitting pair of ski pants is designed with ventilation on the inner side of the thighs through its meshed-backed zippers. With two zippered pockets lined with fleece and one zippered leg pocket ideal for keeping your maps, you should be able to store your quick access items although quite frankly we felt a backpack may still come in handy. Its elastic gaiters on its reinforced pants were a great design addition to keep your boots and socks off the snow and protect you from potential ski injuries.

Overall, the Bormio is ideal for cold weather. On the other hand, even with its thigh vents, it may become a little too warm in hot conditions. Alpine and other cold weather skiers may well consider Mammut Bormio as an option.


3. Helly Hansen Men’s Legendary Ski Snow Pants

The regular fitting Legendary ski pants designed for men are yet another pair suitable for cold snowy conditions. The stretchy 2-layer Helly Tech performance fabric approved by Bluesign is certainly as waterproof, breathable, and windproof as claims have it and comes fully seamed with DWR (Durable Water Repellency) mechanism for utmost protection from harsh weather. The fabric is insulated with 60g Primaloft Black insulation on the seat and on its articulated knees for utmost protection as well as an allowance to perform your favorite moves as you ski.

Helly Hansen Men’s Legendary boasts a remarkable regulation of temperature thanks to its venting zippers located on the inner thigh of the pants. A great addition is the boot gaiters designed with a stretching gripper made of silicone that are fitted on its cuffs to attach to the boots preventing snow from penetrating in. The RECCO Advanced Rescue System has featured in other high-end pants and to the Legendary this was a thoughtful addition too.

Other important additions include attached belt loops with an option for attaching a waistband, reinforced bottom hem, and 3 pockets; two hand pockets with one at the back. This loose-fitting pair of pants is worth your consideration if you are a winter backcountry skier.


4. Spyder Men’s Dare Athletic Pants

Spyder Dare Athletic Pant

New From: $79.99 – $250.00

The Dare Athletic Pant by Spyder stands out for their removable high-back suspenders whose function is to keep your pants in place and your top outwear well tucked in, a convenience that we’d say is appreciable. These pants are made of 100% polyester fabric layered with Xt.L making it absolutely breathable at 20,000 g/m² rating and waterproof at 20,000mm which are the highest you’ll find meaning there is no cause for worrying about getting wet. For warmth, these pants are lined on the inside with lightweight Thinsulate insulation. Along with fully tapered seams, this is one of the best pants constructions you will come across.

If you intend to explore trick and play during your adventure, Dare Athletic’s articulated knees are just what you need to keep your knees protected. In addition, it comes with thigh vents to cool you off during high-heat moments. Other interesting features include snow gaiters underneath the cuffs for the best seal against snow, a zippered waterproof cargo pocket and scuff guards to keep it safe from ski wear and tear.

Finally, an athletic fit is loose enough giving you an allowance to layer your pants in extremely cold temperature. Overall, Dare Athletic is designed for both extremes in an innovative balance.


5. Flylow Baker Bib Pants

Flylow Men’s Baker Bib

New From: $420.00 – $420.00

With most bibs targeting mountaineers, Flylow Baker Bib steps out to cater for alpine and resort skiers plus many more ascenders. The popularity of these pants owes to the fact that they are designed to fit loosely while still being comfortable enough in different conditions. As one of the least insulated pants, there is plenty of room for layering these pants depending on the temperature.

You can certainly count on its construction considering that the Bib is made of the tough waterproof Gore-Tex fabric in three layers in addition to N80p-x nylon lamination that’s reinforced with 150D along with fully tapered seams making it strong enough and quite comfortable in heavily storming conditions. The knees and seat are further reinforced with the N15-p-X shell for utmost protection.

The loose fitting pair of pants is designed with an elastic waist and adjustable suspenders to deliver a perfect fit. With 2 zippered zip pockets, Cordura cuff seals and a Kaprotec instep patch, the hems of your bib are well taken care of and your boots and socks sealed from snow for the best skiing experience. Finally, these bib comes with a combination of big outer and inner vents that ensure refreshing cooling offs when the heat is too much. The only downside is that the pant’s fabrics are a bit stiff and can sometimes feel a little confining for skiers who make extreme movements.


6. Arcteryx Theta SV Bib

The Men’s Theta SV is a tough bib best for alpine professionals as it is sure to protect against the various elements of weather. This pant is made of highly breathable Gore-Tex fabric reinforced with N155p-x shell especially on the knees and butt. It is further laminated with N80p-X nylon that completely seals out adverse weather while remaining soft and supple on the inside. Its elastic waist keeps your waistline warm. We found the fully-separating zippers a convenient addition to its design giving you an option to take it off at the boots and crampons for ventilation purposes.

Here is another pair of pants with Keprotect instep patch that’s effective in protecting it from fast wear and tear as a result of ski edges, boots, and crampons. Along with a Cordura powder cuff, you are sure no snow will penetrate to your boots.

Other features important to the Theta SV are the lace hooks that hook your pants to your boots, waterproof external zippers and two big zippered pockets for storing your quick access items. Overall this is a quality built pair of ski pants with a keen focus on warmth and protection.


7. Salomon Men’s Chill Out Bib Pants

It is understood that the Men’s Chill Out Bib follows the traditions of the Salomon brand in offering high-quality protection against all conditions on the skiing ground. This is a relaxed bib with outer leg vents enhanced with mesh for effective flow of air when you need ventilation. This Bib Pant is made from a combination of 86% nylon and 14% Elastane giving it the highest waterproofing and breathability ratings of 20000 mm and 20000 g/m² respectively. These properties are further enhanced by fully taped seams. For insulation, a lightweight 60g synthetic fabric has been used to ensure that you don’t bear any additional weight yet keeping your legs warm.

Further on, this pair of pants come with outer leg vents to dump off heat, an adjustable waistband for a comfortable fit, internal boot gaiters to seal off the snow and three zippered pockets; two hand and one thigh pocket.


In Conclusion

Obviously, there are many factors you need to consider when selecting a good pair of ski pants. While there are numerous men’s pants for skiing out there, we hope that our review of these top pants will help you narrow down and make your search for the best pants for your needs easier.

Money and preference aside, the criteria you use to select the best ski pants for your needs will depend on three important factors; the condition of the area you intend to ski on, your skiing style, and how well they have been made. If you love the backcountry adrenaline, you may consider getting a pair of pants that will accommodate a wide range of motion. On the other hand, if you love trying out a bit of everything, you may benefit from versatile pants that give you a range of options to accommodate all your ski styles and locations. All in all, you need to be well protected, comfortable, and not necessarily overly expensively.

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