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9 Best Women’s Ice Skates 2024

Best Women’s Ice Skates

Skating comes with immense benefits to joints and muscles. It helps improve balance, build muscles, and enhance flexibility. At first, getting women’s ice skates was easy. Skating was a man’s activity and few manufacturers offered women’s skates. Women didn’t really have much of a choice. Today, more and more women have warmed up to skating pushing manufacturers to produce women-specific skates. It takes some valuable time and research to get yourself the right skates knowing that your performance on ice all depends on your selection. Let’s start by looking at different types of skates.

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American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates 4.0
Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Womens Ice Skates 4.5
Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS180/JS181/JS184 4.6
Jackson Ultima Excel Series JS1290 / JS1291 / JS1294 White 4.8
Riedell Skates – 110 Opal – Recreational Ice Skates Stainless Steel Spiral Blade 4.7
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American Athletic Shoe Women’s Sumilon Lined Figure Skates 4.1
Jackson Ultima Mystique Series Skates for Women, Girls, Men, Boys 4.9
Riedell Skates – 113 Sparkle – Recreational Figure Ice Skates 4.4
Riedell Skates – 114 Pearl- Women’s Recreational Ice Figure Skates 4.9

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Types of ice skates


Hockey skates

These skates are light and a little shorter compared with the other types. They have flexible boots to accommodate jumps and twists and have been designed for speed.


Figure skates

Figure ice skates are designed with a toe pick to facilitate jumps and turns associated with figure skating and a thick blade that extends past the heel. Their boots are also generally stiff and provide great support.


Speed skates

These skates have a flatter base compared to the rest because they need to offer good stability during high speed. Their blades are designed in a way that they will not dig deep into the ice as this hampers speed during racing.


Touring skates

These skates are built to cover a long distance. For this reason, they are designed with a longer blade so the wearer can cover a large area in a short time.


Recreational skates

Recreational ice skates are quite popular especially among beginners who prefer to rent rather than purchase skates. They look more like hockey or figure ice skates.


Consider the following factors when getting a pair of skates:



Whether you are a beginner or a hotshot in skating, nothing is as essential as being comfortable in your skates. Some important comfort features you should look out for include ankle support, padded or fleece lining, and a wide toe box.


Ankle support

Much as ankle support is a function of comfort, you may have to look at it separately from other comfort features. The blades of a skate are too slim you need excellent ankle support to remain stable and to avoid injuring your ankles. Some boots come with multi-layered padding on the ankle area to take care of this.



Based on the above types of ice skates, choose the right skates for the application you intend to put into. For instance, if you need a pair of skates that will enhance your speed on ice, ice racing skates would be your ideal option.



Remember that most manufacturers produce skates a size or a half higher or lower than the normal shoe size. Be sure to check their size charts and keep their recommendations in mind to get the right size of skates.


Best Women’s Ice Skates 2024

Our review features the best skates designed for women. This is based largely on their performance, features, and quality build among others. Check out what makes them tick.


1. American Athletic Shoe Women’s Tricot Lined Ice Skates

The Tricot Lined ice skates are a great option if you are looking for an entry-level pair of women’s figure skates. They come with superior comfort and just the right fit. Just as the name suggests, these boots feature a padded Tricot lining that’s smooth at the top and textured at the bottom to treat your feet to some warmth and comfort while still remaining securely placed inside your boots from the bottom. Another impressive comfort feature is the form-fitting tongue also layered with a soft padding.

The uppers of these boots are made of hard-wearing PVC. The inside features a multi-layered ankle support that will not only deliver protection from crash impact but also deliver a great fit.  Under the sole of these boots are steel blades that have been plated with nickel to enhance their non-corrosion and durability properties. Overall, the Women’s Tricot Lined boots by American Athletic are excellent performers and will certainly get you to your next skill level.


2. Jackson Ultima GS180 SoftSkate Womens Ice Skates

At a glance, you’ll be struck by how much warmth and comfort the GS180 SoftSkate model is designed to offer. A good thing is that these boots have been designed for the all-rounder who loves an appealing classic outlook. They feature the soft warm moisture-wicking Nylex lining on the inside and the easy-to-clean durable vinyl for its uppers. The charcoal PVC outsole attaches to the nickel plated blades placing these boots among the best performers. An added comfort feature is the foam padded tongue.

If you are looking for a low maintenance pair with quality build and superior comfort, which will give you a long time of useful service, the GS180 should be your number one consideration. Quite importantly, you need to refer to Jackson Ultima shoe sizing chart to get the right fit. Usually, these boots run a size or a half higher than your normal shoe size.


3. Jackson Figure Ice Skates JS180/JS181/JS184

Finally, a product for yourself, yourself, your girls and kids. Jackson Ultima’s JS180 is a women’s size, the JS181 is a girl’s size, the JS184 is a tot’s size. The fleece lining on the inside of these boots come in a range of colors to suit a range of preferences. In terms of features, this series has been made with reinforced vinyl for its uppers, low maintenance PVC outsoles, with the Ultima Mark 1 stainless steel blade attached to them. Two comfort features that we cannot possibly overlook are the foam padded tongue and the rolled padded collar. These offer great support as well. They are stunning on the outside with their classic look and will make a good choice for entry-level figure ice skates. Regular feet will run half a size smaller than normal US Woman shoe size while wide feet will run the same size as the US Woman shoe size.


4. Jackson Ultima Excel Series JS1290 / JS1291 / JS1294 White

Jackson Ultima Excel Series includes models JS1290, JS1291, and JS1294 for both women and girls. While these boots provide superior comfort for the beginner, they also offer light support which is an excellent balance for the serious skater intending to enhance their skill. They feature uppers made of coated vinyl with synthetic lining on the inside. Their foam backed vinyl/mesh tongue is warm and comfortable and the PVC outsole quite durable. They come with Ultima’s Mark II blades which attach to the sole with screws. Get a size and a half higher or refer to Jackson Ultima’s size chart to get the right fit.


5. Riedell Skates – 110 Opal – Recreational Ice Skates Stainless Steel Spiral Blade

This model of Riedell’s 110 Opal is available in black or white color. They feature light boot support rated 20 and ultimate comfort thanks in part to the soft quilt lining that also acts as a cushion for the feet during impact. The split tongue design on these boots offers exceptional stability on the slippery ice surface. They come with a PVC outsole along with stainless steel spiral blade making them a great option for recreational ice skating. Since their sizing differs from the normal US shoe sizing, it advisable to refer to Riedell’s sizing chart to get the right fit.


6. American Athletic Shoe Women’s Sumilon Lined Figure Skates

The Sumilon Figure skates are not just about style with their chic outlook. They are also quite comfortable and agreeably the best option for recreational figure skating. However, you would want to consider them when you are just starting out and don’t intend to put them into really heavy use. Featuring the plush Sumilon lining on the inside and a multi-layered ankle support, these skates will provide the much-needed comfort on ice. They have a pretty turquoise insole and an easy-maintain colored outsole so you can concentrate more on having fun. Simply wipe them after skating to keep them clean. The hollow ground nickel plated steel blades come sharpened and ready for use. These boots run the same as the size of your normal boots.


7. Jackson Ultima Mystique Series Skates for Women, Girls, Men, Boys

A great improvement from Ultima’s Excel series, the Mystique series feature more enhanced comfort and foot cushioning thanks to the obviously thicker padding on its inside. Its tongue is also adequately thick with the foam backed vinyl/mesh material and a split design to deliver maximum stability on ice. Again this series offers even better ankle support with the extra padding on the ankle area. It features a PVC outsole and the all-purpose Mark II blade made of chrome, that is attached to the sole with screws. The upper part is made of durable leather coated with PU making it easy to clean and maintain. The boot collar is softer for enhanced comfort. If you are looking for premium beginner skates with light support (they come with a support rating of 15) and superior comfort, the Mystique Series by Jackson Ultima will make a good option.


8. Riedell Skates – 113 Sparkle – Recreational Figure Ice Skates

The 113 Sparkles skates are another entry-level women’s figure skates by Riedell with the revolutionary split-tongue design for enhanced stability on ice. They are designed with durable, easy-maintain PVC outsoles and foam padded quarter with quilted lining on the inside to deliver unmatched warmth and exceptional cushioning for your feet. Like other boots by Riedell, these too come with the spiral steel blade. They have an ankle support rating of 20. Overall, the 113 Sparkle boot is an attractive performer that will set you up to a good ice skating start. They have two color options, white with lime and white with violet.


9. Riedell Skates – 114 Pearl- Women’s Recreational Ice Figure Skates

The 114 Pearl by Riedell comes in a classic design that will definitely charm your aesthetics. Its features are more or less the same as those in other Riedell ice skate models. These include the cozy foam quarter padding with quilted velvet lining on the inside for superior comfort and cushioning. However, and quite uniquely, the 114 Pearl is designed with a PVC outsole that has been reinforced with Dri-LexA lining to give it an excellent waterproofing ability and still make it lightweight and durable. It offers light ankle support with additional reinforcement on its tongue for better protection. Another impressive feature is the padded boot collar and its unique lace bar. Its blade is made of durable stainless steel. Overall, this pair of skates comes with the best comfort and feet protection features and is also good for the beginner.



Whether you are inspired by the workout benefits or the championship accolades, there is nothing as fulfilling as skating on the ice during winter. Skating is everyone’s pastime reason why it holds a special place in the heart of women.

Getting the right ice skates for women is something else. More than anything, comfort, ankle support, and getting the right fit count when it comes to making your selection. Women’s ice skates are specifically designed for the woman. Although there are plenty of unisex skates out there, there is something special about these skates that makes the woman feel deserving. Don’t forget to get the right skates based on your skill level.

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