7 Best Above Ground Pool Winter Covers 2024

Best Above Ground Pool Winter Covers

Winter breaks are also certainly swimming breaks. During the months of winter when a swimming pool is not in use, it is recommended that it is covered to prevent dirt, debris, and silt, from collecting on the inside. Not covering your pool during winter leaves you with a lot of cleaning work just before spring. Not just that, your pool will be subjected to undue damage or contamination by the harsh winter weather elements. Pool covers are not merely protectors they come with a host of other benefits including energy savings, water conservation, time savings, and reduces a pool’s chemical use significantly.

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Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Round Pool Cover  4.4
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Pool-Mate 5724-4 Sandstone Winter Pool Cover Swimming Pools 4.5
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Blue Wave Gold Above Ground Pool Winter Cover 4.5
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Blue Wave Gold 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover 4.9
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Blue Wave Silver 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover 4.3
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Blue Wave 24-ft Round Rugged Mesh Above Ground Pool Cover 4.7
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In The Swim 24 ft Round Above Ground Pool Leaf Net Cover 4.1

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Why are pool covers important?

The best pool covers for above ground pools will maintain the temperature of the water inside your pool at 10° warmer, to slash the energy cost needed to heat the same water during summer by a significant 80% including the energy consumed by a filter pump to clean up your pool regularly. In addition, it will prevent the evaporation of the water and the chemicals used in the water saving you up to 70% in cost. Essentially, a pool cover reduces the chemical required to be used in the pool by 35-60%.

There are some above ground pool covers you can walk on. These are designed specifically for safety and easy handling purposes specifically on public pools where there is a higher likelihood of accidents occurring. An above ground pool safety cover is typically made of strong woven fiberglass material in a way that it will prevent people from falling inside the pool. They are usually strong enough to hold up to 400 lb of weight in a square foot. On the con, however, is that they are usually too heavy to be handled manually, therefore, needing an automatic operation mechanism.

Covers made of tarp, polyethylene, and vinyl are not strong enough. They are better off purely for their protective function. Finally, pool covers will save you some precious pool clean-up time.


Types of pool covers

Pool covers can be categorized based on their functionality or on their mode of operation. They can either be transparent or opaque; light, colored, or dark.


Swimming pool covers based on their function

  • Bubble (solar) pool covers. Designed to float on your pool, whether in-ground or above ground, these pool covers traps the sun’s energy to heat the water inside the pool warm as well as retain this heat over a period of time. They are excellent power cost savers.
  • Thermal pool covers. This is a very popular type of pool cover. It has been made with a foam layer for insulation and has been UV stabilized. Compared to solar covers, they are considered more effective in heat retention.
  • Safety pool covers. Safety covers are either solid or meshed and have been designed with a sturdy base that can support human weight to provide security. They are suitable for families with small children or public pools.
  • Winter pool covers. Winter covers are built to withstand the harsh winter weather elements. They are the best for use over a long period.


Swimming pool covers based on their operation

  • Automatic. Pool covers designed with an automatic tracking mechanism are the easiest to operate since it only takes the press of a button to control them. Some are designed to be operated remotely using a remote control.
  • Semi-automatic. These covers fall somewhere between manual and automatic operation. They are controlled by a reel which is powered by an electric motor yet still need to be controlled by humans. They are usually integrated into the pool’s deck for easier handling. Some users, on the other hand, prefer using it on a wheeled cart for mobility.
  • Manual. Manual covers are handled manually by pulling them onto the pool when you need to cover off when you need to uncover the pool. Since some are too heavy to be handled with ease, a reel designed with wheels comes in handy. Simply roll while installing or uninstalling your cover.


Factors to consider when selecting a pool cover

Here are some factors you need to bear in mind in order to pick the best winter pool cover.

  • The function of the pool cover. Do you need a thermal cover to warm and retain the heat of the water in your pool, a solid safety cover to prevent people from falling into the pool, a mesh cover that will keep dirt and debris out of the pool throughout winter, or one that will prevent the growth of algae inside your pool.
  • Strength and durability. Though most covers are designed to perform remarkably well based on their functionality, they should last a while before you can consider a replacement. Check the material that has been used to construct the cover. The strongest and perhaps the most expensive cover is made out of fiberglass. Still, you’ll get quite good quality out of woven polyethylene and vinyl.
  • Overlap length. A good overlap length should be about 4 ft. This adequately covers your pool without having to stretch it to do so. Stretching only makes the cover weak and worn, sometimes ripping it apart.
  • Accessories. You need to be able to install your cover without running around to look for parts. Ideally, the pool cover should be accompanied by a securing cable, winch tightener, and be fitted with rust proof grommets through which you will insert the cable.


Handy care and maintenance tips

Pool covers, just like any other product, is susceptible to wear and tear. However, this process could be sped up by not giving your pool cover some tender loving care. Simple regular maintenance practices like those we have listed below will keep your cover in good shape for a long time to come.

  • When spreading out your cover over the pool, maintain the required tension to prevent it from ripping apart. Tightly secure the cover towards the edges while allowing them to be just a little loose towards the center.
  • In areas that experience heavy snowfall, it is good to remove accumulated snow from your cover from time to time before it builds up and become too heavy for your cover to bear its weight.
  • A pool cover in areas without much snow could benefit from a simple blowing off of debris and other forms of dirt.
  • After every winter season, it is time to store away your cover. Don’t forget to clean it up and store it properly. Invest in a roller on which you can roll your cover around to prevent it from folding, creasing, or breaking.
  • Block off any gaps between the wall of your above ground pool and the overlap of your cover if adjusting the straps of the overlap doesn’t help much.


Best Above Ground Pool Winter Covers 2024

Are you considering getting a cover for your pool, check out some of the best above ground pool covers reviewed below.


1. Robelle 3524-4 Super Winter Round Pool Cover

The Super Winter pool cover by Robelle is designed to cover above ground pools measuring 24-ft in dimension. Made of premium 80 g/m² polyethylene material, this pool cover features an 8 x 8 scrim count placing it among the toughest heavy duty pool covers. A 4 ft overlap fitted with strong grommets together with the winch and all-weather cable give this cover ample allowance and an effective fastening system to cover your pool securely.

Another admirable feature is that its imperial blue top surface is UV resistant while the black bottom side is algae resistant since it is always in contact with water. This gives it ultimate protection and a longer lifespan. The Super Winter Pool cover is not designed for.


2. Pool-Mate 5724-4 Sandstone Winter Pool Cover

Here is another revolutionary product from Pool-Mate. The Pool-Mate Sandstone cover has been designed for above-the-ground pools and features an overlap measuring 4 ft making it easy to secure onto the pool. The overlap has been fitted with grommets, four feet apart from each other, through which you insert the all-weather cable included in its package then tighten with the winch, also included in the package for a secure seal-off.

Made of high-grade polyethylene material, this cover comes as quite a tough and durable option. In addition to this, its seams are heated to give them a stronger hold on to your pool. This cover is UV resistant from the top and algae resistance on the bottom surface where it comes into contact with your pool’s chlorinated water under favorable conditions like warm temperature or with the presence of phosphates or nitrates in the water.


3. Blue Wave Gold Above Ground Pool Winter Cover

If you are looking for a cover for your oval-shaped above ground pool, this is it. The Gold pool cover by Blue Wave measures 19 ft x 34 ft and has been designed to cover 15 ft x 30 ft pools meaning that it will leave an overlap allowance of 4 feet for easy installation without having to overstretch your cover. Its package includes a winch and an all-weather cable for a secure fastening onto your pool. With a scrim count of 14×14 and premium polyethylene construction, there is no denying that this pool cover is super strong and will give you a decent period of useful service.

Secondly, it has been designed to withstand UV rays, algae, and other harsh weather elements like snow and ice. Thanks to the black underside and heat sealed seams.


4. Blue Wave Gold 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover

The Blue Wave Gold above ground pool cover makes an amazing choice for the long winter-season pool protection. This 28 ft pool cover is made of woven polyethylene with a high scrim count making it rugged enough to last you through months of the extreme winter conditions.

It fits 24 ft above ground pools perfectly, leaving out 4ft overlap allowance allowing you to install and fasten it well enough without stretching and exposing your cover to wear and tear. It has been designed with a royal blue topside that has been treated to resist UV rays and a black underside that will help inhibit the growth of algae by warming up the water inside the pool. It also comes with heat sealed seams through which no form of dirt or debris can penetrate.

Included in its package is a heavy duty all-weather cable coated with vinyl and a winch for holding secure your cover for complete protection.


5. Blue Wave Silver 24-ft Round Above Ground Pool Cover

Here is another great product by Blue Wave that is just as rugged as the others but in the middle price range if you are looking for something budget friendly. Like the others, it features a woven polyethylene construction with a high scrim count together with UV stabilized top cover, a black underside for algae protection, as well as heat sealed seams. This guarantees that through the long winter period, your pool will be protected from ice, wind, snow, dirt particles, sleet, and debris up to spring when you will need to use it next.

It measures 28 ft and is designed for 24 ft pools in order to leave an ample 4-feet overlap allowance. It comes fitted with metal grommets through which you will slot the heavy duty vinyl coated cable and secure it with a winch tightener, both of which are included in its package.


6. Blue Wave 24-ft Round Rugged Mesh Above Ground Pool Cover

This mesh pool cover by Blue Wave is one of a kind since most others are of a solid build. However, it comes with the same dimension of 28 ft to cover 24 ft pools leaving an adequate overlap allowance of 4 ft. its construction features a durable mesh that will sift of dirt and debris allowing only rainwater and the finest silt to sip through to your pool. The greatest advantage that this cover offers is easy installation and removal since it will not carry the weight of water as it is with the other covers. Secondly, cleaning up your pool will be a lot easier with only silt to clean off.

This cover is tightly woven with high-quality durable polyethylene giving it a high scrim count. The topside has been treated with UV protection and the underside is black to prevent algae growth. It comes with double stitched hems with triple reinforcement to enhance its strength. A cable and winch tightener are included in this pool cover’s package.


7. In The Swim 24 ft Round Above Ground Pool Leaf Net Cover

This black pool net cover from In the Swim is designed to trap leaves and such like debris that usually collects and rots on the topside of your solid pool cover. It is the best solution for a pool set amidst trees perhaps for serenity. It comes constructed with long-lasting woven polyethylene and effectively prevents dropping leaves, twigs, and other debris from accumulating inside your pool or on top of your pool cover. It comes ready for set-up with loops, a cable, and a metal winch tightener.



Ultimately, the best above ground pool winter cover is the one that combines the benefits of quality durable construction, easy to install, and effective in heating and retaining the heat of the water inside your pool. If you look hr enough, you’ll land one that is built for safety. All in all, the importance of a pool cover cannot be underestimated. For as long as your pool is sealed off when you want it sealed, it remains protected from elements of weather and the environment saving you repair costs. This also keeps the people round safe from accidental falls.

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